Tamaka Magazine Holds Funny eating Photo Contest. The results were announced on 21 July.

At the fair, there are many products in the fair to eat, jewelry, hotels or DIY products chic many to choose it.

This is a tea shop.

Chao Phya Park Hotel Get a room discount card. And restaurants to sell at the event.

"TAMAGO Snapshot 2018 # Eat for fun" is a project that Thai people want to see smiles and enjoy their favorite dishes. By joining fun. Just use any cellphone or camera. Take a photo while eating food.

It is scheduled to take place between May - July 20, 2561, which has attracted more than 600 entries submitted to the photo submitted work, but embarrassment to the Board very much. Because photos are beautiful. The creativity and the kind of smile is not really down.

MCs open the event.

However, the decision criteria. The board looks at the mood of the picture. Focus on happiness. Feel like a fountain! Can be called smile and happiness to those who see the most

Various images were selected by the board.

The first prize will be awarded a cash prize of 20,000 baht, 2nd prize, 2 prizes, 5,000 cash prizes and 20 finalists. Will receive a 3,000 Baht dining voucher.

Award Second Winners

Award Second Winners

Award Winner

Predictions Award

The winner of the photo shoot.

Workshop "Mobile Photography Techniques"

Joint Photographic Participants

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 Wednesday, July 25, 2018 4:03 PM