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Mai Khao Beach

Hello! This time I went to Phuket and I have many stories to tell you about my trip!

(No matter how many times I have gone there, Phuket never disappoints me!)

I went there on the 21st of March because last year I received a Bangkok - Phuket - Bangkok promotion ticket which costs 488 baht. A great price, right? :)

21st March 2018 - I reached Phuket Airtport at around 11 PM. The car service that we contacted from a rental car service company came to pick us up at the airport to pick up our car that we rented( 700 baht/ 5 days = 3,500 baht in total). On our first night, we chose to stay near the airport (Kimlung Airport Hotel). The room was new and clean (930 baht). I stayed there with 2 other people(the bathroom was very large). However, the downside is that the airplane sounds are very loud and constant.

The morning of the second day (22nd March 2018) - We planned to see the sunriseat Samet Nang Chee Phang Nga. So we set the alarm clock to 4.30 AM (but we got up at 6 AM)

PS. Don't do what we did or you will miss the amazing view :D

It is only 7 AM in the morning and the sun is right above our heads... Traveling to Samet Nang Chee is extremely easy. You just set the GPS to the Samet Nang Chee Viewpoint and it will lead you in the direction of Phang Nga.

There are gum trees along the way to see. The first part of the road is paved but after that the road will be bumpy.

From Phuket Airport, it takes less than an hour to reach the Samet Nang Chee Viewpoint. After arriving there, you have to leave your car below because the way up is steep and dangerous so you can't take your car up there. You will have to take the local truck arranged by the village. The round trip costs 60 baht (free for children) or you can walk up there by yourself (around 2 kilometers).

So beautiful!

The way up is very steep but it doesn't stay like that for long.

After an exciting ride of 5 minutes, we finally reached the viewpoint. It was as beautiful as I imagined. I thought that it looked nice below, but it is even better up here. It really does live up to the name of the Halong Bay of Thailand. The view was very amazing. If I had seen the sunrise here, it must be a hundred times more beautiful!

Having admired the view to my heart's content, I went to find some food to eat. For this meal, we went to a restaurant only 500 meters away from the viewpoint called "Samet Nang Chee Boutique View".

Most importantly, the food there was amazing!

This restaurant have tents for rent as well. It costs 600 baht for a 2 person tent and 800 baht for a 4 person tent. The day I went there, they were also constructing houses for accommodation. When the construction is finished, I think the houses will look so pretty!

I stayed there till around noon then traveled back to Phuket. The plan for today's trip is driving to Mai Khao beach first because the seawater is very clear there. If the sand was white as well, it will look just like the Maldives...

The reason why I decided to visit Mai Khao beach this time is because I wanted to see the planes land... We found a place to park near the pine trees and walked 1 kilometer to the beach(actually you don't have to walk as there is a car service to take you there which costs 20 baht one way). The beach was very quiet and calm like a private beach. The driver said "Next month, the planes will park in another place because the monsoon wind will change direction. Luckily, you came just in time" (That's right. So if you are planning to see the planes, plan and check carefully in advance first).

Time to move on with the trip... the next check in point is Keemala. We are not going there to stay, but to eat cake and have some drinks as there is Happy Hour in the evening at Mala Bar (from 4 PM - 6 PM). Give it a try if you are interested. Their Happy Hour is available everyday :)

" Keemala "

Mala Bar is on the top floor. After parking your car, there will be a golf car service that will take you to the front of the food hall.

Since it was a hot day, the staff recommended this menu... Organic Yogurt Cheese freshly made by the hotel's chef. It was delicious and amazing!

After waiting for a while, our cakes and drinks were served! (Don't ask me what their names are, as they are very long!).

We finished our drinks and payed around 700 baht. We ordered a yogurt cheese cake and 4 drinks. It was worth it and we were so full. Even the view was worth it because the resort was beautiful as rumored. The decoration was very civilized.

The resort's concept is a bird's nest. There are 3 kinds of houses and they are fully booked. Most guests are foreigners.

Our next stop is Kamala Beach. Actually, I wanted to go to Surin beach but we got lost on the way driving.

The sun has set so we hurried back to the Red Planet at Pa Tong(900 baht/night as usual). The room was small but there was a television, hot water, towels and a water tank. However, our room didn't come with a fridge(some rooms do but it depends on the lay out of the room). There were a lot of Thai and foreign guests because the hotel is near Pa Tong beach and a nightlife area in Bangla road.

The third day (23rd March 2018) - Our first stop is Karon beach

Next is Hata beach

Next is Sam Ao Viewpoint

The next stop is Phra Yai Temple. We came to pay our respects here. It looked like the construction was almost complete. The large Buddha and the view was very beautiful and amazing. The hotter it is, the more beautiful it gets!

Next, we had lunch at Mo Mu Dong shop as usual because I missed their stuffed mackerel and salted pork which tasted as delicious as always.

On the way, I saw the cute houses for sell called MONO.

Nai Han Beach

Next, we went to Cape Promthep .... The sun hid itself behind the clouds again! Every time I come here, I always miss the sunset! :(

Having my heart broken by the sun, I came back into the city. Tonight, we are staying at the Naka Resident (approximately 900/night). The room was very large and clean. It has all the necessary amenities and even a hair dryer!

