This very own review includes the beauty of 3 paradises up in the mountain together.

We are going to Chiang Rai, the city of flowers, the sea of mist, and the mountain range in the most Northern part of Thailand.

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Last time I was here in Chiang Rai, I was wondered when would be my next time to be able to see these all beauties again.

I have been here many times to experience this dreaming photograph in real.

However, it seems to be difficult to be close to what I have imagined.

My trip this time gets started at Boon Rawd Farm (Singha Park).

Boon Rawd Farm is a-must visit place when you are in Chiang Rai.

The atmosphere here in the late afternoon is very nice filled with happiness of people from different places.

The flowers and the cold wind make this place very romantic as well.

This is another time that I am standing at the same spot witnessing the familiar beautiful surroundings.

The only difference would be there are colorful balloons floating in the sky on the background.

This time of the year, Boon Rawd Farm hosts an event called Farm Festival on the Hill. This is the 4th time already.

There is a concert at night in the middle of the cold weather.

You will feel relax with the variety of colorful flowers here.

There is no doubt why this place is crowded especially during this time of the day.

Some people enjoy riding bicycle while some others enjoy chilling on the grass field.

And there are those who come here to take photos creating the favorable memory like me.

The beauty is everywhere.

You just need to open your eyes and open your mind.

Apart from gaining the happiness through the beauty of the flowers,

The happiness can also be easily gained through the genuine smile, the sincere laugh, and the happiness from the people around you.

If you walk further inside the farm, you will see the tea plantation where is surrounded by the colorful Cosmos flowers. This can be seen during the winter time.

There is a little pathway where you can go and experience the beauty of Cosmos flowers closely.

It is very pretty and looks different from what I saw last time.

Cosmos flowers are planted on a small hill which allow you to see another angle of beauty and view.

It is very pretty.

It is even more beautiful during this golden hour.

However, the photo won't be able to offer you the true beauty. You need to experience this yourself.

From Boon Rawd Farm, I drive in the direction to Thoeng District to go up to Phu Chee Fa.

This is the map of our entire trip starting from Phu Chee Fa to Phu Chee Dao and end the trip at Phu Long Thang (Phaya Pipak Forest Park).

We start to walk up the peak of Phu Chee Fa around 5 AM.

Today is very windy and freezing cold. It is also completely dark.

There are numbers of tourists start to walk up there as well.

I am a bit worried now.

I am worried that the strong wind will blow all the sea of mist away.

And I don't want that to happen again like last time.

However, my worry has turned into the happiness,

When I see the first light of the day and everything become clear.

The white grey sea of mist is laid steady down below.

It is totally magical.

Most of the tourists are at the top peak.

For me, I rather stay here at this very corner where "Phu Chee Fa" can be seen entirely.

One of my friends keep asking me why do I like to come here again and again.

Even though this is my 4th time here, I feel like there must be something best that can be seen here.

I have never seen the sea of mist nor the most beautiful light as same as today before.

And if that one of my friends asks me once again, will I want to be back here after experiencing what I am looking for?

My answer is "Yes, I always want to be back here."

Because I love it here so much.

Phu Chee Fa starts to welcome more and more tourists marking the beginning of the tourist season.

I would say there is pretty a lot of tourists up here today. It is quite crowded and can be dangerous.

I am very happy.

I am very happy seeing people with a big smile on their face with a happy heart all around me.

There are a lot of changes compared to my previous visit.

The accommodation here become more expensive. There are more souvenir shops.

But the charm of this place remains the same.

Although it is very cold now, I feel very warm. I feel like I am hugged by the happiness and it keeps me warm.

I guess this kind of feeling has spread throughout all the tourists.

I have been walking up and down for number of times to take down the memorable moment as much as possible into photos.

And if I have to vote for the most natural photo, it has to be this one.

The one that people express themselves naturally.

Even though this season is known as the season that offers the most beautiful scenery,

I feel like other seasons offer the most beautiful view as well but in different way.

I have been up here in every single season.

There was no sea of mist in summer.

The weather was cold even in summer and the sky was clear.

There was the sea of mist in the rainy season but it came with the fog. It was very foggy and I hardly saw anything.

But it was another beautiful experience.

We have been up here for 3 hours.

It has been a very fast-3 hour.

We take the same pathway down the mountain which is about 700-meter long.

Tourists start to walk down while some others are walking up.

There are a few groups of local tribe children singing to earn some money along the way.

I am very proud of them working hard to earn money since they are young.

