The picture you see in front of you is one of the corner of Sun Moon Lake, the most beautiful lake of Taiwan which is well-known as Asian Switzerland.

And this place is also known as one of the world beautiful bike way.

Sun Moon Lake, this place is around 240 kilometers far away from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, with this distant we can go to the middle of the country.

Did you know: Taiwan has only 35,980 Square meter or equal to the east of Thailand+Bangkok.

Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

The code in the middle of the sea is 23.857915, 120.917407

It is a beautiful lake on the high hill. The lake is 760 meters high from the sea level. It is more beautiful because of the surrounded majestic mountains to all sides. Some peak point is very high (2,000 meter height level) above the southeast coast.

and right now those NokScoot bikers are all ready to ride a bike and see the real trail that guys are dreaming about. For Mr.Namfah which has a chance to take a photo of riding in Thailand for many trips. For this time, my junior go internationally to be a pioneer of riding project outside the country with NokScoot. Since NokScoot has already arranged an auspicious new route from Thailand to Taiwan (Taipei). Even though Mr.Namfah is not a Taiwan Guru but it's so lucky that we are working together and it's my first time visiting so let me take charge of taking a photo of the atmosphere for you guys.

NokScoot has a flight from Bangkok to Taipei 4 rounds a week. The flight going to Taipei is 24.00 am, arrive in Taipei at 04.00 am (23.55 - 04.05). The flight back to Thailand during dawn period, arrive in Bangkok at 08.00 am. ( 05.15 – 08.00)


A link to check for the ticket and reserve the seat

Views around the lake

A fishing net of Taiwan looks strange. The house that is built may also build on the purpose of averting the cold wind.This picture is a scenery view looking toward to Qing Long San mountain 青龍山, seeing a Lalu island, a small island in the middle of the lake. Next to it is Xuan Zang Temple and Ka Tan Yu pagoda at the back of another mountain.

A small pathway at the lake side. I walk around this area, it's around 1.9 kilometer long. If you guys have time to stroll around, this is a code for parking the car and start walking at the point 23.864720, 120.908577.

Ming Hu restaurant 明湖餐廳, it is located around Shueishe Pier, one of the center point of Sun Moon Lake and the center of ship voyage. Our team come here to have meal and try a legendary menu, President's fish, at this restaurant.

Many difference menus, most of the raw materials are from the lake and the picture below is President's fish. It's originally come from the most favorite menu of Chiang Kai Shek president.

Now we are fulled and ready for the ride (strolling for an hour). Let's Go OK, NokScoot. The first destination of the first day is 30 kilometers, riding around the lake. Let's go.

Riding through Wen Wu Temple 文武廟 or Guan Wu Temple

Riding through Xuan Zang Temple, you are half way riding at this temple.

Having a break at Xuan Zang Temple, the lake view from the top of the temple.

Xuan Zang Temple or 玄奘寺

N23° 50.867′ E120° 55.000′

Visiting inside the temple, it's sylvan, beautiful, peaceful. I like that the white gravel courtyard is planted instead the grass. So, it looks clear and clean. This temple has collected a skeleton bone ash of Xuan Zang priest. It's located on the Long Shan Mountain or Dragon Mountain.

Continue riding and stop in front of the car tunnel.

Riding team still keep on riding but photographer team are going back to Wenwu Temple because this country has a restriction law that people can't take any picture on a Pick-up car so we ride on a van and can't even take a photo of it.

Wenwu Temple 文武廟

N23° 52.164′ E120° 55.631′

The front door of Wenwu Temple is shined by the evening light. Looking through the door on the left and right is a 2 lions marble with a value of 2 million TWD.

Wenwu Temple is sacred temple among Taiwan people. The Confucius statue and Guan Wu God are placing here.

Looking backward to another side of the lake is a beautiful viewpoint to see the sunsets at Sun Moon Lake.

Bulge and high sculpture, is graving as a beautiful and exquisite dragon.

Walking to the inside area, it's steeply and the area is very beautiful and wide.

We walk until reaching the last door inside. We feel fatigue because we walk to the end left and the end right. Next to this door is a grassy knoll behind and a road is built there too.

Map of Wenwu Temple.

Our first night, we staying here

Lei Lei Garden Hotel Sun Moon Lake

The hotel link as below

Hotel Website

After checking-in and feeling stuffed from a delicious dinner. It's so delicious that I am not quick enough to take its photo. Mr.Namfah ends the first night at Taiwan by observing difference brand of beers hahaha.

The map shows our riding route around the lake.

Good Morning, it's time to say goodbye to Sun Moon Lake and go ahead to Taipei city.

Scenery view on the way to Taipei, a high mountain valley along the way.

