Chilling out at Andaman sea, eating, sightseeing at Phuket - Krabi

I am in the mood of 'wanting to go travelling', enabling travelers to travel and explore in every season whether hot, cold or raining.... even a heavy storm comes, we still can continue the trip.

The end of the rainy season in September and the beginning of October just passed for few day ago so we do a backpacking and escape from Bangkok flooding crisis, heavy traffic jam to... Mars bridge, escaping from the city to get stuck on island.

...It can be said that this trip is occurred from 'the real passion of travelling', despite of the heavy rain and storm that are simultaneously moving into the southern of Thailand, we are panic at all because we initially have 'the passion' and 'the volitation', along with the reserve of cheap flight ticket, not more than 400 Baht, then we can go on travelling as we want.

Now, no matter the darkness of the sky, the heavy of the rain and wind wave or get stuck on the island, it's not a problem at all!!!.

You don't have to worry about things that going to happen in the future, there is something waiting for us there, you just need Stay Alive!! and this is enough lives a stuck life on the 'island' that going to happen afterward :)

When thinking about a sunny day, the salty smell of the sand, you will surely think of ... the sea. Yes! the place we are going to go is the very well known place because it is a city that attract travelers. Today we are going off to take a deep breath of clear air. Raise your head and looking upwardly to the clear sky and get stuck on the island [Phuket] and many others islands in [Krabi].

:: Why here?

A short word to describe this province, Phuket Province. It is one of the biggest island and province of Thailand. Phuket is surrounded by Indian Ocean. The city is combine of group of people; Thai, Chinese and Malaysia people. A unique blend of diverse cultures and ethnicity and it is a well-known tourist attraction place of Thailand.

For Krabi Province, this province is attached to the East of Phuket which has a beautiful level the same as Phuket province. Its border attaches to the Andaman Sea [people is nice and the city is peaceful], full of many natural attraction places like waterfall, beach and hundred of big and small islands.

If you are ready, then let 'travel' together and ready to get stuck on 'island' together.

:: 30 Sep 2015

We travel by a morning flight (Departure at 6.45 a.m.) from Don Mueng Airport, heading to Krabi, the distance (car) is 814 Kilometers which can save time from 11-12 hours to 1 hour and 10 minute only. Not so long to reach Krabi International Airport at 8.00 a.m. I plan to have breakfast here and then continue the trip to Phuket later.

:: Krabi Province consists of 2 seasons which are hot ( Nov.-Apr.) and rainy season ( May- Oct.). The period we go there is a rainy season. The weather forecast states that the next 2 days are going to rain so we just have to take some risk travelling to see how heavy the rain we are going to face on a rainy season. It's lucky... the sky is clear, sunny and a little bit hot when we arrive there.

PS. This group of traveler, 2 people take a plane from Bangkok to Krabi, another people live in Krabi and tomorrow 1 people will take a plane from Bangkok too, so totally there are 4 people.

PS. Apart from [traveling], this journey is a visit-back-home trip so we are not going to stay at the hotel :)

We start to feel hungry immediately when leaving the airport. The restaurants here open so early in the morning. It is considered as similar eating culture of Phuket and Krabi people that they normally go to a traditional tea shop and have a chat with others. A favorable breakfast is Kanom Jeen ( rice flour in noodle form, usually mixed with curry). If taking about Ka Nom Jeen, this restaurant should be the most delicious one here.

:: Kanom Jeen Mae Waew Sai Thai, a southern Kanom Jeen, a precious food of Krabi that is palatable, intense, spicy curry, serving with a big plate of vegetable such as Brinjal, Manpo leaves and different kind of pickles.

It is a wooden restaurant, separate into a booth selling area, giving a sense of eating food at home. The front side is putting a pot of curry. There are many kinds of curry to choose such as Tai Pla curry, Numya Nakorn curry, a sauce of shrimp paste and chili, eaten with vegetables and fish ( a little sweet ), Namya coconut curry ( a little spicy). It depends on one's taste. I try a green curry with a chicken and Brinjal. This menu is heated so I order order a boiled egg, Thai steamed curried fish and a hot grilled pork. It is the most yummy.

PS. The restaurant is located on the side of Sai-Thai district, Mueng district. The sign is remarked there easily find it.

