The starting point of this whole trip is at Thailand Travel Expo.

I have no plan at all to go to Maldives and I am being honest here but the promotion to go there is just way too tempting.

While I am at home looking through the Instagram photos, suddenly I see the resort posted by one travel agency that I have followed on Instagram for ages offers a special package 3 days and 2 nights to Maldives at 23,000 THB.

I am like wow! This is super cheap so I get changed and go to Thailand Travel Expo right away.

I have arrived at that travel agency booth and I have got a very good assistance on my inquiries.

I have been thinking for a while and I guess I will just go for it using all my saved money.

It is a water villa with private Jacuzzi on Meeru Island. Can you imagine how nice it would be?

Actually our trip get even more exciting once we have arrived at the resort but I won't tell you now.

The package 3 days and 2 nights includes a snorkeling trip and a sunset cruise.

However, the flight ticket is not included!

Therefore, I have to run back and forth between this travel agent booth and Bangkok airway booth in order to make sure that the nights that we are going to stay we can get a promotional flight ticket as well.

In conclusion, the resort is all inclusive (meals and drinks are included) and it is 23,000 THB per person. The flight is 16,490 THB per person with vat and checked baggage included. (As a airline member, I have got 10 kilograms extra weight for checked baggage)

Everything is in order now. I have given the travel agency my passport to work on all the arrangements including date and time for snorkeling trip and the sunset cruise.

After that day I have started to prepare myself for the trip.

I work out like crazy. I want my body to be perfect in the swimming suit. I don't eat fried stuffs or desserts. I need to reduce my belly's size.

T25, T35 or dancing, whatever working out program people say it is good, I do it all. Apart from that, I go and look for a nice swimming suit but nothing else.

Then I start to look for snorkeling equipment such as snorkeling gear and snorkeling fins. The resort also has got these equipment for rent but I guess we better bring it ourselves. It is cheaper and more personal.

(The reason why I want to bring snorkeling fins over is that I am very scared of sea urchin. So I better be prepared)

I have found needed snorkeling equipment at the outlet in Bangna tower. The whole set is only 700 THB and It is the quality one.

Moreover, Oly Pen Epl7 Camera is one of the most important things to bring along on this trip. I am not that professional though and it will be my very first time working on it after having it for a while. We also have Gopro camera with Bobber floating hand grip, head strap, and hand strap along. We are well prepared to capture every single moment.

Expense Summary

1. Accommodation 23,000 THB per person

2. Flight ticket 16,490 THB

3. Snorkeling set 700 THB

We won't have any further expenses excluding the service gratuity.

And now it is time to start the real journey.


It is convenient for us this time to take the flight from Suvarnabhumi Airport where it is near our house. The flight will departs at 9.30 AM and will arrive at Ibrahim Nasir International Airport at 11.45 AM. The total flight time is 4 hours and 30 minutes. Please be noted that the time in Maldives is 2 hours behind Bangkok local time. We are flying with Bangkok airway and before boarding we are here at the lounge enjoying some snacks.

We are here finally. We are in Maldives. This photo is kind of unclear. We can't really see things outside. Is it the window that is dirty? Or is it my bad skill in taking photos? hahaha

We have arrived well and we are looking for the resort counter in order to get the boat to the resort.

Meeru is at counter number 59. We have to wait for the boat for another 40 minutes though.

Since we have sometimes to kill so we walk around the pier taking some photos.

The first sight I see the water, I am like freezing for a second or two. The water is super clear and the color is so blue. I really want to jump in it right now.

After taking photos around the area for a while, the staff comes to get us for the boat. It is a speedboat with two motors and a roof cover the whole boat. So you don't need to be worried that you might get wet and it is very safe too.

We are on the speedboat for about 40 minutes before approaching the pier of Meeru Island Resort.

This is where we are going to stay for the next two nights. We didn't know that this is our villa at first though.

We have spent sometimes walking on the beach and taken some photos.

We are not that excited because we are kind of dizzy from the boat ride. Then the staff comes to warmly welcome us to the resort.

