Rainy season last year Our family is on a plane to visit Sukhothai. And that time was a vacation where the three of us, the parents and children were very happy This year we come back to Sukhothai again. When the rainy season comes to visit

We departed from Bangkok during the time we had to travel off the route as there would be a lot going on during the trip. This trip, we plan to relax in Sukhothai for 4 nights and 5 days because last year was not satisfied. Repeat this round to get to enjoy both the old town and the Sawankhalok district. Two routes. Two emotions that aside from traveling There are also community-based activities that are suitable for Sun Son to learn. And in order not to be too long We would like to split the review into 2 EP.… .Go !!!!

EP.1: Sukhothai old town ... How many times do you fall in love

Really fell in love because the city is cute. The remains of the brick remains are always beautiful, just use the mind to see, it is very charming. We started by driving around the community around the park first.Because I think that Sun Sun probably doesn't want to ride a bike anymore, but where she wants to ride a bicycle in the park as well, this mother has to plan for her new children to organize a new army to complete all the questions that they have requested.

Day 1 Visit the community around Sukhothai Historical Park.


>> Sangkhalok Art

I'd like to say that the old city has arrived. Would like to try to find time to drive around because of what you know Because each community has good things The villagers are very cute. And various communities Around the old town, many communities still have old ways that are very touching. Like the old town district A few kilometers away from the national park, traversing the village in the middle of the rice field.

A small house called "Sangkhalok Art". Here, there are activities to create Sangkhalok for tourists as well as sculpture and drawing. Sun Sun did not go further, asking the mother to take him down to draw the chinaware dish immediately. The owner of the store is a very kind sister. Usually, customers call to make an appointment before entering the workshop. But we broke into a jingle, haha. Fortunately, the shop is open. Inside there is a small shop to show work and sell. Next is the production plant and kiln. We let San Sun choose what to do this time. It turns out that this round played big I want to mold the magic. Confused. So I was shocked that I will survive or not. But it appears that ....... very entertaining

The sister and girlfriend will help each other to produce the product for sale. With both chinaware and glass dishes And Lord Ganesha statues, etc. Also, this is also a source of learning for students free of charge. As for the activity price, tourists will choose what they do. Small or large And choose which delivery method Start at 100 baht onwards Let's see if San Sun molded it as a magic organization.

Before becoming an organization Throw in for over an hour. But it can be considered that the face looks quite good Finished, then have to wait for it to dry and apply the solution according to the steps To go into the kiln and then send it back to us in Bangkok Before returning, the kid asked to draw another Sangkhalak dish. Ah !!! If you love art like this, your mother will fully support it. The dish will be easy. It won't take long to finish. Then wait for the solution and go into the kiln with theakorn ... .. Wait for the work for about two weeks, the shop will send to

Sangkhalok Art shop is located in Mueang Kao Subdistrict, Mueang District, Sukhothai Province. Tel.

Recommend to contact before going into the activity

>> Lung Nun Fun Phra

Yes!! That's right. We're going to take Sunsan to see the Buddha amulet. Hahaha. Don't panic too far. This is another activity that should take children. New generation to see a lot because "The amulet of the teeth" is the art of the old generation. Which is hard to find everywhere in this era Lung Nan restaurant is around. Historical Park.

Going through the community behind the Wat Phraphang Thong temple Ask the people around there to know. To the point of seeing Uncle Nan Retired men who welcome us with a very interesting Sukhothai accent language. Uncle Nan welcomes with a smile, making us know more than Uncle Nan is very kind and children would like it because Uncle Nan tells the story of the history of being a Fun Phra.

Uncle Nan made 50 years ago and try and be wrong. Until the skill passed by and into the eyes of the Sukhothai people together Until the order was made and the wood was brought to Uncle

Regret this activity Children can only watch Because if you do it yourself, then Would definitely not have gotten just a monk Mom then asked Sun Sun to sit and watch, sit and ask, and filled my knowledge from Uncle Nun. Seems to really like Uncle Nan as he actually thought. Because talking and laughing about the knowledge that Uncle Nan told from the young days.

And if any family likes to take children Traveling to do activities like ours, Mae Dao has a good VOUCHER to tell. Just stay at the participating hotels and you can receive VOUCHER. Old city community activities to do activities together. Whichever one you like, that one is guaranteed to be fun for all activities.

Listening to the fun until it's time to continue traveling. We said goodbye to Uncle Nan and thanked for the good knowledge again, but before continuing our journey Noon then Better find something to put on the stomach.

