After finishing the dry perfume class last week. I came to the open house again this week to attend a lip balm class.

Come up to the 6th floor of the central embassy, where the in side of the Open House is the place to study.

Table at the back of the work shop on a weekly basis.

Raw materials and equipment.

The left is coconut oil, right is rice bran oil.

Sweet Almond Oil

Tea Seed Oil

Various Waxes

Shea Butter Soft, moisturizing. It is extracted from legumes be careful of allergies.

Coco Butter Provides a soft and moisturizing alternative to Shea butter in people who are allergic to nuts. But be careful of acne.

Perfume for lip

Mixing Colors in Lip and Accessories

Other devices

Put the ingredients in a fire-proof glass, then microwave to dissolve.

Nath and 9-year-old pupils

She started measuring various ingredients.

She teaches students to measure ingredients.

Cut the Cocoa Butter

Put all ingredients together. In heat-resistant glass Then heat the microwave oven to dissolve various ingredients.

The dissolved ingredients are removed from the microwave.

Mix liquid ingredients and mix well. To reduce the temperature

Measure the temperature of the mixture brought out from
the microwave with a thermometer.

The liquid with glass rods to reduce the temperature,
then put on the perfume used lip balm.

Pour the prepared container.

The mixture is also liquid. It is still hot in the prepared container.
This cartridge is made from natural waxed bleach.

This cartridge is made from natural wax without bleaching.
The color of the natural light yellow.

Cool down and harden.

(Top left) Flower Lip Balm
(Bottom left) lip balm done Decorated with lilacs from various floral prints.

See that it is not difficult to both fun and control the raw materials that we want. Maybe you should try it.

Next class next week A class of candles made from natural products. Please try to contact the page and the page number in the page.

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 Tuesday, May 22, 2018 5:20 PM