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3 PM on 25th October

Yeah Yeah Yeah, Finally We have arrived in Mae Hong Son - the city of three-seasoned fogs after being on a mini-bus for over 3 hours on such a winding road. The winding road to get here makes us very dizzy and want to throw up. There are like more than 1,000 curves. Anyway, We made it hahaha. Mae Hong Son is known as the city of three-seasoned fogs because the weather here is fresh and pure. The city is surrounded by mountains and trees.

We have arrived in Mae Hong Son around 3 PM. We then give a call to the owner of the guesthouse that we will stay right away to pick us up. We have planned to drop our belonging there before going to explore the town. We also rent a motorbike again on this trip. It is 180 THB per day with full tank petrol. By the way, there is only one motorbike rental service here. It is next to Wat Chong Kham.

At Mueang Distirct, Mae Hong Son

It is a classic town. The building is aged.

This restaurant must have been opened for generations. It is located right at the intersection in front of Sai Yood Market.

Mae Hong Son is a small province but full with attractive culture. People here are very kind and friendly and the weather is very nice.

The whole Mueang Distirct can be view from Phrathat Doi Kongmu, just like this.

If you visit Mae Hong Son but don't come to pay homage at Wat Phrathat Doi Kongmu, it is like you are not visiting Mae Hong Son truly.

The sun is going down. I guess it is time to go back down to the town.

There is an annual festival here in Mae Hong Son during 23-25 October. It is called Poy Lern Sib-Ed Festival. There is also a walking street where you can do some shopping and find something to eat.

It is packed with local people. They are waiting for the Poy Lern Sib-Ed Festival's parade.

The local food of Mae Hong Son.

Traveling in Thailand, eating Thai food, using Thai products. Traveling in Thailand, if you won't go, you won't know.

The food is very cheap and tastes so good.

This one is delicious. It is spicy and sour at only 20 THB.

The classic 7-Eleven.

Because of the charm of this historic city, people fall in love with it easily. Even though it is pretty far to get here, that is not a problem. People are happy to come to experience this unique city and its culture themselves. That's why you shouldn't miss to come and learn why Mae Hong Son is worth a visit. It is attractive for its culture and tradition.

Thailand, the land of smile.

I have bought some of her products which are the hat and coin purse. She mentioned that all products are handmade and done by her.

Wat Chong Kham

After going through every corner of the walking street and feel a bit tired, I guess it is a good time to go back to our guesthouse to get ready for tomorrow's program.

Have you ever realized that the happy time period goes by really fast? It is just like right now. It is already 10 PM.

Good morning everyone!

If you are looking for a place to stay, you can just type Baan Mai Guest House Mae Hong Son on Facebook.

Baan Mai Guest House is 400 THB per night with breakfast included. It is very clean and the owners are very kind.

It is 8 AM that we are ready for this new day's program. We never stop. hahaha We already rested our body for the whole night. It is time to rest our mind.

26th October 2015, Su Tong Pe Bridge

From Mueang District, we ride the motorbike toward Pang Mapha District to go to Su Tong Pe Bridge.

Su Tong Pe Bridge is lined with bamboo width of about 2 meters at the length of 500 meters.It connects Suantham Pusama meditation centre over Mae Sa Nga river and rice field with the village of Kung Mai Saak.The purpose of the bridge is to use as the pathway for the monks on alms round and for the locals to travel easily. It was built on 20th April 2011.

Look at this greenery rice field! The weather is so nice with fresh pure air.

However, the bridge collapsed after I came back home for one day. Several people were injured. It was on 28th October 2015. A large crowd of local people and visitors had gathered on the bridge to make merit and mark the end of Buddhist Lent. The collapse is assumed to be caused by the large number of people upon it. Moreover, the bridge was earlier damaged by heavy flooding in the province in August, and had only recently been repaired in September. The bridge is now under the reparation intensively in order to be able to welcome locals and visitors again.

I pray for those who get injured from the accident to get well soon. And I am sure that Su Tong Pae Bridge will be as beautiful as it used to be after the reparation.

We have finished visitting Su Tong Pae Bridge around noon and it is time for lunch. I am hungry though. hahaha Let's go find something to eat!

We are here at Auntie Noon Restaurant for Khao Soi, a spicy coconut milk noodle soup. The restaurant is loctaed on the way up to Wat Phrathat Doi Kongmu. It is very easy to find.

Khao Soi with Chicken is 30 THB.

We are done having lunch around 1 PM. Oh my Lord Buddha! It is time to go back to the guesthouse to do the packing and go back to Bangkok. We have reserved the bus with Sombat Tour departing at 3 PM and will arrive in Bangkok at 6 AM the next morning. It will be a long 15-hour journey.

To summarize, this trip is totally amazing. We have spent 4 nights and 5 days in Chiang Mai, Pai, and Mae Hong Son. For me, the most memorable place would be here, Mae Hong Son. I really like it here. The town is very classic with charming culture and tradition. And I will see you again, the city of three-seasoned fogs- Mae Hong Son.

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