We got dressed and drove into the city for dinner. First, we had some Sam Gong soy milk. The place was crowded but the service was good.

The fourth day(24th March 2018) - We checked out of the hotel and left early in the morning because we were going to have a luxury stay at The Naka Island, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa - a 5 star resort on Naka island. We arranged the trip to the island to be at 9 AM but we will be able to check into the hotel at around 3 PM. However, if the room is empty, or there is an early checkout, we can check in immediately. We were lucky again!

Before starting our trip, we chose to have breakfast at Boon Rat Dimsum.

At 8.30 AM, we arrived at the Por Grand Marina Port to take a speed boat to Naka island. While waiting for our speed boat, the staff welcomed us and helped us carry our bags from the car... The speed boat ride took only 10 minutes to reach Naka Island.

The Naka Island, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

We booked the room through the Thai Thiao Thai event. One room can accomodate 2 guests and it costs 4,900 baht including breakfast, boat service and one set of afternoon tea + children's breakfast (worth 577 baht / children under 10 can stay for free).. the price was very good as the normal price is 18,000 baht! Also, this price is available for stays on weekends, holidays and the high season period!

When we reached the port, the staff picked us up on a golf car to take us to hit the gong and told us the story of Naka island;

"After the Naka turned into stone, we believed that most of Naka island is actually the body of the Naka. The small Naka island on the right is the tail and the one of the left is Rad Island. Our belief is that, the Naka will protect everyone on the island. When you arrive on this island, you have to hit the gong twice. The first time is to tell the Naka that you have arrived. The second time is to make a wish. On the day of your check out, you have to hit it once more to say goodbye so that the wish will come true".

After hitting the gong, the staff will bring you some cool herb drinks and a garland.

The staff brought us to our room - Deluxe Room No.71

We unpacked our things and went outside. We had time to walk around the villa. Most guests here are foreigners so I didn't see any Thais on the day that I stayed there. The island was quiet and private. The staff were lovely and welcoming.

I'm so jealous. I hope that someone will take a picture for me when I'm old too.

At 2 PM, free homemade ice cream is given our at the pool. Don't forget to go there! The ice cream was delicious. There are many flavors such as coconut, pineapple, mango and orange.

There are also bicycles that you can use to ride to the village on the island. Naka Island is very large so there are 2 other beautiful beaches on the end of the island where you can ride your bicycle but the road is quite bumpy. Adventurers should't miss this activity as the way up is very steep.

PS. The beaches that I mentioned are filled with Chinese tourists so I recommend visiting them in the morning.

After returning from the Tai Koh beach, we relaxed near the sea and ordered our afternoon tea set. It was very good! 10/10!

Eating and looking at the sunset

A private and romantic spot!

I chose to have dinner in my room because I wanted to use it :D

You can bring in food and drinks to have at the resort from outside!

Fifth day (25th March 2018)

The breakfast buffet here starts from 6 AM and finishes at 11 AM. You can also order to your room depending on your preference.

The breakfast buffet is held at the Ton Tsai Dining hall. You can eat and look at the sea. The buffet is an international buffet. You can also order if you want.

After breakfast, we relaxed and looked at the view to wait for the time to check out. I arranged the check out time to be around 2 PM and the boat trip around 3 PM. In our free time, we took some photos with the blue sea.

We reached Ao Poh around 3.30 PM. Tonight, we stayed at Soi Rommanee in Phuket Town because today is Sunday, Lad Yai Walking Street will be held here. It costed around 1,000 baht to stay here. The place was in the middle of the walking street so you can see it from your room's balcony.

Sixth Day (26-03-61)

We will take a plane back to Bangkok at 10.30 PM so we have one more day to walk around. After checking out at noon, we walked in the old buildings area.

First, we went to Nam Yoi restaurant to have some Crab noodles (250 baht/set). Most customers are locals. It was great!

Then we went to "View Cafe @Phuket" to have some coffee on the way to Chalong bay. The shop is on a hill and it is nicely decorated. They also have rooms for staying other than a restaurant. The view is amazing here.

The staff were nice and took us to see the rooms. There are many kinds of rooms here. You can check out the details on their website.

The room that they took us to see was the standard room which costs 1,800 per room for two people including breakfast.

The next room is the most expensive room because it has a jacuzzi and a connecting room. It costs 5,900 per room (after a 30% discount)

The third room is the vintage room. Personally, I really like this room. It is so cute and very pretty!

The last room I saw was the Smart room. It has a modern decoration with black tones and has a cozy and stable ambiance. There is also a jacuzzi on the balcony to admire the view.

The last destination before going back to Bangkok was seeing the sunset at the Stone bridge. We had dinner at Pae Bang Mood. The food was fresh. You can see the view from the pictures below.

When we arrived, someone came to greet us.

It takes less than 5 minutes to get there by boat (free) but you have to pay for the parking.

Ending our trip with satisfaction. Every time I visit Phuket, it is always amazing here.

This trip was very nice and satisfying. Everything went according to plan (except for the getting lost part).

"See you next time "

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