Now the stomach is fulled and I am now so sleepy then my body is calling for a Caffeine as I familiar. So we buy some coffee at the oil station during the way. The next place to go is Phuket island. This time we travel by personal car from Krabi, passing through Phangnga and enter the Phuket (using a 402 highway route). It takes around 2 hours, 176 kilometers to reach there.

... And then we bring our self to get stuck on the island again. Phuket is an island that fulled of everything, both attraction places, beautiful view, a white beach, every style of food, a coffee shop, a chic Boutique hostel or even a five star hotel.

:: Phuket island is suitable for go out for a walk. When talking about seeing the sunset, the most beautiful point of view must be Laem Phromthep). It is considered as a Landmark that you should not miss when you are at Phuket... we will bring you guys to see another beautiful view point which is Wind turbine viewpoint on Kao Daeng.

:: The second viewpoint is at Khao Rang, you can see the panorama viewpoint of Phuket city. From this point, you will see a wide space of the sky, far away mountain and sea view.

Khaorang is located on a low hill on Khaw Sim Bee road, you can drive up the hill and park your car there. It is suitable for sightseeing in both day and night time. You will see another beautiful shimmering light in the evening.

:: The third viewpoint is a bit close to nature at Pang Chang viewpoint, it's on the left of the hill where people go there to worship the Lord Buddha or Phra Ming Mong Khun Eak Naka Kiri Buddha. Tourist can have a real touch of the elephant family on the peak point of this hill.On the top is a wide pavilion to see another side of a green forest before you are going to see the sea view and small islands.

:: Enchanted islands at Phuket. This place is not only a prosperity city, a hospitality industry area that the money is free flow into the area, the biggest island in Thailand but it's also recorded as a cultural heritage and enchantment city along with the progress in infrastructure. The city is unique in lifestyle, both the living and the spoken language.The city is an olden architecture which the remaining of vestige is completely found.

You can find that fascinating experience from walking around the Phuket city. The building Houses still prominent in terms of Sino-Portuguese architecture style. It can be said that the architecture has influenced from a merging between Asia-Europe style.

These Colonial building style is separated around the city on roads such as Yaowarat road, Deebuk, Krabi, Phangnga and the most unforgettable one is Soi Rommanee, let's walk and take a look around the area together...

From this point, it's a Promthep news center or Hor Narika (clock tower), a popular word. It is a 2 floors white building located between Ratsada and Phuket road. You can park the car at Krabi road to take a photo and walk passing through many unique building style...lining up there. Most of the olden stores are located there and many other houses have already changed from a normal house to a chill out store.

:: Phuket Thaihua Museum is located at Krabi road. Originally is the first Chinese language teaching school in Phuket that was established by Fujian, chinese people. If you want to know the history, belief, lifestyle and traditional culture of Phuket, you have to start here. The museum displays thoroughly the picture of school, story, history of Fujian people who move and settle down at Phuket.

PS. The admission fee is 50 Baht/person, 200 Baht/person for foreigner. Aow!! There is no holiday here.

It takes a long time to build up a museum. Collecting stories, no different from the lives of people with accumulated experiences and memories. We feel that there is 'a conformity' in term of value and time that is branded in those things and it makes me think of one thing...

I think ' the past ' has it own duty to collect and old memories to always tell story to ' the present '. If you want to know someone deeply, try to study he/she from their past. Sometimes we can possibly understand ' the real them ' more deeper.

:: Cafe' IN is a small cafe that is hidden in the alley beside the museum. I am eager to know it is there when seeing a sign so I go there and prowler through the hole of the door. A yard and sylvan decorative garden are there when entering the area. A colorful seating corner is arranged along the way of the outer zone, flooring with grass and placing a stone on the walk way to the air-condition cafe zone.

We have tried Ao Ae honey lemon drink which I think that it's a signature menu here because the owner of the store cheers us to order this menu in front of the cupboard. Ao Ae is served in the clear glass with a big slice piece of lemon and lychee as a topping ( Ao Ae is a shaved ice) the taste is not that sweet, help release heat inside body and moisture your neck. Another menu is a fruits serving on a purple soda drink. Whoever feeling tried from visiting the museum can take a rest here.

