Hello! This is a my first Myanmar Backpacking trip alone, no reservation for accommodation or bus ticket in advance. Everything is Walk-in trip, facing the real situation without any plan except the round-trip plane ticket that I have booked in advance. Actually I have booked it once but I didn't go because Myanmar was flooded that time.This period is a time that the party of Aung San Suu Kyi won, I also afraid that there would be a chaos situation occurs but anyway I have to keep going on for this trip because I want to go there for a long time. I want to see Bagan where there are many pagodas with a background of balloons, I want to worship 5 holy things of Myanmar, I want to see U Bein Bridge with a beautiful last light of the day in the evening, I want to know the cute courtesy habit of Myanmar people. There are so many things that I want to see which I have seen only from the pictures of other people's review, until now that I want to see it once by myself in this Myanmar trip.

Chapter 1 https://th.readme.me/p/1848

Chapter 2 @ Bagan https://th.readme.me/p/1864

Chapter 3 @ Inle https://th.readme.me/p/1871

Chapter 4 @ Pyin Oo Lwin https://th.readme.me/p/1872

Chapter 5 @ Mandalay-Mingun https://th.readme.me/p/1873

Chapter 6 @ Bago-Kyaikh tiyo https://th.readme.me/p/1874

Chapter 7 @ Yangon https://th.readme.me/p/1875

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** For the pictures of traveling in Bagan, some pictures are missing because the Memory is error, can not upload and I just know that it can be restored after formatting T__T. The pictures that I have uploaded will have a credit putting on it to say Thank You for the website that the pictures were brought to use here instead of my missing pictures.

1..The route

Bkk-Yangon-Bagan-Inle-Pyin oo lwin-Mandalay-Mingun-Bago-Kyaikh tiyo-Yangon-Bkk


Day1 : Bkk - Yangon - Bagan

Day2 : Bagan

Day3 : Bagan

Day4 : Bagan

Day5 : Bagan - Inle

Day6 : Inle - Mandalay

Day7 : Mandalay - Pyin oo Lwin

Day8 : Pyin oo Lwin

Day9 : Pyin oo Lwin - Mandalay

Day10 : Mandalay - Mingun - Bago

Day11 : Bago - Kyaikh tiyo

Day12 : Kyaikh tiyo - Yangon

Day13 : Yangon

Day14 : Yangon - Bkk3..Exchange money

Departing flight

-Baht-Dollars exchanges at Don Muang Airport, exchanging 50,100 Dollars to Kyat and a note bank of 1,5,10,20 dollars for paying an accommodation, transportation.

-Dollars-Kyat are exchanged at Yangon Airport, after receive the luggage and go out you will see the counter right away.

Returning flight

-Kyat-Dollars are exchanged at Yangon Airport ( but there are a little money so I decide to keep it )

-Dollars-Baht are exchanged at Don Muang Airport.

*** There are many counters to exchange Baht to Dollars with the same rate at Don Muang Airport. Tell them that you want to use in Myanmar and ask for the new bank note, then they will check it for you but you better check it first.

*** Exchange rate of Myanmar is 1,000 Kyat = 28 Baht, Use XE Currency application if you can choose the currency when you make the payment, comparing which currency is worthier to make the payment.

*** You should find more information of each place you want to go to make sure which currency they are using, Kyat or Dollars so that you will have prepared for it and you will get more money. Before exchanging Dollars from Thailand to Kyat at Myanmar, you should ask for a big value banknote such as 50, 100 Dollars because you will get a little higher rate for Kyat exchanging. For Kyat banknote, you should mostly exchange for 1,000 Kyat and 5,000 Kyat respectively. If the change is a small, old and sloppy bank note, you can ask for the new one because some people give an old banknote to foreigners but don't mind it if you cannot get the new one.