The staff takes us to the Lobby to explain all important information while on the island including giving us the map.

And this is where the whole excitement comes when the staff informs us that we are upgraded to Honeymoon Suite for complementary. This is what I am talking about at the beginning. The resort thought that we are on honeymoon.

Oh my god! I feel like crying. We are very lucky.

Once the check-in process is done. We are picked up with the golf cart with all our belongings.

(This is the photo of the Honeymoon Suite from resort's official website. We thought we have recorded the video but we couldn't find it)

I feel like crying once again when I see the villa. The villa is located in the middle of the sea!!!! There are only 2 ways to get to this villa whether by boat or by swimming. hahaha I don't know how to express my feeling right now. I feel like the beauty has to exchange with the convenience though.

The staff is very kind and caring. And he has finally taken us to the villa safely.

For further information please visit

The villa consists of one bedroom and one living room.

There is a Jacuzzi which is big enough for 3 people on the balcony.

The villa is surrounded by super clear water. It is clear enough to see fishes down under.

We have arranged the sunset cruise and dolphin-watching program for today. After we have settled well, we ask the room boy to pick us up to the main resort for lunch before leaving for the trip.

Let's go for lunch now!

Buffet Lunch is already over so the resort has given us the complementary lunch vouchers to eat in the restaurant instead. After lunch, it is time to go to the reception to wait for the cruise. The staff will check your name against the reservation list and tell you which cruise number to take. There are 3 cruises in total for today and we are lucky to get the small one. It sails faster and it gives me the kind of feeling of being closer to the sun and the wind.

After the cruise is out for 20 minutes, dolphin-hunting mission get started.

It has been quite long and we haven't seen any dolphins, although the possibility to see them is usually 80%. It is on the way back that the magical happens. We finally see them, the dolphin, 10 of them!

I have never seen something like this before. They are so adorable.

The stunning sunset attracts us so much, we don't even know the date and time anymore. And I have tried my best to capture this wonderful moment for all of you as it can be seen above.

After the program of today is done. We are back at the resort for dinner but !!!

We are in the wrong zone of the restaurant. I want to cry. I can't really eat anything. The food is not good at all. This zone is for those who stay in the villa by the shoreline. The food is totally different from the zone for water villas. We come back to our villa directly after the dinner and then we dip in the Jacuzzi for hours before taking a shower and going to bed. We better be ready for tomorrow.


The new day has come and I woke up a bit late. My boyfriend, on the other hand; woke up since 6 AM. Guess what! He sees a stingray and a shark. He said they were wandering in front of the villa. He runs to get me to see them but it is a little too late. They are gone. I feel so sad, how can I miss this important opportunity.

These are the photos he has got to prove that he has seen them for real.

So I come back to freshen up myself before going to do snorkeling around the villa. Well, I have found many small fishes, crabs, and shrimps but there is no coral though. After enjoying this for a while, I come to take a shower and will go for the breakfast. This time we have made sure that we are at the right zone of the restaurant. The food is so good comparable as breakfast served in 5-star hotel in Thailand. Anyway, I would like to tell you first that we are not that into eating when on the trip.

Then we are ready for today main program, snorkeling. We have reserved it at 10 AM and we have to go to the reception first just like yesterday.

The boat sails for only roughly 10 minutes then we are able to start snorkeling to see the coral reef.

My impression goes to the super clear water and the friendly fishes.

The water is way too clear just like a crystal.

We are very hungry after snorkeling. We are back at the resort and going for lunch straight away. Lunch offers variety of food including steak, spaghetti, lamb, desserts, and some fresh fruits. After filling up our stomach, we have come back to our villa to get changed to do other activities.

The first activity we do is playing golf.