It is time to say goodbye to Phu Chee Fa, a place where its attractiveness remained the same although the time goes by.

That's why it is always a top tourist destination for years.

From Phu Chee Fa for another 10 kilometers, there is Phu Chee Dao where we are heading next.

The entire road is on the mountain slope. And you are still able to see Mexican Sunflowers during this time of the year from time to time along the way.

Mexican Sunflowers are still in bloom even it is at the end of November already.

There is really a lot of them so I can't help but stop the car and take some photos.

Baan Rom Poh Ngern Village is our next destination where we need to park our car before taking the four-wheel drive to Phu Chee Dao. There is a four-wheel drive service operated by the locals who know the road very well to drive you up there.

I highly recommend you to take this four-wheel drive to go up there because the road is very steep and slippery.

The road to go up to Phu Chee Dao is through the abundant forest. It is about 3-kilometer long. From there you need to walk for another 400 meters up to the viewpoint of Phu Chee Dao. You should be well-prepared with some drinking water, comfortable shoes, and healthy body.

Even though it is already 8 AM, there is still the sea of mist for you to see from Phu Chee Dao.

This border marker indicating that where we are standing is in Thailand and where the sea of mist is, is in Laos.

You can see beautiful mountain range with the white sea of mist in between.

It is amazing as same as Phu Chee Fa.

Phu Chee Dao is a new tourist attraction in Chiang Rai where all people are keeping an eye on right now.

To get up here is not easy but the view you get and the sea of mist you can see are totally worth it.

Your tiredness will be gone once standing right here.

The sea of mist we see from here is the same one we saw from Phu Chee Fa.

That's why these two spots are not far from each other.

The sun is up and the sunlight is laid on the sea of mist beautifully.

Although the sunlight is pretty strong, we still feel the cold up here.

The sea of mist as well, it doesn't seem to be going away soon.

Some angles will get you an amazing scenery.

We don't even need to go somewhere out of the country to see something like this.

From here, you can walk up to the top peak of Phu Chee Dao.

It is a very small pathway to walk up where a high level of carefulness is required.

There is a low-rise bamboo fence along the way but it is not that durable. Once you reach the peak, you will find another border marker.

And you will also find that you are surrounded by the happiness in all 360 degree.

To the left.

To the right.

To the down below.

I am very sure that to see all these scenery through the lens is not as good as to see it with your own eyes.

And I am very sure that if we talk about how beautiful this place is, it will be second to none.

It is time to go back down to where we have parked the car.

There are a few houses here and there is one small local noodle restaurant here.

This auntie is busy with setting up the fire for her noodle soup.

The locals here are Thai-Chinese. They don't speak Thai fluently.

I sneak in to see the television and have found that it is also a Chinese TV program.

We have got a chance to eat the noodle. The noodle is very simple but it is very delicious.

From Phu Chee Dao, we drive for another 30 kilometers roughly to Phu Long Thang.

Phu Long Thang is in Khun Tan District, Chiang Rai Province. The road to get there is on the mountain ridge.

This route remind me of the sky way road in Nan all of a sudden.

Even though the road is well-developed, it is pretty steep. Please be extra careful when driving.

Some part of this route is totally spectacular.

“Phu Long Thang, Dragon Pond, and a Historic Town", the huge archway welcomes you to the town.

In the past, this place held a long fight between Thai Government and the Communist party.

The fight ended when King Rama IX visitting the town on 27th February in 1982.

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has left his footprint at the Operations Base of Phaya Pipak.

The Communist party then showed their respect by raising National Thai flag up at all of their bases and handing over all weapons.

The Communist party agreed to all conditions and are willing to develop Thailand together.

“Dragon Pond", arises naturally. The local tribe believes that it is a place where the dragon lives.

It is highly-respected by locals.

“Doi Phaya Pipak", is an important historical place as a battlefield in the past.

It has been named as a Phaya Pipak Forest Park. There are the pavillion where the footprint of King Rama IX is situated and the historical museum where old photographs of historical events are kept including the time that the present King Rama IX visited the town on February 27th, 1982.

This kind of amazing scenery can be seen throughout the area.

Lastly, I would like to thank to the Tourism Authority of Thailand Chiang Rai Office, Nok Air, AVIS Rent a Car System, and all of you who have traveled with me today through this travel book. I will see you all again next time. Sawasdee Krub!

Here is another travel book of mine, Muang Mahakarn LIFE FOR TRAVEL


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