Getting stuck on 'island',you should have seen a deep blue sea and the sky.We leave the city, touch the sea water in the afternoon,Nai Han Beach, located around 18 kilometers far away from the city. You will see a big lagoon which is called Norn Han as an outstanding point when you nearly reach the beach

This place... the sand is thoroughly white and clear with a beautiful view, not many people like other beaches. It is considered as one of the charming beach.

And what you see on the left hand above Nai Han beach is a location of Khao Daeng, a renewable energy power stations (Wind Farm). It is under the control of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. And that point is a wind turbines scenic point which we will visit there in a second.

It doesn't take so long driving that place which we use the same route to Promthep cape. Our destination is a scenic point which is located on the right side before we reach Yanui beach. Turn to the right and you will see wind turbine right away.

:: Wind turbine scenic point is located between Phomthep cape and Nai Han beach, next to Ya Noi beach. It is a point where people like to play Paragliding, gliding through the air, basking the sunlight and regularly view of a beautiful sunset which is one of the beautiful scenic point of Phuket island.

On Khao Daeng is a place where Wind Farm is located, where a pavilion is located in a suitable corner. We go up there to see a wider view point to see an Emerald sea color a wide sky with a white sand stretching endlessly below You just stand and raise your head to breath in a fresh air, look at the golden field,waving to the same direction with the wind. Only one picture... but it makes the lung clean and relax!

From the point that we are standing, you will see a sparkling sea when it bouncing with a sun shine. Look at the right side below, you will see the small inlets of Nai Han beach. On left side below is Ya Nui beach. The place above the mountain is a crooked road which lead to Phomthep cape. The end of the cape is convergence in the sea.

At this moment, a faded horizon intersect to the ocean, the water color is faded when evening time. A blue sky turns refulgent when the sun is ready to set down and give us a goodbye wave. Before the Tangerine orange light on the ship turn on which pile up in the light cloud, start to slightly show up and minimize itself in the sky and disappear at the horizon of the sky.

Watching the sunset...say goodbye to today while watching at the first light of the dawn to welcome a new day. I have the same feeling no matter the first light or the last light of the day because both of them are powerful, telling that we still alive and waiting to see a new light of the next day. As long as the sun continues to rise and fall like every day, keep vitality and creative power to remain with us. Keep it and Stay Alive !! with it.

Again, another day is gone. We get down from the viewpoint and get back to the city, looking for delicious food at night. We visit here, Go Benz Kao Tom Haeng restaurant (I live in Phuket but this is my first time trying this restaurant) What the appearance of the Kao Tom Haeng be? must try it....

A rice is served with fulled of chitterlings, covering with fried garlic and scallion. Serving with a hot soup which is fit with other complement. Other menu is also great, there are Guay Jap (paste of rice flour), gruel with a pork bone. This restaurant is so delicious that people have to queue up. I think the time we arrive is fulled of people but they say....The later the night, the number of people increase here because their food is so great.

Ps. The restaurant is located on Krabi road, open at 19.00 and close around 02.00 a.m. which is a suitable for people who sleep late at night.

:: 1 Oct 2015

... As I said that I get stuck on the island but no way to starve for food for sure.

A breakfast menu is running in my mind since the time I take a bath and brush my teeth. As I said...eating cultural habit of this place is interested, in the morning people don't have to spend time hurriedly, but Slow life by sipping tea, drinking an olden coffee or have a Kanom Jeen for the main dish and indispensable breakfast menu of Phuket is Dim Sum or Sae Boi, a big steaming Dim Sum that are waiting to serve at your table.

:: After 9.00 am. is considered as 'late' for this place. I want to eat Dim Sum so I go to this place Boonrat Gold restaurant. It opens until the late afternoon which is a branch of Boonrat restaurant, an old restaurant of Phuket, located at the Villa Daorung project (outside town). Beside a big piece of fresh Dim Sum, I like Bak Kut Teh

, the taste is good, help body warm and also good for health too.

:: Phuket Old Town, an olden area of Phuket, the mission of visiting the olden town is not complete yet. Today, I go to Soi Romanee which is a small alley with a short walking path but outstanding with an architecture of the building with a classic colorful decoration and a tracery windows and doors. The building is decorated with a red light, so it gives a sense of returning to the Phuket in the past.