*** Caution banknotes

Dollars banknotes, if you pay out as a dollar banknote and the change is returned in a small banknote, please check, the note should not fold, scratch, or stamp because I used to pay the the accommodation fee at Pyin oo Lwin and I forget to check it, they give me a 10 USD banknote with a fold in the middle so I cannot use it elsewhere and cannot exchange it back in Thailand.

Kyat banknotes, some place will not accept a note that has a pen mark on it, I get it at Mandalay and no one receive this note but when it is accepted when I use it in Kyaikh tiyo. It is better not to receive it if you have an option to choose but if you can't choose, you have to speculate to use elsewhere.

4..Using of Currency in Difference Places

= Yangon, Shwedagon admission fee 8,000 Kyat, Sule Pagoda 4,000 Kyat, Chauk Htat Gyi pagoda 2 USD, Botataung Pagoda 3 USD or 4,000 Kyat.

= Bagan city admission fee, 20 USD

= Inle city admission fee, 10 USD or 13,000 Kyat

= Pyin oo lwin city admission fee, Kandawgyi Botanical Garden 5 USD, Pwe Kauk Falls 500 Kyat.

= Mandalay city admission fee 10,000 Kyat

= Mingun city admission fee 5,000 Kyat, boating to Mandalay-Mingun 5,000 Kyat

=Bago city admission fee 10 USD

=Kyaikh tiyo admission fee to Kyaiktiyo Pagoda 6 USD

** For accommodation and bus transportation fee, you should ask first because mostly you can choose whether you want to pay by Kyat or Dollars.

5.. Travelling across the city

-Yangon-Bagan, bus of JJ Express, it is a VIP bus at 20.00 p.m., transportation fee is 18 USD or pay it as 22,200 Kyat. 3 seats per line, far right is a single seat. 3.30 a.m. the bus will stop at the station and I have to transfer to another bus and get into the city by myself. Except for some people, they may have a car service from their booked accommodation to pick up them, taxi fee to Nyaung U is 5 USD.

-Bagan-Inle, bus of JJ Express, it is a VIP bus at 08.30 a.m., transportation fee is 18 USD or pay it as 22,200 Kyat.3 seats per line, far right is a single seat. 16.40 p.m., the bus stops at Nyaung Shwe city market in front of the JJ company which you can easily find the many accommodations around there but if you want to take a minibus, it is 1,000 Kyat/person.

-Inle-Mandalay, a VIP bus of Shwe Thit Sar at 19.30 p.m., price 16,000 Kyat. If you like new bus then choose JJ Express or Shwe Thit Sar bus. The bus stops at Mandalay until 03.30 a.m.

-Mandalay-Pyin oo Lwin Bus, a 4,000 Kyat regular bus of Shwe Thit Sar, The first round is 04.00 a.m., 06.00 a.m. the bus departures. It stops at Pyin oo Lwin station. If you want to go to the clock tower you take a bike taxi for 2,000 Kyat. From my information, going by taxi cost 5-6 USD from the accommodation.

-Pyin oo Lwin-Mandalay, a minibus cost 1,500 Kyat/person. The first round is 07.00 a.m. in the morning. The bus departures every hour to the outside road. Going to Mandalay takes around 2-3 hours and take a bike taxi for 1,500 Kyat/person to the clock tower.

-Mandalay-Mingun, take a bike taxi from clock tower to Mandalay for 1,500 Kyat. The car park at Mayan Gyan Jetty, round boat trip is 5,000 Kyat. There is only 1 round going there at 9.00 a.m.and also only one round going back at 12.30 p.m. It takes around 1 hour/round.

-Mandalay-Bago, a regular air-conditioned bus round at 20.30 p.m., the price 16,000 Kyat but it is 14,000 Kyat for 19.30 p.m. round. But no car pickup service to accommodation. You have to find it yourself. The bus stops in front of the Bago city market at 04.00 a.m.

-Bago-Kyaikh tiyo, a regular air-conditioned bus round at 10.15 a.m., the price 6,000 Kyat, buying from unknown bus name of agency. The bus stops at Kyaiktiyo market. If you want to go to Kinpun Base Camp and to Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, take a minibus in front of the market, the price is 500 Kyat and take around half hour.

