After eating lunch completed. It's time to shop. Lan Pho Market is a market place famous for fresh seafood of Naklua district. Fresh seafood is inexpensive, and most importantly, they are can cooking for you. You just pay a little more.

Bodhi Tree in front of Market The source of the market name Lan Pho.

The market is like a general market is the food is sold.

We will meet with dry food. Dried seafood And many other marine products. Each shop is inexpensive and fresh.

Put a bag to share the sale. If you want to weigh the new sale will do it.

But in the next step. We will meet many seafood.

There are different sauces that are sold.

Fresh crayfish variety.


Pickled seafood is also available.

Shellfish and squid


Clean market

There are both sharks and stingrays.

Blue Crab


Deer, boar and ostrich are also available

When to buy seafood And hire a culinary shop.

Find a good seat and sit down to eat. Close to the market is a beach park.

Sala for sea view

Okay, sleep, buy back home. Time to go home.

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 Monday, July 16, 2018 5:10 PM