Then try some Kanom Ar-Pong Mae Sunee or Kanom Kraplong Thong, a traditional dessert of Phuket that people like to eat it with tea, coffee during the break meal. Ar-Pong is a flour mix with a fit ingredients so it's ready to eat on a pan and turn yellow-gold color. Its shape is a long crispy roll.

We are getting stuck on the island but we still can't miss drinking the coffee. Luckily, there are a lots of coffee shops for us to try on, depends on one's selection. There are so many shops on every corner of the road that you can't visit it all. There is one cool shop on Thalang road, let's go to see it, starting from the front sign of the shop named Coffee Bar : Book Store : Art Space. I am wondering how cool and arts it would be in side, let's see!

:: ร้านหนัง (สือ) ๒๕๒๑ Bookhemian. More than just a drinking cafe... A Chic style of cafe shop, a place for chill out, drinking coffee and reading book. A cool book in an arts decoration style corner. When walking into the shop, in front of the shop, one side is a sitting area and another side is a cool book corner. Deep into the longitudinal way of the store is a Private seat zone with a long table that suitable for making a small meeting. The taste of coffee is intense and ordering more of Honey Toast, the bread is thick and crispy, whip cream is smooth and covering with honey. It is considered as an interesting shop.

If walking around the city, you can see that there are many shop along the way that make me ' choose the shop' because I want to enter every shop.

Not far away, there is another sweet decoration shop. In front of A Dessert Moments has attracted us to enter and taste their 'sweetness' inside. The menu I choose is an ice-cream with a big melon as a topping. Three people can share for one big cup. The ice-cream is taste delicious, smooth, sweet with a round melon. It is a fit match. The shop owner is cute and provide a good service. The atmosphere in the shop is the real Relax & Sweetie. Next time I will try other menu :)

Last night when I walked through Phang Nha Road and I saw the night lighting decoration of Siam City Bank Public Company Limited so today I go back to that place again an make a clearly look at it in the afternoon and feel that it's also beautiful and unique. From my journey, I notice that the banks begin to construct a building that express the uniqueness of that place. There is the most oldest hotel in Phuket at this area too, On On Hotel.

:: Phuket people lifestyle, living their life with belief, no matter Buddhist, Chinese, Christian, Islamic influence from the immigrants of Chinese people so a shrine (Arm) was built which is a center of heart and soul of Chinese people in Phuket. Also, the Vegetarian tradition is inherited during October of every year until present time.

: : Dinner with local food,tasting a unique southern food at Mor Mu Dong restaurant. Reading until this point, many of you might think that what Mor Mu Dong is ?

I will briefly narrate an origin of the restaurant's name. The owner of the restaurant name is 'Mor', located near 'Klong Mu Dong' so the name becomes 'Mor Mu Dong restaurant'. Up to this point you would cry out 'Aorr' now. Every time I arrive at Phuket I personally come to this restaurant like it is my regular visited restaurant, but ... don't expect the restaurant to be decorated in a cool style, comfortable seat, no atmosphere of that feeling because they focus on the food taste.

A small seats are raised up from wetlands that alive crab still running in line, sitting on mat, splay the table and sit there. Start serving a sour fruits like mango, pineapple with sauce as the first course to boost up the gastric juice and follow with a normal local food but the taste is so great.

Menu that you must not miss is...Pork roasted with salt, Periwinkle roasted curry, fresh alga attached with a small pieces like a grapes, eating with Nam Phrik Kung Sod and boiled Hoi Chak Teen which barely find it to eat and increase in price a lots. Try it here, I guarantee the suitable price and you guys will like it!!!

:: 2 Oct 2015

...I would like to tell you a story about last night, at 21.00 pm we go to pick up another traveler at Phuket Airport and go back to Krabi and arrive the room around 24.00 am.. so we haven't seen the place around because after Check in, we follow the staff directly to the room and take a rest right away Z z z.

This morning at Krabi, I wake up early in the morning to have breakfast. The restaurant is in the front near lobby. Not many guest right now and most of the guest is a foreigner. Right now I just notice that the hotel is surrounded by trees, many houses encircle the pool which is in the middle of the resort.