-Kyaikh tiyo-Yangon, a regular air-conditioned bus round at 8.00 a.m., the price is 7,000 Kyat. It will reach 12.40 p.m. The bus stops at Aung Min Ocala station and take a taxi to Sule Pagoda around 6,000 - 10,000 Kyat. But, if you want to save money, then walk across the big road and get on bus number 43, the price is just 200 Kyat.

6.. Accommodation

-Yangon 30th Corner Boutique Hostel is on Anawratha Rd., Dorm No. 10 USD. single bed 25 USD, Double bed 35 USD. Every room is a air-conditioned room + shared bathroom+ breakfast , the location is good which you can walk for 500 m. to Scott market. And, 500 m. to Sule, 1 kilometer to China town.

-Bagan Eden Motel3 is located on Lanmadaw2, only 200 m. away from the market, the dorm is 10 USD including public bathroom+ breakfast and the single bed room is 15 USD which is an air-conditioned room with a bathroom inside+breakfast.

-inle Joy Hotel is 450 m. away from the market. It is twin bed room, the price is 12 USD which include fan, shared bathroom+ breakfast.

-Pyin oo Lwin 1..Grace ll Hotel is 100 m. away from the clock tower. It is a twin bed room, the price is 20 USD(seasoning period). Normal price is 10 USD including fan, personal bathroom and breakfast.

2..Queen Hotel. A 20 USD double bed room. There is a fan+television+bathroom but breakfast is not including.

-Mandalay Nylon 2 Hotel is located on 83rd St. road. It is a 20 USD single bed air-conditioned room including bathroom+television+breakfat which is 500m. away from Zegyo market.

7. Food

Ordering rice with curry. You can directly ask 'How much?'. If they tell you the price that mean it is a price per 1 viand+ side dishes+rice. Average 1,000-2,000 Kyat/ 1 viand

A fried rice. Here fried rice is delicious. A soft rice with oil. It's yummy, the average price is 1,500 Kyat.

Shan noodle, serving with a flavoring such as chili, lemon but some restaurant will serve you with spicy pickle. Mo Hin Ga, a rice noodle and fish soup from Myanma, topping with a crispy flour which stick into my teeth but yummy. Every restaurant serve it in a hot dish, make me feel safe, the price is 500 - 1,000 Kyat.

Chim Chum or Wa ta doa chow̒ is a beef, skin, boiled pork chitterling in a soup like Thai Pha Lo soup, serving with a sweet sauce, sour+ soup, eat with Nam, Fresh garlic with chili, 50 - 100 Kyat/serve.

Roti+bean, Roti is called Plalta, eating with a hot coffee is delicious. The Roti flour is chewy and crisp which depends on restaurant receipt , the price is 500 - 1,000 Kyat.

Myanmar coffee, the coffee is not dense, tasteless and it is a powder, silt at the bottom of the cup. A very good taste of coffee cost around 500 Kyat.

Samoza, when you order Samoza, they will serve 5 pieces on the plate so don't be panic. Eat only you want to eat. It is 100 Kyat/piece.

A small drinking water is 200-250 Kyat, a big one is 400-500 Kyat ( liter of a big bottle).

Sparkling water, it is 15 Baht/can if selling in Thailand. But here is around 700-800 Kyat.

Beer, from my observation there is only Mandalay beer and Myanmar Bee,r a Myanmar brand, the big bottle is 1,500-2,000 Kyat..

KFC is located at the opposite side of the Scott market in Yangon, the price is similar to our country.

8.. Language (what I mainly use is these)

Hello = Mi ga la ba

Sorry = Je sū tin badae

I want to take a photo = Ta po yai lu ya ma la

Take a photo = Ta po ( it is also photo taking but in a short word, people also understand that we are asking for photo taking )

** Talking about number 5, people here pronounce as "Pai or Bai", you would familiar with it when you frequently hear it.

