This time we are taking you to see the cute little blue flowers called Nemophilas (also known as Baby Blue Eye) at the Hitachi Seaside Park. There are 4 million and 5 hundred thousand of them here. There are so many of them that you cannot distinguish them from the sky due to their soft blue color. 💙🌸🔵 You can see the flowers from the end of April to mid May (photos taken on 20th April 2018). During other seasons, other plants are grown here instead.

🚙 How to get there : We started from Ueno Station then took the Express Tokiwa 51 to Katsuta Station (takes around 1.30 hours) and a 15 minute bus ride to the park.

💰Fees : Express Tokiwa 51 3820 Yen/ One day ticket including the bus ride 1080 Yen = 4900 Yen in total which is around 1,500 baht
🕑Opening hours : 9.30 – 17.00 (Closed on Mondays)

📷The photos here are taken with the Fujifilm XH-1 16-55 10-24 55-200 and the 56 1.2 #lazycoup #เที่ยวเป็นคู่ดูวิวชิวถ่ายภาพ #fujifilm #fujifilmthailand #hitachiseasidepark #nemophila #babyblueeye #ใครเคยไปแล้วบ้างมาแชร์รูปกันหน่อยเร็ว

The Nemophila flower or the Baby Blue Eye is a very small flower but there are 4,500,000 million of them here so it fills the entire area. (according to the website; I couldn't count them myself).

Taking a portrait photo here looks nice

Most importantly, you can take your pet inside. Most of the pets that I saw were dogs.

I recommend going there early in the morning because it is very crowded in the late morning. However, the area is very large so you can find a place with no people to take photos.

You just need to find a nice corner and you can get a photo alone.

But for the landmark corner, you really need to come here early.

For the food, there are small restaurants that sell food you can eat easily and a water cooler (and also a toilet) near the garden.

Their ice cream is also blue!

When you arrive here you will see so many of these three things

First : a cutely dressed child

Second : Couples on a date

and couples taking pre-wedding photos

Third : Many breeds of dogs

I can't tell which is the flower field or which is the sky.

Finally, don't forget to take the people you love to collect special memories!

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Lazy Coup

 Wednesday, May 2, 2018 9:06 PM