@Zleep Hotel Pattaya Naklua

After I checked out, the hotel was nearing lunch time. So I went to find something to eat at the Lanpho Naklue market. The hotel is only 5 minutes drive from the hotel. Then we may stop buying souvenirs.

At the market, there are old roast duck bistro. It name is Meng Gee roast duck. Inside the old and new blended furnishings shop. The image of Rama 9 is very much decorated.

Do not use the foam box.

Photos menu food made easy to Thai people and foreigner

We ordered the roast duck rice. Roasted duck dry noodle

This duck's grill noodles look good. There will be no vegetables.
(Order not vegetables)

Duck look succulent and Skin of duck look crispy

Roasted duck is good taste. The Duck is succulent and Skin of duck is crispy. Taste sweet and salty. The noodle is sticky and soft, small when you eat together is very good taste.

The roast duck rice.

Taste and taste touch of the roast duck like a roast duck dry noodle. But enough to eat with rice is very delicious not lost a noodle. And eat with Cantonese vegetables, too it is very good taste.

The special roast duck dry noodle price 90 baht (ordinary 75 baht) and roast duck rice 75 baht.

If you come here should be eat. But now I have to buy something in the market.

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 Friday, July 13, 2018 8:12 PM