New North Bridge 新北大橋

and we check-in, keep our bags here

Hotel Mid Town richardson

Hotel website

Awesome Bike In Taipei

Today is the second day of the trip in Taipei and the first day riding program in Taipei is just a chilly ride, just riding to see the city, takes 10 kilometer.

Now, we going to start riding again. The beginning point is at the corner of Xi Men Ding 西門町, opposite the hotel that we stay tonight.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall 中正紀念堂

N25° 02.211′ E121° 31.046′

We are riding through Octagonal monument which was built to remembrance of the former, President Chiang Kai-shek.

We start riding too late in the evening. Just riding for an hour, around 8 kilometers, the sky then start to turn dark. Before we finish riding, here is The Must visit store for bike lover,


25.036774, 121.558067

It is a vintage bike store and selling the hip, cool items. This store is considered as a popular store of biker in Taiwan.

The store owner.

Next but not far to Sense30, we then visit another cool coffee store. It's the Sense30's subordinate store too.

TASTE by Sense30

25.035355, 121.558714

The store owner is beautiful and cute.

The last riding program before we have dinner. We are riding close to the place where Taipei 101 is our background.

Morning time, the last day of the trip. The important difficult riding mission, 50 kilometers distant is going to start. The first 10 kilometers is mostly riding up the hill and the last 10 kilometers is a plane way but 30 kilometers in the mid-way is a hill route, the difficulty level is 5/5.

Begin with riding through the old airport of Taipei.

Riding through the side of Keelung river which we can see the Dashi Bridge, riding in the rain.

The rain is start to fall heavily. Finally, we are concerned about the safety of the biker so the team leader decide to stop today's mission.

Sheltering from the rain.

Many bikers are so sad that they can't continue the mission because we intend to come here but some people grab this period to enjoy their shopping which is going to start now ... hehe.

Zhong Lie Chi Memorial 忠烈祠

N25° 04.719′ E121° 31.986′

We stop riding when the time not yet 10 o'clock so we change our plan to visit the important attraction place of Taipei but since we start to go travelling, the rain stop!

Zhong Lie Chi Memorial, this place was built to give an honor to a brave four hundred soldiers that died from the war since the war during overthrew of the Qing Dynasty, Japanese war and war with the Chinese Communist Party period. The building was built imitating Tai he palace (太和殿) in Gu Gong Museum at Beijing city.

We are able to catch up the time when military are relaying in the front area which the relay ceremony is occurred in every hour.

Taipei Confucius Temple 台北市孔廟

N25° 04.328′ E121° 30.965′

The sky looks more clearly. I really like it. The next place we are going to visit is The Confucius Temple. I like this temple because it's beautiful and not crowded like temple in Bangkok.

Bao An Gong Temple

N25° 04.400′ E121° 30.935′

Next to The Confucius Temple, not far away there is another temple which is also looks beautiful, it's called Bao An Gong Temple.

Long Shan Temple

N25° 02.234′ E121° 29.994′

Long Shan can directly be translated as a Dragon Temple which was built during Qian Long Emperor, Qing dynasty. It's considered that this temple is a place that gathering gods.

A mimetic waterfall inside Long Shan Temple

I notice that most people are at this temple. It shows that Taiwan people are devoted to this temple.

National Taiwan University

N25° 01.026′ E121° 32.040′

Another place to visit and peek for the girl and junior riding on a bicycle. This is also the same university that Mr.Vikrom Kromadit had lived and studied here.

Many people are riding a bike. It's like Kasetsart University, Thailand.

In front of National Taiwan University is a shopping center and one of the popular food market like a Xi Men Ding 西門町 that is similar to our Siam Square, Thailand. But, the price is a little bit higher than Xi Men Ding. In front of National Taiwan University which I forget its name, but I have brought one pair of Onitsuka Tiger, popular among Thai people. Most of the brand name product is the real one. If the store sell a fake one, they will directly let you know here.

25.015755, 121.532136

Here I have a chance to try a bubble Milk tea from a renowned store and yes its rumor is right it's delicious .

Lastly, I really like Taiwan even it's my first time visit here.

It's a country that is ready to welcome tourism, the city is clean,orderly. Road system is very good and both side of the road has no billboard advertising like the developing country as well as in Thailand.

For the food!! Many foods of this country is delicious and amazed me a lot. Every store we are in,the food is yummy and it's considered as a real 7th floor of Heaven of taster.

Natural resource, especial forest and mountain. Mr.Namphra decide to come back to Taiwan again to this place to visit this island, a very high mountain that if you look at the google map and choose to view as a geography mode , you will clearly see that Taiwan island is the highest peak in Asia, apart from the world roof like Himalayas mountain and what I want to tell in this review is Taiwan is a paradise country of biker because the bike lanes are allocated everywhere and Taiwan people are riding a bike as part of their lifestyle.

