Finally,... a brilliant season comes
When the rainy season has gone.. the sky is bright than ever. That is a sign of

>>>>>> Go travelling together <<<<<<

And today Nui will bring you to have a sun bask, resist the Sun radiant, cheerfully play with sea water at Koh Rok

Are you ready? .... If yes, then let's go

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Many of you would have read a review of Koh Rok.

But many of you also wonder where Koh Rok is? what is interesting there? Does it beautiful like Koh Tachai, Koh Similan? Today I will let you know how comes this island is.

And this trip Nui has joined with many of the reviewers who join the sea trip that was arranged by Love Andaman and Air Asia and certainly today we go with Love Andaman for this Koh Rok trip.

We are ready now, let's get on the boat

But before we get on the boat, the tour guide will recommend the processes, including briefly telling the story of Koh Rok and the way to travel by sea to avoid damaging ecology too.

Koh Rok is part of Mu Ko Lanta National Park, Krabi province

But this time we travel there from Phuket by 1 day trip of Love Andaman

We take around 1 hour 45 minute to travel from Phuket to Koh Rok.

At first I intend to take a nap and wake up when we arrive there but I was aroused with the blue water, so the time passes so fast and reach the destination for quickly.

That is a really white beach and that is Koh Rok.

In the morning after we arrived the island, we still appreciated and indulged with a white and elaborate of the sand.

I can say that the white and elaborate of the sand here is not difference from Koh Tachai. I don't have to describe much because the pictures have already said it out by itself. It can clearly be seen the color of the sea, it's so clear that I can see my feet in the water.

The tree on the island still intense, a shadow of the tree can help those people who afraid of the skin burn.
or even the beach area also has a lot of tree for us to chilly sit by the sea.

I am so jealous with those girls. The weather like this is suit to wear a bikini only to relief the heat and show off the skin.

But for me ,only one piece suit and one sarong is fine for me too,

During we are on the island, there is a break meal, drink, snack provided for us before lunch. Who hungry can take a snack first, every menu is so nice and we try everything.

This is lunch, plenty of food.

After lunch, there is a time left for us to take a walk on the beach before we go out to the undersea to see the beautiful of coral reef.

I forget to mention that normally there are 2 rounds of diving but we have to survey the tide and wind to see if we can diving there because they concerned about our safety.

I have heard that the reason people go to the sea is to escape from love and go away from the hot weather but Nui think that presently people who go to the sea can meet a real love there, do you think so?

There are Nemo fishes too. I haven't got so many picture of the undersea because snorkeling is just turn your face down and look at it but I can not go deeper maybe I have to take a real diving course. But, I have to say Thank You for our tour guide for taking this picture for me.

This winter if the weather is so cool then don't go north.

Go down to the south to warm your body, the brilliance season is waiting for you here.

I have to say Thank You to Love Andaman and Air Asia for this cute and cool trip that bring us to snorkeling at Koh Rok, the island that still new and very beautiful and I encourage that it is more beautiful than Tachai island.

and lastly

Lastly, Thank You every trip that teach Nui to learn and love on every happened story and circumstance.

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