Mon To Lae or the Golden Mountain is the highest mountain in Baan Mae Jawang, Tha Song Yang, Tak. It is located at 1,350 meters above the sea level. I would give the level of difficulty of the hiking path at 3.5 which is even more difficult than Doi Luang Chiang Dow especially at the last 200 meters that has 80 degree high. But in this review we do not take that way due to we afraid that there will not be any space for camping as we are going during the long holiday as well as the other. So we design to go to Mon Kluy first and that make our trip last long for 3 days. All right let's go >>>

There are 20 of us, departure from Bangkok to Tha Song Yang. We arrive in the morning and have breakfast there.

While waiting for our carriage team, let's discover Mei river >>>

At around 10.00 hrs. we move on to Mon Kluy, Baan Mae Jawang which take us about 1.30hrs.

I am so glad that we have a car to drive us to camping area.

...That is totally wrong, we are going to camp at Pui Luang where we have to walk there. After that we get 2 bottles of water and lunch box then continue our journey.

At the beginning, we walk through the sparse forest ...easy ..easy^^.

After that we have to walk up to the mountain and there is a lot of fog up here.

Such a nice weather up here

At the second hour of hiking, we are still walking up and down the mountain with fog all over the place. Luckily, the weather is not hot so we can walk comfortably. (I really do not like this fog)

At the third hour we stop for lunch then continue walking.

When the fog is gone, we can see everything clearer.

Finally, we arrive to our camping area "Doi Pui". It is a good time to prepare our tents and dinner for this evening. Suddenly, while we are chitchatting, someone call everyone out to see something and that is really amazing!!!!

As you can see>>>

Just right in front of you door...the best location ever for camping

On the other side of the mountain is also very marvelous with the sunset.

Fog flows like water flow in the river...cannot take my eyes off the scene in front off me.

The sun is about to go

Come back to the camp for dinner...^^

After dinner, the weather is cold down so we better get to sleep as tomorrow we have to walk to Mon To Lae.

Good morning!!!

Waking up early and wait to see the sunrise ^^

This is what I expected to see.

After enjoy the foggy sea and the sunrise, we packs everything, have breakfast and continue our hiking trip.

At the first phase, the route is quite difficult to walk because it is quite high and slip so we need to have cane to help us while walking.

After 20 minutes, we get down to the flat area.

And continue walking up again T_T

Even we are walking through the forest, we can see the walking path clearly and there are signages all the way so we not have to be afraid to get lost in here.

Almost there ^^

After 5 hours, we arrive at the camping area. There is natural water source that we can use for drinking and showering and there is also toilets provided.

After prepare our tent, let go out for discovering the area>>>

Doi Thong is the viewpoint for sunset which is only 5 minutes away from our camping area. Regretfully the weather is not good we have to walk up and down so many times.

That is Doi To Lae where we are going for sunrise tomorrow.

Once again for the sunset and this time we are lucky^^.

After that it is time for dinner, menus today are also very luxury as yesterday. But I did not take any photos because I was so hungry^^!.

Tonight there are stars all over the sky, it is a very beautiful scene ever. But we have to get to sleep first because we have to wake up very early.

Once again, the staff wakes everyone up then take their flashlight and a cup of coffee to go up there.

The weather is very nice and not too cold.

...Waiting for the first light of the day...

Natural creature

After the nice view and a good time, now it is time for us to get packing and go back. Our staff said that it is going to take about 4 hours and the route is quite steep we have to hold the robe when walk down.

See the road over there... that is our destination

Still walking down and take a rest at some points.

After 2 hours, we get in to the flat road.

Almost there!!!

After 4 hours, we get into village area.

Finally, we arrive to our destination then there is a car to pick us up and to back to Tha Song Yang.

So we get to take a real shower after 2 days of dry shower ^^.

Then lunch and dinner before heading back to Bangkok.

The total distant is 7.5 KM. that's why I feel it is so far.

It is another impressed trip for me even we know that it is hard and very tired but we still want to come.

My friend ask me why do I have to hike there for???

>>> For foggy flow at Pui Luang

>>> For intricate mountains at Mon To Lae

>>> For all stars in the sky

>>> For friendship of people that we do not know each other but we have to spend a night together for 3 days 2 nights.

Very valuable!!!

Thank you very much for your kind support^^

Toony Foreverly

 Tuesday, August 2, 2016 4:19 PM