Then we do kayaking. And this time I don't miss to see the stingray but I feel scared though. When I see it, I think of what Note Udom said in his talk show. hahaha And we get wet once again. (I truly understand now why some people dress in swimming suit almost 24 hours a day here)

We have planned to do some more snorkeling around our villa so we have swum back to our villa from the main resort ourselves. It might not sound convenient but it is totally fun. Once we reach the villa, we don't hesitate to grab those snorkeling gear and snorkeling fins and jump back into the water once again. This time we will focus on taking photos. hahaha

Then we are ready for the Jacuzzi. I put the bubble bath in the tub, turn on the highest level of the Jacuzzi, and sip some wine. I almost throw up after sipping it. I guess I just can never drink something like this. We enjoy the Jacuzzi for a while then we need to get dressed once again for dinner.

The dinner is pretty impressive. It is full with steak, lamb, fish, beef, T-bone steak, spaghetti, and some cocktails. We then enjoy playing snooker, pool table and chess after the dinner until midnight. Then the room boy send us back to our villa with a paper of tomorrow's itinerary.

And the day we don't like the most has come, the last day of the trip.

We woke up with no motivation at all since it is the last day but we have tried to wake up early to enjoy this dreaming destination as much as we can.

We are not lucky today since it is cloudy and it seems to start to rain anytime. We then start to pack our bag while enjoying the view through the window. The boat is here to take us back to the main resort. Once we arrived there we see something black under the water and yes it is a shark, the real one. I try to get closer and it runs away.I didn't even have a chance to take a photo of it since I was too excited.

Now it is time to check out and get ready to go to the airport. Before leaving, we have our last breakfast here and we feel kind of sad. Suddenly, it starts to rain and it rains really heavily but we still need to go to the airport under this weather condition.

We have arrived at the airport safe and sound and we still have quite sometimes to kill. We have decided to walk around the duty free store.

We have found out that everything is very expensive. So for those who intend to do some shopping here please be aware of this.

And it is finally time to go boarding. We have taken off in the middle of the storm. There is a lot of turbulence and the fasten seat belt sign is always on. Finally, we have arrived back in Thailand safely.

Trip Summary

I feel that what I have paid is good value for money. It is totally worth it. The service at the resort is exceptional. All staff are very attentive and helpful.

The Honeymoon Suite that we are upgraded to is totally amazing. The view and the convenience are great. The resort also offers variety of activities.

For those who are afraid that the food is not good, please don't be. If you stay in one of the water villas, you will have international food and it is pretty good. For example, I don't eat vegetable I am still fine with all meals. If you are vegetarian, they also have the food for you. Even you don't bring any instant noodle, you will still be able to survive. I did bring some and I didn't have any of them. I gave all of them to the room boy at the end.

If we talk about the flight, even though it seems to me that flying with Bangkok Airway is like being on a bus but flying, they have kept their high quality service standard well. You will be taken care so well by all the cabin crews. The food is also up to the standard.

If you are looking for a trip to rest your body, calm your mind, and relax your brain, I highly recommend Maldives.

Although we travel in the rainy season, it doesn't rain everyday. It is not that bad. The rain comes for 10 minutes and then it is gone. And I would like to confirm that cheap and good do exist.

Thank you for your kind interests.

This is the video clip of the Honeymoon Suite that we stay. I have done some research and found it so I would like to give you a better view of the villa. Last but not least, I would like to talk about the camera for a bit. I am totally new in using Mirrorless Oly Pen Epl7.

The general summary of using Mirrorless Oly Pen Epl7 during this trip.

I would say that the color we have got is completely beautiful. We use automatic mode the whole time since we are not professional at all. From my point of view, most of the photos we get are great.

I am totally new. I have no skill in taking photos or editing. The logos found in all photos in this review are edited by my friend.

Actually, I also have some videos recording by this Mirrorless Oly Pen Epl7 but they have my unpleasant tone of voice in it. I don't know how to edit so I didn't post them on here. The video quality is pretty good I would say. To conclude, I like Mirrorless Oly Pen Epl7 because it is very easy to use.

On the other hand, Gopro camera is very convenient to use. You can use it both on the ground and in the water. In other words, you won't miss capturing your moment anytime anywhere. However, the water color we get from Gopro is not that nice. The color of the water we get is mainly in green color. I should have brought the red filter with me. Anyway, Gopro is good in overall.

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