The deliciousness in this trip We talked about eating only Sukhothai noodles. Because it is a favorite food in the whole house since last year trip Enter the shop, but the local singer Taste it for you. Which restaurant is the best The first store of this trip

Beside Seven opposite the Golden Temple This Sukhothai restaurant is very spicy. Soup is very tasty Good and intense Tom Yam. Followed by fried basil fried rice with minced pork Please say that it is a real basil. That has no other vegetables Mixed to lose flavor Super spicy, hot pepper In fact, the store also has red pork rice, crispy pork rice, duck noodles, etc., but this house is the same but the two menus are Classified as cheap and get a very pleasing price


>> Aen Guy Boutique Hotel

I said first that I would like a short review because this hotel will ask to separate the full review. Again, because it's very pretty For the first time in many years Who found the accommodation and didn't want to go anywhere at all Do you know why Because this is the answer to the preference of our house perfectly. Small, quiet, clean, design, inexpensive and with a swimming pool !!!

We met Poh and Pae. The owner who is hospitable and enchanting in the heart of Sukhothai has a lovely place like this. Is the zone in which the old house was renovated And the newly created rear zone in style Minitel and some renovations of the area make it a perfect accommodation. Each room here is uniquely decorated. There is nothing like washing the room because the owner wants every room to be decorated out uniquely.

DAY 2 Put the bowl ,oldmarket,ride bikecicle

>> Put the alms bowl on the Tra Phang Thong Temple

Today woke up early in the morning. Because I intend to put together a bowl of food at Wat Traang Thong It is a morning activity that anyone visiting Sukhothai must have to put together a bowl. Because the morning atmosphere is very good And the wooden bridge with the pagoda and the temple as the highlight background, making it very lively every morning to the Bun Bridge. Suggesting that you come and bring your children together.

already finished Then came to the morning market, the golden temple temple Is a small market Folk atmosphere There are a few small things to eat, such as sticky rice, Kanom Krok, porridge, noodle, and coffee. The atmosphere of the old city.

Before cycling Warp back to the hotel first Eat a delicious breakfast and a little bit of aromatic coffee. Let the children play first. Is the main activity of this trip Set a goal to play every day until the day back, hahaha

After leaving the hotel, take Sunsan to drive around the old city. Slight life style The most liked is that the pork stall car Really classic. Who lives in Sukhothai and will visit the old town. Then can use the pig pen service to sit and get the wind chill Can travel Take only one time.

>> Bike to visit Historical Park + See light and sound events

Plan Today, we will be together at the Historical Park. Until evening Because this Saturday-Sunday There is a small light and sound show which the Sukhothai province together with TAT Sukhothai held a show plan every month. Which will be left in September, the last month of this year Mother Dao saw immediately, so put on the plan instantly. Because it doesn't cost an entrance fee, haha. And Sun San would like.

Before the time to watch the show We arrived at the historical park. In the afternoon The weather is fine. Do some exercise And there is also a small market as well. After blending, I come to find something to eat before going to Wat Sra Sri to see the performance at 7 pm

This time I rented a different bicycle as usual. Sun Sun is spinning. Will go so extensively As for the mother, she hurried to follow with a gentle panting sound. The entrance fee is only for adults. Free child.

In addition to bicycles, there are also tram trains to choose from. But our country likes to ride a lot more than There is nothing different from the previous times, but happiness during spinning trips also makes us enjoy the whole family as always.

>> Mini Light and Sound Show on Sukhothai

And then came to the waiting period The sun started to fall. People began to come to Wat Sra Sri. To wait to watch the show And because of the long holiday The atmosphere is very warm, both Thai and foreigners.

Wat Sra Sri is a temple located to the northwest of Wat Mahathat. This ancient place is very beautiful. Because it is located in the middle of the largest pool called the Trout. Bell shaped pagoda Cathedral and water church.

The location is perfect for the performance of this show and I would say that the name says Mini but everything is not mini. Amazingly decorated. Sunny, no blink of an eye Because he will tell since the birth of the Sukhothai period and the history that is interesting and very easy to understand Both light and sound works well. The children who came to see each other were so excited.

The show time is about 45 minutes. But as soon as the scene ends, I want to see more. Sunny is not full yet. Therefore said that during the Loi Krathong event will be brought again Because it is the burning of candles to play the world class fire, so everyone must come to see the event and the light and sound are more full than today.

For mini light and sound about Sukhothai The remaining time for the show is 2 times. That is September. Match Saturday 7 and 21, if anyone wants to take their children And families come to rest during the rainy season like this, our house is recommended to try to come to Sukhothai. Small province, easy to travel, charming, accommodation to eat delicious local food. And the cost of living is not expensive.

Ah .... I would like to cut EP.1 only as much as before. Otherwise it will be too long. Because we still have two days left to travel in EP.2. It's better than reading it. Because our house will take you to Sawankhalok The most chic district of Sukhothai There are many interesting things. See you at Sawankhalok. ^^