:: Krabi Aquamarine Resort & Spa Hotel is a villa style not far away from Nopparat Thara Beach. We reserve a Family Unit type, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, small living room and kitchen room which are well separated. Refrigerator, microwave, stove for cooking are provided and the bathroom is separated into wet and dry area. The room is wide enough (90 Kilometers).

PS. Two Bedroom Family Unit is limited for 4 people ( the price is 2,050 Baht ) suitable for a family trip.

Paradise on the Earth

...Just 'Step out' then go 'Jaunting'

Just step out from the old same place, we then see another corner of the world. The happiness of traveling is not that hard to find if we choose to step out and see new things. Krabi is consisted of hundred of small islands. of the island must be our Paradise on the Earth.

...And we are so lucky that this morning the sky is clear and a shinny day. We choose to visit 5 islands tour package with Baracudas Tour. A minibus comes to pick us up at 8.00 am. in the morning, they pick up 4 people of our group and drive around to pick up people at different hotel until the car is fulled before heading to Ao Nang which is a port.

We get off in front of Ao Nang, not yet 9.00 a.m. but many travelers are walking busily. Mostly are foreigners, Chinese, India. The staff will come us and ask about the tour program which we have chosen. They set a registration table on the opposite side of Ao Nang. We receive the sticker as a symbol. After that strolling on the beach with a landmark of Ao Nang while waiting for a group tour members to be completed and then get on speed boat and go to the island.

We get off the boat around 9.00 a.m. because we have to wait for the last group of India guests. It is a sunny day. It looks normal as the bustling atmosphere with both boats and travelers that are getting on the boat on the beach among the waves to the shore, looking disturbance. Things should carry with you are waterproof bags, hats, sunglasses, sun block cream and remember to always prepare a wet clothes too.

PS.Traveling by a package of a long tail boat is cheaper, suitable for personal group tour. Traveling by speed boat is expensive and overcrowded on boat but it is faster than a long tail boat. You can choose as you like.

PS. A waterproof bag that people are using can protect only a small drop of water or water splashing but did not protect your stuffs when playing with water in the sea, so be careful! Because you may surprise after having fun playing with water :(

When last group of traveler arrive the boat, we then start departure. ''(female) of the boat introduce herself and greeting with a group tour of today which most of travelers are foreigners, only 6 people are Thai. The tour guide briefly tell us the program for today and distribute snorkeling and cool water when we nearly reach the first destination.

:: Koh Hong is a big island located in Than Bok Khaorani National Park or Koh Rao Bi Lae. We first visit this island. The speed boat stop at the pier which staff take a admission fee of 20 Baht/person, foreigner 200 Baht/person. There is a buoy place along the way to the island.

My first visit makes me feel excited. Koh Hong has an emerald sea color which the beach is curved like a half circle. The island still rich of natural resources, a clear beach, fine-grain white sand, clear water, a floating of small fish and jellyfish. It appeals us to touch the sand and play with water.

This place suitable for relaxing, paddle Kayak or snorkeling. There is a cool drink selling, kayak boat rental when moving into another river blend. The restroom is located near there.

I am wondering whether the beautiful of nature today will still be the same in the future. I think... apart from the leader that they have directly responsible for this job, visitors who temporary visit the islands like us also have to take a charge too. What will be in the next 10 or 20 years in the future is depend on what we do presently.

Please make yourself as a tourist who accumulate experiences and go back with memories not a tourist who visit the places, throw garbage, damage things or even flinch things even though... it's a small shell dispersedly on the beach. Please leave it there naturally is the best way!

Just sit back calmly in a second after passing through a tired and exhausted day on the 'island' and indulge by the turquoise sea and a clear sky which looks so bright, streaky clouds fly above the mountain in front of me. That's all...things that make me feel fresh again.

My heart is 'fine' because today we have a good doctor name... sea :)

The boat bring us out from Koh Hong to the next destination. On the way, Ms.Guide has explained the uniqueness of that island. I am so pity that we can only pass it because of high tide that the boat can not moor there. Never mind! the boat driver still heading to the next destination...

:: Ao Hong Lagoon or Talay Nai is our second destination. Lagoon is a wide middle hall looks similar to a chamber. Only one entrance with a 10 meter wide which we can sail and moor inside. There is a small beach surrounded by a limestone wall.The boat float slowly and moor, let's jump into the clear water competing with a small group of fishes.