The summary below is an opinion from one of Scoot biker. Mr.Rung, Krobtham Rung Prommaryon which apart from being a biker, he is also a very good observant. He is also visit this country for the first time but among this 3 days 2 nights he has observed many interesting things as below:

Trip Taiwan, this time I have seen and learnt many things (Cycling trip with Nokscoot)

1. The sidewalk is well managed in both rural and urban area with 95% of the way is plane and good quality.

2. The law is heavily strict here. If you drive pass the yellow light, you will be fined at least 900$TW and no matter chaotic written order is, from the police or a million camera, the police order will be sent to your home immediately and you will be in prison if avoiding the payment.

3. Taiwan people like to feed Shiba dog ( a Japanese dog breed ). It is so cute and the size is suitable for feeding.

4. Taiwan lady has white-pink face and like to wear a short pant and skirt, very attractive.

5. Ximending, a shopping center like Siam Square in Thailand but more chaotic and more attractive. The store mostly close at 4 - 5 p.m. but there are many stalls and selling a fresh fried food on cart after 5 p.m. until midnight.

6. The price of goods is not so different in each store, you don't have to walk around to observe the price, it might different only 10 - 100 $.

7. Taiwan clamping doll machine, the doll is very nice, neatly and copy right but the clamping machine is quite weak like our country which can certainly collect a lot of money from customers.

8. The weather is good even in the city, not dusty like Thailand.

9.The electronic motorcycle is very cute. Moreover, Taiwan people like to ride on a motorcycle than Thai people.

10. The shoes are very cheap, a highlight point here. You would look strange if not buying back a pair of shoes like Onisuka Tiger, Asics, New balance, Nike And one, Adidas, no matter fashion or sport style. For example, Onisuka Tiger in Thailand is selling for 4,900 Baht but only 2,900 Baht selling in Taiwan., Asics, the top style is selling 8,500 Baht in Thailand but 3,500 Baht in Taiwan, NB is selling 3,500 Baht but 2,000 Baht in Taiwan and many brands that are not selling in Thailand. I guarantee that it's very unique.

11. There are many fake items like our country and the sellers will tell us immediately, no lie, more reliable and honesty.

12. The way they present and selling goods is very serious. They let customer try their crispy and grill pork when selling those things. If selling a bag, they will open every bag's hole to show that that bag is the best selling item, good quality and can carry many things with a zip in it.

13. A architecture here looks not quite interesting because the country used to rule by Spain, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese people. The architecture is different in style. English Victorian piece is gorgeous. There are some European, Chinese southern (The roof and door are curved like the moon) and Chinese Northern Style ( The structure is strong and elegant) building style of Temple. The country used to be ruled by Japan for about 50 years. The Meiji architecture style can be found easily. The Contemporary modern style is very distinctive such as Taipei 101, a high landmark building that visitor have to take a photo with it, etc.

14. Pigeons here cry like in Thailand but what difference is it's more fatter and better take it for cooking.

15. Cleanness, even the city is not clean like Singapore but it's cleaner than our country.

16. A bus lane, it's obviously ( in the middle of the road). Every vehicle can't run on the lane. If you get catch by the camera, you will get trouble if you be fined because it's very expensive.

17. Betel palm lady here wear only a small piece of cloth which attract men's eyes. It's only 100$ for men who drives across the province but what we heard is a 10 wheels truck driver here eat almost 10 bags because it's a good awaken drugs

18. A crispy sliced pork, shredded pork, canned pork, Sanam pork, crispy pork are very delicious. I recommend you to buy back as a gift for your lover in Thailand. It would be better to buy it after finish baking immediately, so yummy.

19. A bubble milk tea, a spinning gourd, a spinning fruit. You should have try it, it makes fresh in every store. ( The shaker machine has 2 cores of spinning, very good because it help provides a good quality of fruit than 1 core of spinning).

21. Wifi router of Samurai is very amazing. I rent 1 router and share to 5 people. Sit on difference car, live in difference room but no lack of the signal at all. I recommend this package 280 Baht/day only.

22. Since people in the country mostly ride on the bike, there are so many parking lots for the bike, no matter a parking building, 2 floor of outdoor parking area so it can be seen in a big bus station.

23. The riding way is very distinctive ( in the Taipei city) and the drivers on the road are in good manner and afraid of the law. The country give the most important to human not a car.

24. I see very less policeman here because everyone look after each other. Who does wrong or unfair, they will take a photo and send to the police for litigation. So, everybody can be a policeman immediately ( They help each other)

25.There is a step in politely riding on a motorcycle here. The technique of turning left and right at the traffic light similar to our country which is when you want to turn left but the light is red, the green light is on the right then they will ride to the right immediately. But if the light turn green on the right, the straight lane still a red light then you have a right to go first. This trick is so bad but many people do it both in Thailand and Taiwan.

26. If you want to go for a toilet while walking around, you can looking for Starbuck.

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