Ended for WACOAL BLOOM DANCING CONTEST 2 Cover dance song "SAY BLOOM" from the young girls in the country. Total prize worth over 60,000 baht.

Mr.Thammarat Chokwatana President And Vice President of ICC International Plc. is President of the event. With the dance committee Khu-Au Premjit Umoyokamanee, Khu-Eve Treemeen Charuanpituk Including many famous singers. Become a judge on Saturday, June 30, at Hall 100, BITEC Bangna Exhibition and Convention Center.

We have a team to beat the 10 finalists. Generation 8-11 year olds 5 teams and 12-14 year olds 5 teams.

The finalists are as follows Tĥwy fū, PPMC, Spicy Girls, Plus+Dance and Monkey Boomz team. and 12-14 years old are PTD, Sista Plus, AS Glowsap_Girl, Chic Ka Bloom and Good Dance Good Mind team.

Dancers come out on stage.

Final Judges

Each team comes out on a final dance.

Monkey Boomz


Board Rating

The next team in the year 8-11.

Thay Fu


Spicy Girls

The former champion showed Gen.12-14 year old stage.

First Team of 12-14 years

Good Dance Good Mind.

Sista Plus

AS Glowsap_Girl

Chic Ka Bloom


Waiting for the board to collect points. Have fun with the Mini Concert Wonder Frame.

Interview Board

Show before the results of the contest

The winner of the 8-11 years old is Monkey Boomz.

Gen. 8-11 years old take photo together

Gen 12-14 years old waiting for the Judgment Results

The winner of the 12-14 years old is Good Dance Good Mind.

Winner and Mr.Thamarat Chokwatana take photo together.

Take photo together

Mini Concert BNK48

Wacoal Thailand Executive Photo with BNK48

Wacoal Thailand Executive, Board of Winners Photographed with BNK48

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