We then heading to the fourth island. After going out from a cliff rock which surrounded Talay Nai. Expose to the dark blue sky. Contrasting the sky is a white cloud, looking toward is a sea water and ... sky, such a unlimited 'independent'.

When we are at Koh Hong, we waste a lot of time when 7 people of Indian family cry out that they want hurriedly go back to the shore and attribute that one of their group member is sick which I just see them having fun paddling kayak. Mr.Guide then negotiate to send them back with another boat by dealing a long-tail boat. Those people become fine when they hear about the price. It takes a lot of time to negotiate with them because they try to dodge so our guide have to apologize to them.

Um... You should have heard the repute and terrified behavior of 'Chinese people' but today 'Indian people' is also being the same ( just a gossip)

:: Koh Pak Bia, I have to say that... I am hungry not because of the island name that similar to a food but because it had already over a lunch time break. Our guide lead us to have lunch at Koh Pak Bia, find a small area, sit down and have a buffet. The atmosphere is calm, sylvan, full of trees and mountain rock, clean beach, clear water, a long line of dunes reaching out to a small island. You will see 2 islands when the water rises up, and a Mini split sea when the water level is down.

The food that staff provide for us is quite a lot. There are fried vegetable, spicy food, fried chicken drumstick. We feel that the food is so delicious anyway since we are starving from basking the sunlight, take a wind breeze and play with water. A sweet watermelon make us feel so fresh. According to the rule, we must collect the bin, don't leave any wastes to nature after we have finished the meal. We should help each other.

:: Koh Laolading or Koh Paradise. It is a forest island which sole right to keep the bird net so an accommodation of the guarding net officers are built here. The place is a steep cliff with a small ridge creek hidden between a limestone cavity which is a Swallow's habitat, a peaceful and high privacy place.

At this place... we have taken deep breeze of air, look up to the sky, feet touch with sand, body touch with sea water and let your heart grow with a wonderful of natural environment. The name Koh Sawan (Heaven Island) looks real to me.

The suitable period to get stuck on the 'island' like us is during May- the middle of November (Avoiding hurricane season, June - October) would be better.

PS. This time traveling to the 'island' with Baracudas Tour is 1,800 Baht/person (including transportation fee) including cool drinking water that a free for the whole trip. Our guide provide take a very good care and service of lunch, snack on the way back.

PS. The admission fee of Than Bok Khaorani National Park is 20 Baht/Person (personal pay)

Around 4 p.m., the car send us back to the room, take a bath, take a rest and go out to find something to eat at Ruenmai Restaurant. The restaurant is in the middle of the nature, it's decorated by a natural materials. There are not many tables inside the restaurant. The table in the arbor are all reserved the day we go there so we have to sit at the outdoor zone.

Ruenmai restaurant is offer a local food, the taste is spicy. We have ordered many menu for example; curry crab meat, striped bass in a orange curry, Pork roasted with salt, eggplant spicy salad and Naam Prik Kung Sod and the last menu is a dessert, banana in a coconut cream. You should try this restaurant if you are here at Krabi.

PS.The restaurant opens 10.30 - 15.00 p.m. and 17.00 - 22.00 p.m., I recommend you to reserve the seat first because normally the seats are all reserved.

PS. The taste is great and the price is high also.

Last night at Krabi, departure from ' island' and walk at Krabo Walking Street. It opens on Friday - Sunday. Variety of food, many shops are line up for sell. Things they sell are food, cloth, small piece of material, hand made style of souvenir is also sell on booth along the way.

Before we go back, we design to drink a pink milk at Roti Jao Aroi in front of Vouge (It is not a name of the restaurant) They thresh flour, fried it in the pan, swing and cut the flour by plate and then it turns to Roti with an egg and condensed milk, it's fit and sweet. A crispy Roti is also delicious, not expensive. I would like to praise them!

4 days... 3 nights, actually time flies so fast. Tomorrow we have to leave the 'island' and go back to the 'city', so tonight I have to say goodbye to this trip and people who like to get stuck on the island.

If anyone is looking for 'happiness', I would like to recommend Paradise on the Earth on Phuket, Krabi island :)

...Then see you again in the next trip of us soon "don't forget to travel together again"

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