9.. Outlet

We see it both two flat parallel prongs, has two round prongs and three prongs. To make sure that you can use, bring the universal adapter with you.

10.. Internet

There are 3 main companies which are ooredoo , Telenor , MPT

I use MPT, it is 1,500 Kyat for SIM card. I have an account refilled for 1,000 Kyat/time. The signal strong and weak in some area, it is enough for me if I can use it sometimes.

11.. Necessary things you have to carry.

1..Map, it can be a book, maps or a printed picture form but I use my phone to caption the display of google map and save in the album of each city.

2..Main application is Maps and XE Currency application to use when paying the accommodation, transportation, admission fee ( in case that I have an option)

3.. Dust mask or handkerchief, scarf and thing that can protect you from the dust. I haven't used it because I think that I can stand it but when it comes to the real situation, it is to dusty and cause my sore throat.

4.. Sun block cream, I haven't prepared this items because I am confident that my skin is thick enough and it would not affect me but actually it burning my face and both 2 sides of arm.

5..Medicine; Anti-allergy pills, painkiller, Diarrhea, mineral salt, plaster. I use it since the second day there because the weather changes all the time.

6..Universal Adapter+plugs, better be ready especially for those who have camera, mobile, you have to charge the battery because some accommodation has few outlet.

7..Flashlight is use at Bagan when going to see the Sun rise+ inside difference pagoda because it is more convenience to carry and give a shiner light.

8..Sandal, many holy places ask to take off the shoes to enter in. It would be convenient for you to wear a sandal when you have to take off the shoes frequently.

9..Plastic bag to keep the sock. You can bring the regular bag with you in case some place collect the shoes deposit fee.

10. Overcoat, you can definitely wear it at inle , pyin oo lwin , bagan, the morning time is cold but during the day you can wear it also because the sunlight is so strong.

11..Long Yee or sarong, you can buy it in stores. If you land off at Yang Gong you can but it at Scott market, it is cheaper because I buy at Bagan which is quite expensive, 6,000 Kyat.

12..other, for example eyes cover mask, ear plugs are using to when sleeping on the bus at night.

12..Other (I have faced)

1..Myanmar drive on the right lane but steering wheel is almost on the right.

2..Airport tax, from my research, we have to pay 10 USD but I don't have to pay it on that day, I feel so confused but you can prepare a new banknote in case that you have to pay it.

3..Don't panic If you are going to the restaurant or coffee shop and hear the sound that similar to mouse because that is the sound of customer using to call waiters. I had tried it but my voice is not loud enough so I better motion as I do in Thailand. At the time I make that voice, I feel so shy. Muak Muak.

4. Mak, Myanmar people like to eat I recommend you to be careful of when walking through the bus because people always gargling all the time. I had faced this situation once, gargling out off the bus and it fall down near to my face in Yangon, sometimes people gargling on to the floor, very hardcore.

5. From the previous one, Samosa's time putting a sauce on it. It remind me of when gargling, So yummy

6.. The bus in Yangon is a fan bus, no air-conditioned. The ticket keeper using rap song to style and the rap call to customer. I thought that Kan Kor Club is here. If foreigner gets on the bus, this would become popular and outstanding.

7..Bus, if it is the second hand use, it will come from Japan because there still a Japanese words written on the car and other equipment.

8. Rice with curry, you should try for the first time.The problem is that viands are so many for putting on rice that I can't decide what to eat first.

9..Mo Hin Ga, I don't sure whether it is a nation food or not. Because I can see it when I walk around. Its appearance and taste looks like Kanom Jean in Thailand. Anyone who visit Myanmar has to eat it in the first day of the trip to familiar with Myanmar taste, then you would not starve while living there.


