[Hong Kong] Reviewing 5 Days 4 Nights, Let's go to Hong Kong together written by Sabai Sabai Japan

During 28 October - 1 November 2014 Hello This Hong Kong trip is my first travelling alone trip and I intend to make a review when I get back but there is some period that I feel so tired and exhausted to pick up my camera, please forgive me for some missing picture.... Before

[Hong Kong] Reviewing 5 Days 4 Nights, Let's go to Hong Kong together

[Hong Kong] Reviewing 5 Days 4 Nights, Let's go to Hong Kong together

During 28 October - 1 November 2014


This Hong Kong trip is my first travelling alone trip and I intend to make a review when I get back but there is some period that I feel so tired and exhausted to pick up my camera, please forgive me for some missing picture....

Before you follow Tarn to a Hong Kong trip, let me summarize the whole expense of 5 days 4 nights trip at Hong Kong ( summarize in an integer number )

- A round trip ticket flight, Hong Kong Airline : 5,900 Baht

- Admission fee (Sky100 480.-,Disneyland 1680.-,Ngong Ping cable car 780.-,one2free sim 360.-) : 3,300 Baht

- Accomodation fee H.K. Taisan Guesthouse (Harilela Branch) 550 HKD/night, totally : 4,600 Baht/person

- Food+transportation (octopus 190 HKD) : 4,550 Baht

Total expense for the whole 5 days travelling in Hong Kong is 18,350 Baht (not include shopping expense)

:: Here we know all the expenses, next let see how I get myself prepare for this trip::

A...Flight Ticket...

I booked the flight in advance since May that makes me don't feel excited anymore hahaha.I accidentally see the promotion of the ticket so I book it through the Hong Kong Airline directly. The price and time are acceptable, I get a night flight which I will arrive there in the morning and ready for travelling, the flight back is departure at 5.00 p.m. I think Hong Kong Airline has regularly arranged the promotional flight with full service. 2-3 months before I decide to go, there is a promotion from Emirate Airline which offers around 6,000 Baht but the departure time may not be pleased. But if I have not booked the ticket with Hong Kong Airline, this would be my alternative choice. Who plan to go for travelling may have to frequently enter the website so you can get up-to-date with the promotion or follow the page that share about travelling information. And, by this way, you don't have to often visit the website.


I search for a ticket after I get it, I read a lot of review and firstly plan to book the Hop Inn but the price at that time is quite high and I finally book H.K. Taisan Guesthouse (Harilela Branch) 550 HKD/night, pay the deposit fee via Paypal 800 HKD (fee 40 HKD) the rest will be paid on the Check-in date.

C...Admission ticket fee...

I buy the ticket from Thailand, don't want to queue up for the ticket like Disneyland, I recommend you to buy it first. I arrive around 10 o'clock, it's crowded with people, a long line of people are queuing up but I have already bought it so I can enter it right away, don't waste any time and feel comfortable. Ngong Ping cable car ticket should have bought first. I arrive at Ngong Ping when it's not open yet but people start to queue up, mostly they are not buying the yet....and for buying a ticket, it depends on your convenient as you like.

Ao..SIM card can buy from Thailand or buy it at the airport there, But I arrive at the airport so early that the store may not be opened yet so I buy it from Thailand.And you should tell the agent about a kind of SIM card, for me Iphone 5s, Nano SIM, they will cut the SIM and make it ready to use which is very convenient that you can change it yourself when you arrive there by press the code that record from the agent and then start using it. I am impressed with Hong Kong internet, it's unlimited and fast. I really recommend it.

I register it for 7 days because there is no 5 days package and the money left in the phone can be used to call back to Thailand too.

D... For those who drive the car...

I have to drive the car, at first I plan to park at the airport but I find this thing which is not expensive, so I immediately pay the bill at http://siamautoparking.com/. It's very cheap, only 150 Baht/day but they don't have many parking lots here. For those who are interested, you have to transfer your money to book it in advance.

Tarn book it one month in advance, it's a dark square garage which the door are secure and all day guarding are provided. There is a round trip transportation service here too, when the car is parked, they will send us to the destination. On the day back, we then make a phone to that person(On Sunday evening) to pick up me, the parking area is very close to the airport. For me, I think this place look okay now. I have a plan to Japan on Songkran Days so I would leave my car there as usually. This would be one of your choice, you can choose whatever supplier or leave your car at the airport, it depends on your convenient.

E... Exchange Hong Kong Dollar...

