When my nephew went to the Siam Society library to do the report. So I have to be a driver to them. Siam Association is located at Asoke intersection. It's not far from home. When my nephew do report I went around the area.

They provide wedding services.

Woodwork and decoration of Siam Association

Have a big cart Decorated in the middle of the lawn.

IT is very beautiful.

Garuda branded

Entrance to Chalerm Phrakitat Bullding

The interior is decorated with wood. And carved stone work.

Small room on the left Bookstore And photos of Siam Society

Stone carving

Walk next to the right. The ornamental plant on the lid.

The library is on the second floor.

Engraved carvings on side.

The chair is decorated with wood carving and mirror.

It is a Burmese art.

Walk to the left is a library of Siam Society.

After the introduction of the children to go to the data. We went around the library.

One side of the library is placed on the table at the edge of the room.

The right side is the cabinet from Princess Pecharat donation.


Interesting books And rare books.

They was the management this is library.

Children are going to see the work on the second floor.

Wall decoration

Various wood carvings


Librarians (yellow shirts) provide lectures on library information and exhibits.

Bai Lan book.

Wrapping And storage

Picture of Buddhist History

Parts from time

The second floor will hold a reference book. And rare books.

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