Day1 : Bkk-Yangon-Bagan

I wake up by the alarm clock via Taxi application name 'All Thai Taxi'. The time just passes for a moment then the Taxi comes and pick me up which I am not ready dressing up. He calls me that he is driving through the alley so I hurriedly dress myself up and get on the car. I talk with the driver, he says not so long that Nakhornchai will launch a new model taxi which is Taxi Camry. For those you want to reserve it in advance, you can book it 1 day in advance but there is a 100 Baht service charge, but it is convenient that I don't have to pray for a taxi whether they will go or not. Suitable for people who know how to travel in the rush hour.

Now I am at Don Mueng airport, service charge is only 20 Baht because it is in a service demonstration. Actually I want to have a seat in the gate first but Nok Air staff tells me that the flight is 10.40 a.m. and it start to Check in 8.00 a.m. at counter so I go to sit around there. I suddenly recall that I haven't exchange money from Baht to Dollars so I walk to the counter of K-Bank. From what I know, the difference of exchanging money from difference bank is the service and giveaway. I totally exchange for 600 USD. I tell them that I want to exchange for using in Myanmar and request for new banknote. The staff at the counter arrange both new and old banknote but there are still in good condition, no scratches, creases or stamp on the Banknote. So, all banknote can certainly use in Myanmar. I get 1 umbrella as a giveaway but I don't pick it up because I don't want to carry more stuff. For thing that I use to place Dollars banknote of this trip is this one.

I am afraid that the banknote will be folded during the trip and couldn't be used at Myanmar so I buy a color pencil box which is 20 Baht, cheap, good and don't have to be afraid of the fold mark.

8.00 a.m. the bag that is loading will place the track and keep walking to line up in the Check in area, next to the Lion Air. Just take for a while because there is a system problem. It take 30 minutes to reach the counter. Apart from asking for the identity card, they will also ask a booking number of the flight ticket. I am lucky that I have taken a caption of round flight ticket on the display.

I am walking into International departure area, filling up the Embarkation Card and line up to a passport scan and give them a photo. This process takes only 5 minute then walk into the area and line up to take your belonging and walk to the gate that stated in the ticket.

Inside there is an exchange counter in case that you forget to exchange it first.

I want to have some breakfast first while during waiting. Inside there are Starbucks and many other restaurants. I visit Subway, order a sandwich while waiting. Actually I want to order from 7-11 USD but can't find it. After the meal, I walk to Gate 21 and see Amazon Cafe so I visit for a moment to write the document. It is apparently see that most of the customers come here to fill up the document. The documents you receive from the counter Check-in are listed below.

Custom department, for your position, if you don't know what to fill in , you can write officer the most easiest way.

Departure Card, you can fill in both departure and arrival card.

While waiting for the plane to departure.

10.00 a.m. I am waiting to get on the plain which they will call children and old people first. I get 58A which I have reserved, I choose this side because I wouldn't have to face the sunlight. Beside me is a Burmese people that comes to Thailand, she can speak Thai so I let her teach me some word that normally use in Myanmar but the main word I want to know is the word 'let me take a photo' to use taking a photo with Burmese because I think when I use this word, there will easily allow me to take a photo hahaha. The word "let me take a photo" is "Ta Bol Yai Lu Yam Ma La", now I am comfortably travelling since I know this word ^^.

Nok Air has provided a snack.

11.40 a.m. we reach Yanggon Airport, I follow people continuously, turn right down to the escalator when get out off the trunk to the downstairs and turn left, then you will see people lining up, you have to walk to the group of people on the right, it is a line for foreigner. The process for custom arrival check is 5 minutes. It is so easy, just walk to take a photo and the marked point. Hand in the documents to custom staffs. They don't speak any word at all. So easy. When you finish, walk for 20 meters and you will see the baggage claim point. After receive the baggage, walk back to the left a little bit to the scanning point. Put every baggage down to the scanning machine then the process end.

