Hi everyone!

Lattae Pun Yen Yen just have got a chance to go to a very nice hotel, if you want to know where it is, let's go and have this trip begun!

I have always dreamed to come here since it was as Alila hotel and finally my dream comes true I am going to Alila hotel which is now called Hotel de la paix.

I was very impressed and amazed in the design of X2 Kuiburi when I was there. And I have been in love with this famous architect, Khun Duangrit Bunnag who has designed the hotel since then.

One main reason why I want to come here is that this hotel has similar design to X2 Kuiburi by using stones in decoration, it is very unique and interesting.

Let's have a look through my lens how beautiful it is! >_<

Start the trip with this photo, a popular spot for taking photo - Chill pool on a beautiful day.

And finally we have arrived! Hotel De La Paix is located in Cha Am and about 10 kilometers from Phetkasem Road.

Wow! What a lobby! The lobby is huge with marble staircase leading to the lobby.

An enormous swimming pool in black color tiles.

Welcome drink (Roselle, I guess) and cold towels are served while waiting to be checked in, very refreshing.

Done checking in, let's go to the room!

Well-designed stone wall.

We stay in Horizon Studio in Building number 4, easily approached by walking down from the lobby and that's it.

421 is our room number on the second floor.

There are 4 guestrooms on each floor and the room is about 60 square meters, pretty big.

The room is with skim-coated wall and floor.

The main lighting control of the room are at the headboard and the entrance.

The swimming pool can be viewed from the balcony.

And this is how each part of the room looks like.

This green plant contrasts very well with the skim-coated wall, very nice arrangement.

The music playlist is including Jazz and Bossa, very relaxing and going well with the ambiance.

Welcome fruits.

In-room dining menu is placed on the working desk so if you are lazy to go out, you can order some food and have them served directly to the room.

There are closet, complementary mini-bar (everything is complementary including soft drink, beer, and snacks), toiletries, etc inside the bathroom. However, there is no hose spray.

The water tap is behind the mirror so it is like the water is coming out of the mirror, very well-designed.

The bathtub with the highest rain shower I have ever seen so it feels like being under the rain for real while taking a shower.

The sea salt scrub is also provided.

There is a shelf in the wall by the tub with very beautiful lighting.

The bathroom is see-through with no curtain so you might not feel comfortable if you come with friend. And guess what, I am with my friends ^^

The bathroom is as huge as the bedroom, very nice.

Let's take a walk around the resort and let's have a look at the Chill Pool first!

The pool is not too deep which is good.

Towels are well-prepared on the daybeds.

Lifebuoy in case of the emergency.

This is for only two of us, very romantic. ^^

There is a spa on the other end of the pool.

And if you walk a little further, there will be a restaurant and Active pool - a swimming pool in black color tiles with the sea view.

Very well-matched color of the green daybeds, orange pillows, and black pool.

Daybeds on the beach, there is a rope dedicating to be careful because of strong waves, should avoid swimming.

There is a sign to where you are able to swim in the sea.

Spectacular view of the sea and the infinity sky.

Beach Bar.

Daily Weather Forecast notice board.

This is The Cloud Loft on the 2nd floor of The Motion restaurant, unfortunately it is closed today.

Simple wooden furniture but very beautiful.

The staff start to prepare the tables for dinner at The Motion restaurant.

Good combination between the wooden floor and the stone wall.

Spa Indochine nearby Chill Pool.

The Chill Pool can be viewed from the Spa Reception area through the glass wall.

You can also view the Red Bar on the other side of the pool from here.

Thai Herbs.

A variety of Aroma sprays.

It is getting dark now, let's go and shoot some photos at the lobby!

Spacious lobby with huge comfortable sofas.

The lighting along the corridor through the stone walls is so nice.

The resort works very well on the lighting, look at this Chill Pool at night!

The Red bar.

The Red Bar is designed in red and black color tone, just like its name.

You can pick any corner according to your preference.

This kind of lighting is so good for chilling and drinking.

Another good spot with Chill Pool view.

The Motion restaurant with the Cloud Loft on the upper floor.

Look at this neon light staircase to the Cloud Loft, very beautiful.

There is a fitness center and a small book shelf behind the Red Bar.

ps. I am sorry that this photo is too blur.

Drinking water and towels are provided.

A small business center with computers and printer is in front of the fitness center, they are all complementary.

Moreover, there is a complementary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

Let me wish you a good night from Hotel De La Paix Cha-Am Hua Hin with this photo, Good night!

Good Morning, Cha-Am! Let's start the day with attending the yoga class by the beach from 08.00 AM to 09.00 AM at Active POOL.

Oh! I sweat a lot. I don't exercise much normally haha...

I am so ready for the breakfast now, so tired from the yoga class.

We have our breakfast at The Motion restaurant. You can either eat indoor or outdoor and we pick to eat outdoor at this table. It is not that hot yet and the sea breeze is very refreshing.

There will be only the photos of the things that we eat.


I like the ceramic dining ware very much, they are very-well designed.

Smoke salmon.

Congee, and I am not sure what is the other one. It is like Baked Spinach With Cheese.

There are many kinds of Chinese Steamed Dumpling.

Salad with a variety of dressings.

Toast with Butter & Jam, huge fresh butter "I love it". ^^

There is a huge dessert buffet line and we three are on diet somehow so these are all desserts that we have Lol.

Some fresh fruits.

And my favorite Cold latte.

Hot Milk Tea.

Please be noted that all drinks can be ordered from the staff.

Done with the breakfast and it is time to go back home.

I like the design of this part of the resort very much, this can be seen before walking up to the lobby.

In summary, I would rate this stay at Hotel De La Paix Cha-Am Hua Hin 9.5 out of 10.

Great points

- Spacious bedroom and bathroom

- Very comfortable bedding

- Apple TV with a very nice music playlist with the sound controls both in the bedroom and bathroom.

- Mini-bar with everything complementary

- Very friendly and helpful staff, very impressive!

- One of the best Breakfast buffet lines I have ever had. It is a 6-star hotel standard (one said)

- Yoga class in the morning

Things to be improved

- There is no hose spray in the toilet and the bathroom is see-through

- The street into the resort is pretty dark at night

And it's time to say goodbye so I would like to end this review with this photo of the Chill Pool and me.



 Friday, April 17, 2015 9:20 AM