At first my sister help me make an exchange at Super Rich, I get 4.16 HKD rate but when I reach the airport, I then realize that the money should not be enough and add some point at Value Plus, I get 4.18 HKD rate. I think this rate is better than the rate of the bank. It's very convenient, I recommend this store when people don't have enough money or live in rural area and not convenient to go to a small store.

Oh, and now there is a new service. You can bring your money to the check-in counter. On that day I call the staff to send me the money. But if you want to re-exchange the money back, you still have to go to the counter, not hard because on the day back I also exchange it back too, please follow the picture.

* You can call to reserve the money and follow the process in the picture.

F...Weather and Dress...

You can download app >> MyObservatory to check the weather, you can easily prepare your dress well if you know the weather.

G...Travel by bus...

I recommend you to directly check at this website, it's a very good website http://www.nwstbus.com.hk/home/default.aspx?intLangID=1

H...Travel by MTR...

I recommend you to directly check at this website, it's also a very good website http://www.mtr.com.hk/en/customer/main/index.html. Tarn mostly use this website when arranging the travel program and I don't have to use it when I arrive because information are all prepared.

** Recommendation for people who travelling alone. I would recommend you in dept to read and search for detail, if you don't know or not sure about the detail, you should ask people around and I want you to prepare your information well. The advantage is you don't have to waste your time searching on the internet. It would waste a lot of time during your trip. If you get lost, you should better ask or use the internet to find more information. I make a schedule ready for travelling but I sometime have to change the plan, search for more information when arrive to the place, but anyway I feel that it is very useful when information is ready.

.... The joy of travelling is starting since you plan to travel not when you have already go for travelling, especially when you make a travelling schedule, it's very enjoyable...

*** I search information on the internet and some books, but mostly from Pantip and other websites.

Now when things are readyyyyy, then let's go to HongKong.

28 October 2014

BKK 02:20 – HKG 05:50 HK774

- You can select the seat while booking. I choose 36A 36C buy when it's time to Check-in, the staff say that the seat haven't book yet but never mind I inform the staff to select a window seat for me with a specially upgrade to Emergency seat. The staff say that this seat actually have to pay more but they let me seat for free hahaha, so my seat is 56A 56C ( this flight almost full of Chinese people, rarely see Thai people. I can see only 2 people which is a business class customer and the rest are Chinese tours ( I would like to say that their manner is not quite good, very unimpressed me). The staffs are look so exhausted and also have to fight with Chinese people that they can't stop walking in a chaos situation. I feel pity on them (this flight is a bit delay). Breakfast for morning dawn is a bread with pork stuffed, a seasoning pork. I feel dizzy and luckily bring a smelling salt with me (I recommend you to take it with you, just keep it if you don't use but it will be very useful if you need it) The reason I feel dizzy and vomit all the way is the pilots fly the plane up and down, it moving not to high and low but very dizzy for me so I have a shallow sleep and finally I feel very tired on that morning.

I get off the plane (Terminal 1), follow the Immigration sign, walking through custom and you will arrive to Arrival Hall ( before you reach the exit , you can pick up a map at the tourist information center). Then I change the SIM card, register the package, then use it and but a Octopus Card at AE Counter. I buy 150 HKD and follow the sign to To City. After reach to the end of the way, get on A21 bus to check in H.K. Taisan(Harilela branch) to Tsim Sha Tsui St. (get off at 13 Cameron Road, Nathan Road). But, don't have to worry, a name of the next station is always stated in front of the bus. You can sit chilly and comfortably look at the city's view.

**I want to tell you the story at Hong Kong custom and I nearly can't enter the counter hahaha. There are so many Chinese people. Three Chinese people in front of me is inquired for a long time. When it is my turn, I take longer time than those Chinese people hahaha. At that time I really feel so afraid, the staff ask me that how many day I plan to stay there (ask me twice), what my name and surname is, who do I come with. I go with my husband and at that time my husband is stand next to the custom so they also ask for my husband's passport. At first I have already told them that he is my husband and again they ask me twice that he is a friend or husband. Tarn go to Japan so they might check that my husband also go to Japan as well. The staff opens every page of the passport and ask for booking round flight document from my husband. Actually I also prepare it with me, but they don't ask it from me. They look at it every page and look at our face and passport again. They may think what's next to do with us. That time I feel so terrible because I really do nothing wrong. But in that situation, the feeling of fear should be normal and at last we pass it. I recommend you guys to prepare yourself well in every situation that you may face, fighting.

