Hello, I am exhausted since the beginning of the year. This is really my 2015 year-end trip and it is the toughest trip of the year because of the 30 kilometres of walking, trekking, hiking and climbing. My knees and body almost break apart.

Starting from Khun Chae National Park, Wiang Pa Pao District in Chiang Rai, we are totally 21 people and 4 staffs. If you are a fan of trekking, you may familiar with the name of Komrat who is actually the leader of this trip.

Before wading into the forest, I was told that today is not a lot of walking since it is the first day after overnight coach trip and that we might be too tired to do so.

Therefore, we slowly head to Doi Mod. (I confess that I did not find any information about Doi Mod because my only aim is at Doi Langka Luang).

I am fine with Doi Mod for the first day so that I can warm up my body with easy and chill walk.

We pack only necessary stuffs to our backpacks and weight other stuffs for staffs to carry.

Start walking around 10.30hrs. Firstly, we walk through a village and coffee plantation. The residents and neighborhood children greet us nicely by motion to wish us good luck.

After chilling for about half an hour through coffee plantations, we have to walk up the hill with a steep route of 3.7 kilometers without any flat way.

I have to forget about taking photos because I even have to catch a tree when I need a small break. Otherwise, I may probably fall down.

I stand up, put my maximum effort and continue to walk until 14.30 hrs which I arrive at the campground.

Choosing a place to make a tent and quickly find food supplies because of hunger hahaha.

After a full stomach and since the weather is nice, we decide to have a nap. It is windy and not hot at all. I guess it will be cold tonight.

I'm not sure which group left this pot here.

We help each other to cook and have dinner respectively while the weather is getting colder. We will celebrate the Christmas on the hill tonight.

Not long after finishing dinner, we fell asleep Zzzz.

I wake up at night because of the strong wind caused the tent shaking. I am sleepless until the morning.

Even we are at the height of 1805 meters above sea level, but there is no fog as we expected in the morning. We are somehow disappointed!

I remove the tent and have a breakfast within a short period of time. Today we have to walk down to the national park and ride to the radar center the starting point to Doi Langka Luang. The more time we spend here means the slower we can get there.

And..there is Doi Luang Chiang Dao

All of us agree to walk along the ridge because we do not want to use the same route. We will have to use this route again on our way back.

Hopefully, my knees are not gonna break up before reaching Doi Luang hahaha.

I am adventurous to see the way.

I came over one hill but still need to continue. This route I have to climb quite a lot.

I have to say, "it is extremely exhausting".

After crossing, there are the primeval forests. It's getting cooler immediately in here.

I really enjoy the scenery and forget manage the time.

Looking back behind is Doi Mod and the steep hill I come across.

We continue to trek, we come across beautiful views and make breaks to drink water periodically.

Not only do we have water but also chocolate which help us to boost energy.

We are really focused on trekking and trekking.

The distance about 5 km and more than 4 hours of trekking, we finally reach the national park. We lose our strength completely.

After a nice bath and good lunch, my body is refreshed and ready to wade into Doi Langka Luang.

The shuttle takes us to radar centre at about 13:50hrs. The trip leader inform us that we may be camping at Pha Ngom tonight because it will be late till we reach Doi Langka Luang. One of the group members is withdrawn from the trip due to a knee injury.

I am also afraid of not being able to complete the trip since I lose my energy with Doe Mod quite a lot, but my drive keeps me going hahaha ..

Again we start off with pretty chill walk.

There are up and down and we are breathless sometimes.

After 2 hours and a half we arrive at Pha Ngom. We manage time pretty good because it is not dark yet. We still have enough time to go Doi Langka Luang.

All of us agree to continue because otherwise the following day we have to walk from here to Ban Tha Ton, which is too long.

Looking upwardly to Pha Ngom, I immediately tell myself that I won't be able to climb hahaha .. I'd better save my energy for Doi Langka Noi.

Not climbing to Pha Ngom You meaning I to walk along the hill. Again, I can't take any photos because the walkway is only one-foot width!!!

I use my left hand to lean the cliff, right hand to carry a cane to find the path. I slip and my right leg drops to one side. I am really frightened.

18.00hrs, I am not sure how far distance is?? I only know that the body is exhausted. Water and snacks in my backpack start to finish slowly one by one.

I am fully aware that it will be more difficult when the light is gone and I have no time to shilly-shally but my legs can't even move.

The final part I have to climb. I just want to leave the camera and backpack and lie down here. I do not want to go anymore.

My heart beating like it is going to go out. I want to cry and keep asking myself what I am doing here. Why do I have to face to these difficulties??

It is dark and I'm really exhausted. I'm out of energy and super hungry.

I make a determined effort to continue walking until 19:10hrs. I finally arrive to the campground but I have no more energy to make a tent.

Thank to the trip leader that help me to make a tent hahaha.

I don't fell like eating because of tiredness. I go directly to sleep like dead ZZzzzzz.

The following day, I do not wake up. Thus, I don't make it up to Doi Luang. My physical condition is not ready for it. I have to do again next time (or not?).

After having breakfast and tidy up the tent. I fill the bottle up with water (capillary water is so fresh)

Today we go to Doi Lanka Noi. It is about 6 km and another 4 km to Ban Tha Ton.

We start our trip at 9:00 hrs.. The dew from last night makes it quite slippery. After trekking for a while, I have come across to these beautiful mountains.

We trek through the wild forest and mountains until midday. We make a stop at the valley near river to have lunch.

After that another trek up to the hill at noontime. Oh gosh!!

We arrive at Doi Langka Noi about in the afternoon. The sun is really strong and there are no big trees at all up here.

After enjoying the 360-degree view for a moment, we decide to go down because the strong sun causing skin burn. After seeing the way down, I stop to restraint my mind first.

The way down at Doi Langka Noi is "torture". It is steep and full of rock and stone. It is really hot to catch. I therefore need to draw the grass to help me not to fall.

Sometimes, I have to turn back and climb down because of my backpack ... I would really like to transform into a chamois.

Looking back, I'm proud of myself that I can finally come down here without breaking any part of my body. I really think I'm good hahaha ..

After coming down here, I still need to continue walking, walking and walking under the extremely hot sun....I am about to be burnt.

From this distance, it's up and down to the hill. I have a break from time to time until my legs are stiffen and can't even move. Finally, I arrive at Ban Tha Ton at 16.00 with extremely exhausting body hahaha.

This trip is really the toughest trip of the year because of...

The 30 km walk

No mist

No sunrise

No sky full of stars

And extremely exhausting

But things I have in a return... it make me realise that I can reach there is purely because of "mindset".

I love mountain although it is more difficult and more exhausting than this, I will not stop loving it.

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 Monday, February 8, 2016 11:32 AM