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The first Spa with Balinese style in Bangkok that serves you the signature Balinese massage style, also has a body treats and Facial treatment with a professional product.

Bali Spa at Chaophya Park Hotel

The management of Chophya park hotel was appealed to the idea of adding a spa to their all inclusive complex but felt that they needed their spa to stand out in the sea of similar facilities.

Balinese decoration

Drawn to the knowledge of the famous Balinese spa after extensive research they headed to Bali in December 2002 and recruited a local specialist who headed the team and led to the opening of Bali Spa later in June 2003.

The Bali Spa consists of six private treatment rooms with showers and one couple's suite with a bath tub. Attired in the traditional Balinese costume, our qualified therapists and staff oversee to maximum comfort and relaxation to ensure that your experience with us will be of ultimate luxury and pampering.

Welcome to come with a cool cloth.

Foot massage therapist.

Reception room

Walk to the room.

Herbal scrub

Therapists Oil

Walk to the room.

One couple's suite with a bath tub.


Bath accessories.

Bathroom accessories.

Walk to the room.

Private Treatment room.

Luxuriate in this exotic spa experience with the touch of Bali in the center of Bangkok. We offer you the Bali Signature to pamper your body and mind.

We Provide the best of ancient herbals named "Boreh" as a body scrub to remove your dead skin and also enrich your skin and follow by Balinese Massage which is our massage signature in a style of Bali with a luxurious Aroma Oil as your choice to complete a skin refreshing.

Traditional Thai Massage room.

Bali Spa.
Chaophya Park Hotel.
Ratchadaphisek Road.
Dindaeng District.
Bangkok 10400.

02 290 0125 Ext 7942

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