Next, let's go on to the accommodation H.K. Taisan Guesthouse (Harilela branch) (Harilela mansion 81)

We get off when we see sign no.13 and walk to the same way the bus goes and you will see the intersection in the picture. We cross the street where there is a crossing sign. Turn left and go straight when crossing to the opposite. And, you will clearly see the Emperor sign, Harilela mansion 81 is close to Emperor but you will reach it first. When you arrive, go to the 9th floor. There are 2 new elevators to H.K. Taisan Guesthouse, not people people using it. You can see it in the picture when you arrive, we get there to early before the Check-in time but we have already inform them via e-mail to Mr.Ken that we want to leave our belonging with them and pay the bill to the housemaid.

Now, let's see the accommodation starting from opening the door as posted in the picture. The picture is a small room before entering the room. There is a CCTV camera, sofa and water for services. I fill the water into the bottle and take it with me before going out to travel so that I can save a lot of money.

I get room no.910, see the picture of the room from here. It is a small room size but for me it is enough. I can put the bags under the bedroom, full of facilities, the towel (change everyday), hair dyer, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, normal plug. The housemaid clean the room everyday and the most important thing is they have provided internet inside the room.

Name : Hung Lee

Location :Shop A, 2 Hau Fook Street, tsim sha tsui

Open time : 8:00 - 22:00

Transportation: Tsim Sha Tsui station, Exit B2 ( Thank You information from friend on Pantip website)

I order Preserved egg porridge, chicken and pork liver porridge, deep-fried dough stick, tofu ( This restaurant has menu in Thai language, you can ask for ut)

I like it. The porridge is very soft, preserved egg is delicious, Pork liver is delicious; not too hard, soft, fishy. Another thing is tofu drink, the drink is smooth. But a deep-fried dough stick is a bit hard.

We go shopping after breakfast...there are many restaurants near our accommodation like Sasa, Bonjour, Goodyear (this restaurant not quite famous but lots of menu here too) You can shop as much as you want. Don't have to ask for the code, you just look around and you will really see that there are so many things here. Then we get back to the room to leave our stuffs there, take a nap because we haven't take a deep sleep yet.

... Next, it's time to wait for photo taking of a beautiful sunset, near Harbour city and Avenue of star....

Travelling from H.K. Taisan Guesthouse to Avenue of star, you get off the accommodation, turn to the right, go straight forward to the end of the building way and cross the street, then you will see Avenue of star and Symphony of light viewpoint. If you walk to the right for some distance, Harbour city is over there.

The golden sunset, very beautiful.

I spend a lot of time here. I wait for sunset and Symphony of light.

The lights start to turn on.

The Symphony of light show. I haven't take any picture but record the video instead. I am not sure that I can upload on Youtube or not. I am afraid of the copyright law. And, also record the Disneyland show, both parade and fireworks. I want to know the answer from you guys whether it's okay to upload or not so that you guys can see it, on 29 October 2014.

My first visit is Nan Lian Garden


When arrive to Diamond Hill station, Exit C2, you will see Plaza Hollywood then turn to the right, you will see a sign then follow the sign.

*** I would like to inform you that the Red bridge and Golden Water Pavilion is closed until 31 January 2015 but other areas are opened as usually.

The garden is beautiful, the weather is good, the gentle wind blow.

Near to the place is Chi Lin Nunnery.

Next place is Wong Tai Sin Temple.

Next station is Diamond hill, we take MRT to another station, Wong Tai Sin,Ext B3. Get off the station then turn right and walk up the stairs and you will see a wide square and that is the destination.

Next place is Che kung Temple


Go to Che Kung Temple Station, Exit B. Turn to the left to Subway and turn right at the end of the way. Get off the Subway and go straight for 100 m. then you will reach the tunnel for crossing the road. Get into the tunnel and walk for a while then you will see the temple. For me...I think I feel tired of walking because of the cool temperature and the strong sunlight.

We return back to Tsim Sha Tsui after we visit 3 places and plan to eat dessert and we meet 許留山 Hui Lau Shan. To get here, starting in front of the accommodation, cross the street, turn a bit to your left and you will see a small road on the right hand, go straight then you will see this store. I would say that that small alley is fulled of food selling there so don't be lazy, keep walking hehe.

I recommend it... yummy, should order it, there are many menu to choose. It's really delicious and I love to drink it again, don't miss it hehe. Next place is Sky100.


Going by MTR to Kowloon station, Exit C1/D1,2/F, Metal Zone, Element.