Picture from web www.frickr.com

Walking to the waiting area outside and waiting calmly. I am forget what I have to do next but glace to see the currency exchange counter of KBZ so I walk to exchange some money from Dollars to Kyat by hand in the list that I want to exchange banknote. Mainly is a 1,000 and 5,000 Kyat.

Picture from web www.lashworldtour.com

Next plan I have to go to Ong Min Ka La transportation to buy the ticket at night to Bagan because I want VIP car which has 3 lines of seat, I want a single seat and afraid the seat will be fulled so I go to reserve the seat first then go to strolling at Yangon city. Walking to the exit door of the building that taxi are parking and waiting for customer there. But I don't take the taxi there and don't ask for the price because I am afraid that it is expensive. So I walk for 20 meter to the entrance-exit door of the airport which taxi are parking there in line. I ask the price for going to station, every taxis start with 6,000 Kyat but I ask to reduce the price to 3,000 Kyat. You should bargain first then he will gradually reduce the price automatically. If they don't accept, you just walk away then he will offer the reduction price but after the bargain of 2 taxi, the best price I get is 3,500 Kyat so I ask the 3rd taxi but still I get the same price which is 3,500 Kyat. During my bargain, there is another taxi drive to park at the side of the taxi I have bargaining. So, at that situation, I feel like I won the due and then I pretend to look at that taxi to let him know that I want to bargain with him. Just a few minute the taxi I am bargaining admire to give me 3,000 Kyat and make an unwilling face hahaha ( how can I help you, I come here alone, no one to share with so sorry uncle ^^).

I hurriedly get on the taxi because I afraid that he will change the price. The car has air-conditioner but he doesn't opened it. If you want a cool air just open the window which I have already known this information so I can admired it. He drives for about half and hour, driving so fast from the station, people drive so fast here, the horn sound loudly but not frequently use like what I face in Vietnam but the sound of the horn is in high quality and long which in our country means dispraise.

12.20 p.m. I reach the entrance of the station. Here they collect the taxi entrancing fee which I pay for 200 Kyat by myself (6 Baht). After that he drives me to the inside and I continue walking a little bit to find the building of the JJ Express bus company. And I am start getting confused and the weather is so hot, the sunlight is so strength. The more I walk, the more I confused. I ask for the way to get there but finally there is one uncle lead me to the place directly. I am hasten to ask for the ticket to Bagan when I reach JJ Express building. I get VIP round 20.00 p.m., there are 2 seats left. I choose the 4th line because the back is the place for collecting things, no one sit there. The ticket price is 18 USD or 22,200 Kyat. I choose to pay in USD. After finish the payment, I try to calculate the exchange rate from the application. If paying by Kyat is 30 Baht cheaper. But never mind next time is ok. We can ask for a free collecting the baggage here the staffs will place a tag on your bag and let us keep another tag and hand in when we come to receive the baggage back. I ask about the bus to Sule Pagoda after things are clear.

Building of JJ Express Bus Company

Bus ticket and baggage tag.

Walk out off the building for over 100 meters to the main road, crossing the road in the middle of the sunny day. I conceive of cracking an egg in the sky and it turn cooked egg when it fall down T_T. I am waiting at the road side until I meet with Burmese and tell them I want to go to Sule (let them look at the picture). He says he will call a car for me along with rising his hand and touch his chest trying to convince me and confident in him ^^. Waiting for only 5 minutes, then the car no.43 come. You can easily notice, here is the number in Myanmar.

Noted for number like this.

It is a car fan but the fan doesn't open to make customer can naturally access to the hot natural atmosphere hahaha. I get up the car confusingly and prepare to pay 200 Kyat or 300 Kyat. So I take 2 pieces of banknotes out, he returns 200 Kyat and I can hear a laugh from other passengers. The car park along the road which stop for every 1 kilometer. When the car stop, the ticket taker calls out in very long + fast speech like singing a rap song to attract customers. I almost like it because I frequently listen to them and try to make a rhythm, it is a match rhythm. You can notice it when you get on the Myanmar bus. The journey takes about almost an hour which make me feel tired because of the traffic jam around Sule pagoda so I get off the bus, actually I get off because of Burmese beckon me and I follow his action. And, I confusingly walk to find a Scott market because from my calculation นดthe departure and returning way I think I should get out off the city to the station around 17.30-18.00 p.m. because the bus staff tell me to reach there around 19.00 p.m.

