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Brunch by The River : Sunday Brunch Version Source Review : Update Promotion & Review : Hi everyone! Sunday Brunch at Millennium Hilton Bangkok is opened from 11.00 AM with the light

Sunday Brunch @ Millennium Hilton Bangkok

Sunday Brunch @ Millennium Hilton Bangkok

Brunch by The River : Sunday Brunch Version

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Hi everyone!

Sunday Brunch at Millennium Hilton Bangkok is opened from 11.00 AM with the light snacks and drinks at Three Sixty Jazz Lounge. You can enjoy the panoramic view of Bangkok and Chao Phraya River from 32nd floor with the classical music. You can chill on a huge sofa while sipping your favorite cocktails and enjoying your snacks until 12.00 PM.

Croque- Crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside
Shrimp spring rolls - crispy and tasty (recommended)
New Zealand Mussels with tempura sauce- big and fresh, very good

There are drinks including fruits juices (orange juice and lime juice), Cocktails (Apple Sider, Fruit Punch, Guava Fizz and Bahama Mama) provided. I would say the fruit cocktails are pretty good but the ones with Gin or Rum are fairly light.

Then we move down to the lobby level at noon. The Sunday brunch is served at International Buffet restaurant "Flow". The venue is clean and spacious with high ceiling and Chao Phraya river can be seen from here too. Moreover, there is a live jazz band so you can enjoy the live music while having your brunch. Sunday Brunch at Millennium Hilton Bangkok is opened from 12.00 PM to 03.00 PM

'Cold Seafood'
Alaska King Crab legs - huge crab legs and not too salty (recommended) / Prawns - fresh and not too small in size (recommended)/ Oysters - very fresh (recommended)/ New Zealand Mussels - good quality and big/ Roes - good quality and served in a jar/ Seafood sauce - very tasty.

'Variety of Bread'

There are many kinds of salad dressing provided and don't miss the Caesar Salad. Concentrated Caesar Salad sauce with super fresh vegetables is very tasteful, I recommend.

'Cold Cut'
There are 4 kinds of quality cold cuts. They are all big, and not too thin (recommended).

'Cheese Room'

This cheese room is known as a famous and quality one in town. All cheese is kept in temperature-controlled room and there are more than 80 kinds of them. They come with a variety of side dishes. Therefore, cheese lover shouldn't miss for any reasons and it is a great chance for those who never tried or not so familiar with the cheese to experience. You may find your favorite one here.

'Cold Dishes'

One of the highlights of this Sunday Brunch here would be the cold dishes. They are well-prepared and designed. Most of them are carpaccio with fish or beef slides eat with olive oil and fresh vegetable. There are also a variety of salad in Western-style (recommended).

'Hot Dishes'

There are mainly Western cuisine such as Seared halibut, Pan-Fried Dorade, Duck Confit, Pan-Seared Beef Tedderloin, and Potato Gratin. They are prepared in just right portion not too small nor too big. I personally love this zone very much (recommended).

'Foie gras'
They are well-cooked in different sizes.

'Carving Station'
There are fish, lamp, and beef. They are tender and not too tough served with sauces and side dishes.

'Japanese Cuisine'
Fresh Sashimi, sushi, rolls, and many more are provided.

'Chinese Cuisine'
They are from Yuan restaurant in the hotel, good food.

'Thai Cuisine'
I would rank this Thai buffet line as one of the top ten. The food are not too spicy but very tasty.

'Indian Cuisine'
The curry is just in the right portion, not too strong and spicy. Well done! (recommended)


This is one of the best dessert buffet line in town. They are prepared and served in the Lantern cafe until 04.00 PM.

Drinks' corner including fresh fruits juice, tea, and coffee.

From 12.00 PM to 03.00 PM, there is a free-flow drink only 1,000 THB.

All in all, Sunday Brunch at Millennium Hilton Bangkok is pretty good. There are different venues for you to enjoy from 32nd floor with a view down to the lobby by the river. A variety of food with fresh and quality ingredients is served and they are all delicious. I like the way they decorate and prepare each dish very much. They are all beautifully-served and they seem to be more than just a food. I would say this Sunday Brunch simply fulfill a perfect relaxing Sunday.



Details of the restaurant:
Brunch on The River
11:00-12:00 Three Sixty Lounge, 32nd floor
12:00-15:00 Flow, Lobby floor
12:00-16:00 The Lantern, Lobby floor
11:00-16:00 Sunday Brunch 2,200 THB
Sunday Brunch with free-flow drinks 3,200 THB
For children 6-12 years old 1,100 THB

Millennium Hilton Bangkok

123 Charoennakorn Road, Klongsan - Bangkok 10600
Telephone: 0-2442-2000
website :

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