I go there to take a photo of the evening sunlight and stay there until the building's light is turned on ( So pity that Tarn go to the East coast, it's closed because there is an even there) please check whether it's close or not before you go to Sky100.

We are going to have dinner at Temple Street tonight.


Get off from MTR at Jordan, exit A then you will see Jordan street, walk along the way to the right. Not far away you will see the a big pole, the entrance door and that is our destination. Turn to the right is Temple Street. Many foods are selling here, today my husband and I intend to eat Roast pigeon ( I watch it from Tonight TV show but I am not sure whether it is the same store or not).

My husband really impressed with a Roast pigeon, so I let him eat it all alone hahaha. There is a cockroach smell which I don't like but they also provide salt mix up with pepper to eat with it, those things can help reduce the smell but i fell like dipping and eating salt, it's salty hehe. But, if you ask me whether it's delicious or not... I would say that it is delicious but a small problem is that,my husband still ask for that menu again when we come back from the trip, and I am wondering how to find those ingredient for him ...

Then I order more 3 dishes, every dish is yummy, this meal is 800+, so... expensive.

We get back to the room after we are fulled and take a rest to prepare for tomorrow, 30 October 2014, third day.

This morning we go to Ngong Ping, so we have breakfast at Mac at Citygate outlets.


Get off the MTR at Tung Chung Station and you will see the sign to the cable car.

I get there when it's a close time, but start to have people there. The staffs are organized people down there and for just a moment they let people go on escalator and line up. Up to this point, they will separate people who have ticket and people who don't. We bring the ticket to exchange with a cabin car card when the staff open the gate then go to line up and get on the cabin car. The staffs arrange 6 people on my cabin car along the way or maybe because there are many people on the day I go there, but the back round has few people going together, only four people.

Going to the top, the sunlight is strong, a cool breeze but the sunlight is so stronggg.

We walk up to the upstairs then I realize that I am really not strong not, always have to take a rest along the way hahahaha.

Hupp! Just a few steps I will reach there. I not tired yet just stop for photo taking hehe.

The weather outside is very good but don't stand in the middle of the sunlight haha. Just hide at the shadow of the Big Buddha, look at the view, a feel the cool wind blow.

We are still at Ngong Ping but our next destination is Honeymoon Dessert, just find some dessert to eat.

Don't ask the name of it, I can't remember hahahaha, just remember its picture. You should order it, it's really yummy ( Firstly, for me it is so delicious but difference people like difference taste, but anyway you reach there and should try it, it would not hurt you then)

I would like to recommend you this one that I specially like it. The flour covers mango, so soft, ahhhhh I want to eat it again, so tasty.

After we be fulled then it time to say goodbye to Ngong Ping to Citygate for a meal. I go to Foodrepublic in Citygate, the price is not high and delicious. I order rice with boiled chicken, the appearance looks the same as in our country but... it's so soft, really soft and it makes me addicted to it and want to eat it again. But, I haven't take picture of it because ...I am straving haha. After that we hurriedly go to The Peak,I take a Bus 15 to there.

Take MTR to Central station, Exit A. When you get off the station, you will see a escalator, get on it and walk to another side, get down the stairs and walk around to the back of the escalator, turn left and go straight forward, and you will see the bus sign. Waiting at the bus no.15, I sit at the most end of the seat on the top floor. I would say it's so scary. The view is so beautiful when we go up the hill. But, I really afraid and don't dare to look at it, don't dare to take a picture so I don't have a nice picture for you guys. I am so pity.

Ao.. There is a little traffic jam in the evening, I go there late but luckily we still can see the sunset.

When I reach the upper floor,I go to Lugard road and take a photo there, just walk around 20 minutes. The walk way is like in the picture. The photo taking point is so strange, no sign but no tree is concealing there.

Walking along the way, there is a group of people signing their name opposing of building to a resort at this walk way. If the resort is built, the walk way and the photo taking point here will be disappeared. I also sign my name too. That way really has a beautiful view, I don't want this way to be destroyed, The Peak, the point that I take a picture.

Building start to turn on the light but it's so foggy, cold. I recommend you to wear a bit thick cloth.

I want to say that the view is very beautiful, I really like this place.

I firstly want to use Tram to go back but... there are so many people, so we take a bus again. This time I sit down floor, I won't sit on the upper floor anymore, I am afraid of it hahaha. We then go to Temple Street again to find some delicious food to eat after we get back from The Peak. Today I change the store, cheap price and delicious too.

