Drawing, Painting, Molding, Bicycling, Rice transplanting.

At 6 Sukhothai learning centers for the visiting family

Welcome to Sukhothai, the city of “Happiness at Dawn”, for your family to know this charming town through activities for fun namely drawing, painting, molding, bicycling and rice transplanting.

1. Drawing, Sankalok design (Celadon) on T-shirt at “Wood Bridge”

Drawing for meditation with the artist of new generation

The small “Phi Leng” shop in front of Wat Traphangtong is owned by a young friendly artist who will lead your family for Sankalok design drawing either at the Ramkhamhang National Museum or Wat Traphangtong.She will teach children to enjoy drawing by their own imagination of various animals apart from the Sukhothai fish.

This activity lasts, for one hour by which children will enjoy drawing on their T-shirts and learning about Sukhothai from this artist by her excellent artistic communication.


  • Phi Leng “Wood Bridge” Shop, in the old town opposite to Wat Traphangtong
  • Contact No. Tel. 09-2928-7800


2. Painting Fish design on the plate at “Suthep Sankalok”

Learning about Sankalok from the elder painter

At “Suthep Sankalok” children will learn about another activity they will be proud of. For almost two hours here they will see various Sankaloks at all corners of the shop.

Uncle Suthep, Aunty Nid and their children shall train them how to paint Sankalok designs.Children shall be of utmost enjoy painting fishes, flowers and other pictures on plates and glasses then finally put on the cinder-color.It needs some 7 days more to enhance perfect beauty. Then the shop shall mail the completely processed Sankalok, through required burning and coating, to your home.Children also listen to Sukhothai stories from the elders while learning to paint.

If you want to know what is the painted fish on Sankalok plate,take your children for answer here.


  • Suthep Sankalok Shop locates at Sankalok community, Tambon Muang Kao
  • Contact No. Tel. 08-4494-8890


3. Clay molding at “Ban Prapim Laksamanasilp”

Prapim (Budha amulet) learning place at the rice field.

Taking children out to mold the Budha amulet is to have them understand why Shkhothai people worship Buddhism. At the Budha Amulet art gallery “Phi Kob” the local wise-man who has been engaged in this activity from 11 year old until today shall teach children how to get clay for moding and burning by the ancient designed kin to get Prapim of the hardest material.

Children will have a good chance to see Prapim of more than 800 designs and fully learn about Buddhist arts from Phi Kob who speaks with truly Sukhothai intonation.They shall as well get to know local toys and ways of living shared by Phi Kob’s experiences who was once a “hunter”.


  • Ban Prapim Laksamanasilp at Ban Chetuphon, Tambon Muang Kao
  • Contact No., Tel 08-1197-0535


4. Bicycling at “Sukhothai Historical Park”

Old town bicycle touring

Hi light of the Sukhothai ancient town touring is to visit the Sukhothai Historical Park for which car visiting is not allowed at present to enhance pollution-free area. Accordingly, rail transportation service and ancient electricity cars are available for rental driving.

But bicycle rental is good for children to visit ancient places by themselves since the Park also provide guiding maps for them, attached to the paid pass.Seeing places as they love to by bicycling is really good for children to closely observe surrounding environment and natural beauty, and also by physical exercising. Paying 30 baht/one bicycle …… for much more happy return.


  • Working hrs. at 06.00 – 21.00 (no pass card selling after 18.00 hrs.)
  • For more details contact, Tel. 0-5569-7310


5. Wearing Ngob (peasant’s hat) for rice planting at the “Organic Agriculture Project, Sukhothai Airport”

Organic agricultural for sufficient living

If you have ever tested how “brown rice” served on Bangkok Airways planes is so delicious, please be informed that it comes from here and absolutely no chemical substance.

Taking your family to enjoy delicious dishes at “Kruo Sukho”, then going out for “outdoor schooling” by rice planting, buffalo-riding, duck-eggs taking, seeig organic vegetation and rice milling you will realize how worthwhile it is.Seeing how it is planted children will then finish up all rice eating in their plates.

You can have activities here for certain hours, one half day, one full day and stay over night at the rice-field accommodation.Don’t forget to bring back organic rice of the premium grade-the delicious “Sukho Rice”.


  • Organic Agriculture project, Sukhothai Airport, at Sukhothai Airport, Sawankalok
  • Contact No. Tel. 08-6398-5727, 08-6202-3757


6. Visiting Smart-Art-Farm at “Rongna Banrai”

By easy homestay of a farmer style

Here is another staying place where children will learn about farming books and arts created by “Phi Nok Kawee” – writer and artist for painting, photo taking and molding. Every weekend children will have chances to learn various things by different activities, matching so well with farming environment.

All things are created by the home-owner.Foods are so delicious plus cffee to entertain parents while waiting for their children.Moreover, Phi Nok Kawee can tell so amusing stories about Sawankalok. Staying here for one night is of good experience like living at home with your own family.


  • Rongna Banrai is at Amphoe Sawankalok
  • Contact No., Tel. 09-1383-9556


>>>A place for family staying

Sriwilai Sukhothai Resort & Spa is a boutique style place in the old middle-town area. The simple and nice rest room is of the Lanna atmosphere for family staying.

It is of the wide area with a big lotus pond in the middle. The swimming pool is of the eco-system for children fun amidst the rice-field view which reaches the top of Luang mountain. In front of the resort there is an ancient place with a high pagoda.

Since it is only 1.2 km. away from the Sukhothai Historic Park the available bicycle service is great for tourists.

If your family wear Thai dressing it shall be of excellent matching!


  • Sriwilai Sukhothai Tel. 0-5569-7445




Travel with Bangkok Airways

>>> Boutique airline for family travel

>>>Fly to Sukhothai Province one hour and thirty minutes

>>>Impressive lounge



For more information : Tourism Authority of Thailand Sukhothai

Tel: 0-5561-6228