30-31 December 2015>> 2 days 1 night.

Cheow Lan Lake >> Klong Ka Raft House

Si Sa Ket - Surat >> distance to - back 2800 Km >> by car.

Heading to Klong Ka Raft House, Let's go!!

Totally 5 people

Departing from the pier about 10:00hrs.

... The beauty on the way ...

# Capturing a bit #

It takes about 45 minutes till we arrive.

^_ Khao Sok National Park >>Klong Ka Raft House _^

^^ It is beautiful as it supposed to be. ^^

Girls are putting stuffs into the room.

^ Exploring the house area ^

:: The front yard ::

The house can accommodate up to 6 people. A bed is wide can sleep and roll comfortably. ^^

There are 2 bathrooms in the left and right of residence (with bathroom hot water machine).

beautiful views from the back

Let's see the surrounding area

Kayaks for rent at 100 baht unlimited time.

A very wide front terrace

A view from the terrace

On the side of the house

After exploring the area, it's time for lunch at about 12:30hrs.

Lunch is made to order food. The stir-fried pork with basil is 80 baht >> It's tasty with good quantity. (It's not expensive).

The atmosphere around the raft that we have lunch.

At Klong Ka Raft House, there is shadow show (Nang Talung) every day played by the leader of the raft house (Khun Sutin) and the team.

When lunch is finished, no one can ever have a nap because of this beautiful atmosphere. No matter how tired we are after the long ride.

<< >> And it's time to swim.

Let's go boating

Taking a bit of photos ^^

Let's jump into the water

You can swim only up to 18.00hrs because of safety and security reason.

>> We take time to play with the water for about half a day. <<

-- At approximately 16.00hrs after swimming, we take a break and sit in front of the house while waiting for dinner at 18.00hrs. --

- The evening starts -

^^ ^^ And then it's time for dinner.

Staffs extend a friendly welcome >> and we can watch shadow play (Nang Talung) while waiting for dinner.

Dinner buffet is 200 baht / person.

4 main dishes and fruit plate. They are simple local foods >> very delicious.

After being full, we are so ready to relax and enjoy our bedtimes. Goodnight ZZZzz.

The morning at Klong Ka Raft House at 06.00hrs

It's time for breakfast, coffee, rafting and bird watching.

We join another group of tourists.

Breakfast includes porridge, coffee, Ovaltine with rafting and bird watching 200 baht / person (porridge photo is not taken).

Only breakfast without rafting is 100 baht/person.

There is staff to give instruction on how to use binoculars to watch birds.

It's time to explore, let's go !!

The atmosphere around the raft.

Equipment>>> Binoculars to watch birds

Let's watch the birds.

The sun is shining>> and the girls are taking a bit of photos.

During a trip back to the raft house.

And then we arrive at the raft house at about 7:30 hrs. >> Packing and preparing to go back home TT.

The boat is already waiting for us.

We depart at around 08:00hrs. >> The head of national park see us off out at a boat before we leaving.

Boat stops for us to take photos at Khao Sam Kler.

Heading to the pier

We arrive safely at the pier at 9:30hrs.

- Thanks all 5-trip members (a car is full of our baggage).

- Thank a little Suzuki Swift that takes us to follow our dreams by distance go - back 2800Km.

- Feel free to ask more information, I am happy to answer them.


View Video >> https://www.facebook.com/annkung99/videos/10365067...

A beginner try to write>> hope to see you next trip. Here is a summary of expenses.

- The boat costs 2,500 baht/boat (overnight) seats up to 10 people.

- We book accommodation at "Klong Ka Raft House" a big wooden house with two bathrooms. The rooms have a high sleeper and fan.

- Electricity is valid from 18:00hrs - 22:00hrs

- Weekday rate is 1260 baht /unit maximum stay 6 people per unit (weekend and public holiday 1800 baht/unit).

- Booking can be made 60 days in advance and via online system only. (Often fully booked)


- Lunch (stir fried pork with basil and fried egg) 80 baht/dish.

- Dinner buffet is 200 baht/person includes 4 main dishes and a fruit plate. They are local foods (very tasty).

- Breakfast includes porridge, coffee, Ovaltine and also rafting and bird watching 200 baht/person.

An average per person based on 5 people is 1232 baht/person (excluding travelling expense).

Additional Information

- Only phone with AIS/One-2-Call has signal.

- Camera and phone can be charged at the public center for free from 18:00hrs to 21:00hrs.

- Contact the head of raft house, Khun Sutin 086-2820296.

- Contact the boat (Roongrot Boat) 087-8825011.

- Feel free to ask for more information, I am happy to answer them.


View Video >> https://www.facebook.com/annkung99/videos/10365067...

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