And this restaurant I firstly intend to eat at it because many people have made a review of this restaurant that the food is delicious and full with people. It should be very tasty, but... I feel full, very full and can't eat anymore.

We go back to the room to go to sleep and tomorrow I will go to Disneyland, turning myself to a child again on 31/10/2014.

Today we will go to Disneyland together...

(We fill up water in the bottle and bring it together with us which I can save a lot of money. There is a police examine your bag before entering the area, don't take too many thing with you because things that are not allowed to take in there will be thrown away in the bin right away. I think those things are food)

We have porridge at Hung Lee for breakfast after we have already eaten it on the first day.

I recommend this one, you should eat it, so delicious.

It is so easy to get there, just get on MTR to Disneyland Resort and enter it right away. I have already bought the ticket, so I don't have to queue up in a long line (I recommend you to buy it from Thailand).

Don't forget to pick up the Park Map and brochure, showing the showtime after you pass through the entrance gate. I go to the left and the map is place there at the counter. Don't forget to pick up.

The evening light at Disneyland is so beautiful. The sunset behind the palace, it's really beautiful.

Disney Paint the Night Parade and Disney in the Stars Fireworks, very nice and impressed.

It is time to go back now, Bye bye Disneyland, a land of happiness.

This is a food we eat on 31 October 2014

Food at Disneyland, I eat there only lunch meal, this set (rice and water) is more than 100 HKD, so expensive which is around 500 Baht.

It's about 11.00 PM. after we go out of Disneyland. At first we plan to go Temple Street but it's around 12.00 pm. so we go back and find something to eat near the accommodation instead.

This restaurant has no English name. If you get off Tsim Sha Tsui station, Exit C2, and walk to the intersection and cross street to the other side( the side we get on the bus from airport). After crossing then turn left and you will find a small street, turn right and go straight forward then cross a small street to the other side. Walk pass MTR and you will see the restaurant is located there. There is only one restaurant there. Actually you can get off MTR there, just walk a little bit then you reach there, but ... I forget the exit no. (who go there, please come and tell the exit no.)

I reach there in the at 12.00 pm., the place is crowded with people. It seem like it opens 24 hours. The price is not expensive and delicious, so this would be the choice if you are hungry during the middle of the night.

Don't think that we haven't lost our way or confused. After getting off the bus at Tsim Sha Tsui to our accommodation, I would say that we are so confused and the detail about the accommodation that we have prepared and take it with us is too old. Some details has changed and make us confused, plus it's the first time we go travelling abroad too.

Luckily we meet with uncle in this picture, he assists us to find the accommodation at the intersection. It's very close to the accommodation but since we are new traveler, we don't know what to do. This uncle comes to help us and ask where do we want to go, I write the name of the accommodation and let him see the address, he also don't know that place. So, he asks for the phone number and contact the accommodation. After the talk, he then lead us to the place and describe the way and recommend the place to visit and way to go there. * He says the road has a number sign, we need to look at the number of the road and there are an arrows show the left and right position. He really give us a good advice with one pen.

.. In the picture, he is writing a traveling place and the way to get there ..

I feel very impressed and really have to say Thank You to him.

The way folding a bank note into a small piece using for rubbing a Chai Seng god to get money in return.

Last day now... 1 November 2014

Today we go to Repulse Bay

The flight is 17.00 pm. so today we wake up early and hurriedly go to Repulse Bay. We get there at 7.00 am. so early and no traffic jam.

Transportation ( The same place where the bus no.15 stops, going to The Peak)

Get on MTR to Central station, Exit A and go to exchange square. Go outside, you will see an escalator, go up the escalator and go to another side, go down the escalator, walk round the escalator, turn left and go straight you will see the bus sign. You can get on 6 6A 6X 260 ( the bus 260 drive faster than others because it stops at a few station) but if you go there in the morning, any bus is not matter, fast, no traffic jam but if you go there a bit late or evening, you should manage your time well. Repulse Bay, you have to get off the bus at Repulse Bay Beach, look at the light running in front of the bus. Press the bell when you see the word next station Repulse Bay Beach. Then crossing the street after get off the bus and walk down to the Repulse Bay. Turn left at the end of way, go straight till the end of the bay, then you will reach Kwun Yam Temple( Kuam Aim Temple).

Kwun Yam Goddess

In front of Kuan Yam Goddess is a Thai spell for praying worship also.

Worship method, stand in the circle ( in front of Kwun Yam Goddess ) , look at her face and pray for what you want.