I walk in a roundabout way to the Scott market or Bogyoke Aung San market, the building is like this.

The market sells normal things like JJ market, I guess. I walk and feel hungry along the way and see a noodle menu, it should be Mo Gin Ga (Myanmar Kanom Jean). But, I am not dare to eat it because I have to go back and afraid of diarrhea after eating.After walking for a while, I then decide to eat at KFC which is located opposite to the market. The price is similar to Thailand and I can have a seat in an air-conditioner area. I have been walking around 2 hours since I have to find a selling ticket counter. I recently feel that my feet is blistered. SO bad because the next day I have to visit Bagan Pagoda and have to take off the shoes to enter the many pagoda. It is okay! I will keep fighting! and I then have a rice with chicken fu....yeah I am feeling stuffed.

After taking a rest in an air-conditioned place, I then walk to the Sule pagoda area to find the bus no.43 to Aung Mingalar bus station. You can notice that there are a big and small bus lining up. If you see the bus no.43, go and ask them to make sure which bus is going to departure. The staff point out the bus that is going to departure for me, it is crowded with people because it is the end of the working day.

16.50 p.m. I get on the bus no.43. There still an available seat but I choose to sit at the very back because I had once sit at the back wheel area seat and it is very hot, maybe it is attached with some working machine. Sitting for a while, the ticket taker will come to you to collect your money. I notice that from my round trip, no ticket is given to me because at first I want to keep the ticket as a souvenir.

The returning round is like a hell, people just finish their work, so traffic jam and inside the bus is so crowded like Thailand but much hotter. They are huddling, their face look weary. It takes around 1 hour of getting here, but it takes 2 hrs of getting back. Such a cruel city and on the way back, there is a Burmese leading me down the bus to the station again. I am lucky to meet with gentle people, see how nice this city is.

19.10 p.m. I walk quickly because I am afraid of being late because they make an appointment at 19.00 p.m. And I am also afraid of creating a bad image to Thai people hahaha. I reach there according to the plan. Before going up the bus, I have asked for taking a bath first because I feel nasty from walking in the middle of the sunlight for the whole day and sitting on the crowded bus for 2 hours. He allows me to take a shower but when I enter the rest room, there is only a water closet with a lavatory but I can't find a bathroom here. But here....there is a small bucket with a water bowl that use for to put in a little water to top the floor or keep it for taking a bath but I am not confident with him. So I take out Maladom powder to put on my body, non-greasy, and take out a wet tissue to clean up a sweat stain. It help me make fresh and I change the sock and wait for the car.

19.50 p.m. the car ready to departure.

Inside the car, a widely seat with a personal t.v., a cool air-conditioned, spreading a nice smell for 1 pc/person. The car seat is recline the same as Nakhon Chaisee in our country.

22.30 p.m. many cars are parking at the parking lots. They give us 30 minutes break which everyone have to get off the car maybe because they are afraid of thing lost,fair decision. For this area, you can choose any restaurant but I don't want to eat a lot since a long night distance, so I go to a fruit stall and buy persimmon which cost 1,000 Kyat (30 Baht). After I finish eating then go to a toilet, you do not have to be of the toilet, you can be pleasant. If finish eating, you can have a seat at the Ratchada park. When the quests complete then I have to wait for him near the parking area, the weather is quite cool. Wait for while then the staff called us to take on the bus and ready to Bang Pao.

23.00 p.m. Starting to departure, staring at the box, 1 for night

The end of my first day of this trip. Please continue in the next cheaper at Bagan, the city of pagoda ^^

The second trip @ Bagan

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