Festival of travelling....

Long holiday for New Year... I think that Singapore would be the place great to spend the time for long holiday.

I have seen many reviews about Singapore already so I will not put too much details on this review but I will tell you where have I been, what did I do and anything that was quite interesting :D

Beginning of the journey...

It was my second time to travel to Singapore. I did not want my private trip to be bored and I would like to do something different from last time. May be hiking would be great...

The end of the year and the journey begins

I flew to Singapore on 31 December 2015 without any plan in head. Once I arrived to the airport, I took the bus to the hotel.


I stayed at Ark hostel in Geylang which can be walked from MRT Kallang. I decide to stay in the hostel because it is quite cheap. Staying in the hostel likes staying in a dorm, meet new friends who were travelling like us.

Transportation in Singapore

Singapore is a developed country with well managed transportation. You can go wherever you want on this island by MRT.

(Inside MRT station)

(Inside MRT)

If you come to Singapore, I would suggest you to have EZ-link card because you can use it with MRT, bus or even buy something in a shop. For more information go to this website: http://www.ezlink.com.sg/

Say good bye to 2015 and countdown to 2016

I planed to go to countdown at Marina Bay Sands. Unluckily, it was raining and there were so many people. So I decided to go back to my room hahaha. While on the bus, I got the idea of travelling around Singapore by bus. You could find more information from http://www.sbstransit.com.sg/ and http://www.transitlink.com.sg/

First day of the year

One thing that you will not have in the hostel is privacy because it like a dorm which many people stay in one room. Sometimes we might have a roommate who does not care about the other. Otherwise stay in the hotel might be better. (Last night I could not sleep because some of my roommates who had a party over night they were talking until 2-3 o'clock in the morning with the light on).

MacRitchie Reservoir Park

My intention was to go to MacRitchie Reservoir Park...just would like to see what were there???

(On the bus no. 165)

(Such a nice weather today)

I thought that I might get lost but actually I came to the right direction. I just had to continue walking for 500 meters.


(Really clear water....)

Hiking road around the reservoir is about 11 KM. (Here was at 2.5 KM.)

(The weather was not hot but raining!!! -_-)

...Many monkeys came to welcome us at Treetop walk (5 KM.)

Treetop walk is a bridge in the forest with 250 meter long. Even the person who is afraid of height also have to walk pass this bridge.

We could see the reservoir from here...this beautiful view made me feel better....

I spent time here from 8.30 am. to 1.00 pm., so if you would like to come here you need to have more time and prepare umbrella or rain cloth with you.

Riding on the bus...

From MacRitchie Reservoir Park, I could not think about anything, I just took any bus that came first.

There is buses information at the bus station such as bus number and station that they go.

(The board behind me is the buses information. In some station has LED to tell you how the next bus is coming and which number.)

China town

Riding the bus to China Town, I walked around and prayed to Buddha for my lucky year.

All colorful buildings...

Garden by the bay

From China town, I kept walking and arrived to Garden bay the bay

View from around the garden ^^

Marina Barrage

Nice view, great weather....such a lovely atmosphere

Marina bay sands

Walking around all day... I did not know how could I do it

Merlion Park


Melon ice-cream of Esplanade was really delicious

Helix Bridge

The DNA Helix Bridge was really awesome. It was a connecting bridge between Marina Center and Marina South at Marina Bay with 280 meters long (I would suggestion you to come in the evening because it is really hot in the afternoon!!)

The second day ... (of the year)

11.30 am. Oh my GOD I forget to set the alarm...It was already half day passed....

Taking the bus No. 80 to Street Art....

Clarke Quay

The atmosphere around here was quite good for drinking.

Do not forget to bring the lock here when you come with your love one :D

Colorful buildings

Fort Canning Park

The fortification during World War II, it became a nice public garden in front of Somerset.

Chinese Garden & Japanese Garden

There are many beautiful gardens in Singapore but I would like to suggest these gardens which locate on Jurong East

Orchard road

Stopped by this road before went back to the hotel...Awesome place for shopping as there were so many shops

Thank you very much for reading this review until this point :D

See you on the second part of my journey !!


 Friday, January 15, 2016 2:07 PM