** In front of Kwun Yam Statue is a Chai Seng God ( a black god), pray and rub the bank note that we fold at the god, rubbing from head to toe and hold it into your pocket. It is the believe that money will flow into your bag ( sorry that I didn't take a photo)

Thup Thim God

A long live bridge

People believe that walking over this bridge can extend 3 years of your life span but don't walk backward because it will shorten 3 years of your life span.

After get down the bridge, you will see an old god holding a big red book on his hand, he is a mate matching god. Couples can pray to love longer. For single people, rub you hand on the black stone which is called Lover seeker stone, according to the believe that people will find out their lover after rubbing on it. Wish you guys get a match mate..( I didn't take a picture of the Mate Match god )

Three sheep, a representative of Prosperity and Success.

We go back after finish worship, going back the way we walk to this place. Get on bus which is at the opposite site to the way we get there. Get on any bus no.(6 6A 6X 260) but if you are in hurried, I recommend you to get on 260 *, not many cars on the street in the morning. I think in the afternoon, late afternoon or evening the street is traffic jam. So manage the time well. If you go to Repulse Bay on the day we are going to fly back, I recommend you to go there early morning to defend traffic jam and miss the flight. And we find something to eat when going back from temple to the recommendation.

We go to Yuen Kee Restaurant

Transportation. I recommend you to search on google map and write the code that you are, the code will show this restaurant on the google map.

** This restaurant I walk to the alley opposite to the accommodation that I have mentioned that there are so many food but you have to walk for a while because the restaurant doesn't locate nearly but locate on the same area but I can't remember the way walking into the alley haha.

Then we go shopping after we are full

I go to buy some snack near that alley, go into the alley and walk forward. The store is on the right habd. There are Egg Tart, bread ( similar to Yamazaki) which I plan to eat it before get on the plane.

Bread and Egg tart is delicious, tasty. Actually I see this store since the first day I am here but it is closed. Many people enter this store and the price is not high.

Then we Check Out ( around afternoon ) and going back

Take Bus A21 in front of the accommodation, very near and convenient. I get on the bus around 12.00 pm., the traffic jam which I takes a lot of time on the street.

** I recommend you guys save time for traffic jam, otherwise you might miss the flight. There are 2 people running hurriedly after getting off the bus. I hope that they can catch the flight.

We take Octopus card that we buy on the first day to return to the AE Counter at the down floor when we reach there. Then it's time to Check-in, loading luggage, eat snack and coffee before enter the custom ** There is a story at the custom again. I think that I would not go back home because when I hand in my passport. The staff looks at it and my face so many times that I have to take off my glasses. His eyes express a feeling of suspension and ask me my name. Passes for a moment, then he let me pass through it. So I am wondering about my passport now. We are heading back home now. Bye Bye Hong Kong.

I sit in a normal seat this time and request for a seat near window. ( I prefer a normal seat than Emergency Seat, but don't know why)

From the picture, you can see that the gap between my knee and the front seat is wide enough, Ao...I am 155 cm. tall, the seat is quite comfortable hehe.

The air hostess serve the food immediately when the plane take off. There are 2 foods to choose for this flight which are beef and chicken. Beef is cooked with rice but chicken is cooked with spaghetti. The drinks is sparkling water, juice and the air hostess also serves a tea and coffee too, Ao..Air hostess will immediately serve the wet tissue, 1 pc/person.,both single and returning flight.

On the way back, pilots navigate the plane well but during the plane going to landing down, I am not sure that they can't landing or not. They make an announcement in a low volume and people are talking so I can't clearly hear it. The plane fly around Suvarnabhumi airport so many times. But, finally the plane can land down safely.

We take the luggage after that take a money that we have left to exchange at Value Plus and call siamautoparking to pick us up. Just a moment then he arrive, so quickly. Then we drive the car to pick up the dog and drive back home.

We arrive home safely

This trip is end with a Happy ending... we have a lot of fun and joy.

People who plan to go for traveling, no matter where you want to go, just find a place that you can travel pleasurably. Prepare the detail, make yourself ready and go for it.

Don't forget to buy an insurance, buy it from your own interest.

This time I buy from Cigna, didn't use it but if there is something occur I would be so stress

The insurance that cover everything is not that expensive, my husband and I buy the insurance for only 400 baht, estimate 200 Baht/ person, very cheap....

You should buy it for your own comfortably.

Here is a contact detail, come to talk, recommend or inquiry with us.

Facebook > Travel-lism : https://www.facebook.com/2happyjourney