Hello all, this blog will update the atmosphere of Phi Phi Island after the lock down of Covid-19.

We had the opportunity to travel to Phi Phi Island on 23/08/2020 so here are some  atmosphere of the island.

This is our second trip to Phi Phi Island.

Which is clearly different from the first time four years ago.

Both the much lesser number of tourists (since the country has yet opened the boarder).

And breathtakingly beautiful nature in which I think was due to the closure of the island.

When nature got some rest, she came back to be much more beautiful.

How would it look like? Let's go find out together!

Click here to watch unedited video clip. 

This time, we took a full day service tour from Sea Angle. 

By which we departed from Sea Angle Port in Phuket. 

Click here to book the tour via line: https://lin.ee/3KuaX8g

Or Facebook of Sea Angle: https://www.facebook.com/seaangelthailand

There were tea, coffee and snacks at the port area for us to eat before departure.

Actually, Phi Phi Islands are located in Krabi Province but we can travel by boat from Krabi or  Phuket.

This time we traveled from Phuket by taking a 40-60 minute speed boat.

The first stop for us is "Maya Bay".

The national park has yet neither allowed people to go on the bay, nor swimming in the sea.

It is still closed for the nature to restore itself.

All we could do is taking beautiful pictures on the boat.

This area is "Pileh Lagoon"

It is a bay located in the middle between the limestone hills. The water is crystal clear and still. We can jump and swim. 

The weather was fabulous that day and with few tourists. We could take all beautiful pictures with no people, so happy.

If you wish to jump into this clear water, the perfect time is now!

From the lagoon, the captain drove out a bit further. 

So that we could go snorkeling and see fishes and corals near the bird's nest cave.

There were some fishes here but not many corals.

If you cannot swim, don't worry, just hang onto the giant rubber ring and the staff will take you to watch fishes.

This stop is "Bird's Nest Cave" where you can stop for photography.

But you cannot enter the cave because this area is under care of the private companies to collect birds' nests and closed the cave to outsiders.

Before going to stop for lunch, the guide took us to see monkeys swimming in the sea first.

For lunch, we came to the shore, stopped and ate at Phi Phi Don Island.

We stayed on the island for about an hour and a half.

You can walk to the beach, swim and explore the Phi Phi Don Island.

But don't forget to come back to the meeting point in time. Otherwise, you might get to sleep over here, haha. 

On the boat , they also brought fancy rubber rings for us to borrow, so cute.

Lunch that the tour provided was a lunch box like this. In which the menu will constantly change. Water and soft drinks were also provided, as well as fresh fruits.
I think this meal for us was enough but if you feel like you may not be full, please bring money along with you.  So that you can buy snacks or other food on the island. 

Before going back to the pier in Phuket, the captain took another stop for us to snorkel.

In fact, the sea in Thailand is already world-class beautiful. But previously, it was always very crowded and quite expensive.

Now, it is a good opportunity for Thai people to travel because it is cheaper, fewer tourists, and with this majestic beautiful nature, especially when it was just re-open after several months closure. 

The nature also has just restored itself to be even more beautiful than before!

Bestie Wanderer

 Friday, September 4, 2020 3:27 PM