After taking the car to the service center of Toyota. To check the condition of the car is completed. From Vatara Boutique Hotel, Downtown Udon Thani We are heading north to Nong Khai. The place we intend to go. "Sala Ku Kaew"

Sala Ku Kaew is a collection of many religious sculptures. Some call it a Wat Kak. The area of 42 rai. This place is built of inspiration. "Father Bunlear Suteerat" in 1978. It is believed that the doctrine of every religion can be combined.

Building "Sala Ku Kaew" containing the body. "Father's Boon Lear"

The body of father Bon Lear Suteerat

We leave the pavilion. The time is before noon. Before we go to lunch at the restaurant in Nong Khai. We will worship "Luang Pho Pha Sai" at Wat Pho Chai before.

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 Tuesday, July 17, 2018 7:22 PM