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Greeting everyone with the super-hot Korean actor.

I have to tell you that this Korea trip review was kept with me for quite sometimes as I went there last year during end of October - the beginning of November which is in the period of leaves changing color. The weather is fairly cold with the beautiful leaves scenery like this, it is very suitable to visit Korea not more or less than during snow time as well. I would suggest you guys to firstly check the weather condition of Korea before travelling at this below link:


This trip starts just only from my pure emotion. As during that time my boyfriend go floating with his friends, thus, I think that I should also travel to somewhere else as well, but where should I go?

Then, I start to search on Youtube and look for the travel channels and I across my mind that I might want to go to Korea. I used to go there when I was a child, therefore, I would like to go back again and see what is different from those days that I have visited the place.

This time is rear case that I would travel with the tour group as the tour price is super cheap which I couldn't resist.

After I know where to go, hence, I try to find for more information and I came across one of the page that has a tour promotion price. It is soooo cheap.

Jeju Island, Korea costs 9,900 baht, however, I don't like it that much as it is a natural attraction place which differs from my intention to see the civilization of the city.

I search for more programs which I came across one of the tour promotion to Seoul and it costs just only 16,900 baht (p.s. others people in the tour bought at 13,900 baht T-T)

** Some people might find the tour promotion price for only 9,900 baht, you could reserve today and fly tomorrow as for Thai people, we do not need Visa to access Korea) **

In this trip, I have learn many useful information and trick from our tour guide, he is very professional.

Let's go together then ;)

Day One

The tour makes an appointment at around 4 o'clock in the morning at Don Mueang Airport ..But!!!!!

Our boarding time is at 8am. Therefore, we are quite surprised that why we have to meet up this early???

The good point of travelling with the tour group is that they will prepare everything for you for example immigration form and baggage tag, it is so convenience actually.

The tour guide would lead us to the check-in counter and let us do the check-in by ourselves but it is pretty easy and after that we would go to the boarding and get in the airplane. We book with Air Asia X, therefore, if you are hungry, you got to pay for the food by yourselves. We buy three portions for two.

What I am thinking is that……..Am I out of my mind that I pay for 650 baht to eat the instant food?

When landing at Incheon Airport, we are a bit stress as one of our friends who is the photographer have just got a brand new passport.

There are no stamps or whatever in his passport. However, he is getting through the country finally.

Even though others 7 people in our tour group could not access the country, me and my friend will stay in the tour program anyway.

At the airport, the tour guide tells us that we should not take a photo around too much. Thus, we are pretty scared to pull off our camera.

We have to wait up a little late than the plan due to there are some people that stuck in the immigrat ion office.

At last, we went straight to the diner place instead of traveling to the attraction. However, it is alright as our tour group respect the time, therefore, we do not need to rush and could go to every place that we have planned.

Our first meal at Korea is quite awesome. We are so hungry indeed.

Every table has this kind of side dish set; it is just exactly similar to the Korean drama we have watched.

There are side of rice and hot Seaweed Soup for us.

Finally we have reached our accommodation at Suwon. Let's get some sleep.

Day 2

In the morning, we face the cool weather from the balcony outside.

This is the view from outside that is filled with brown, red and yellow leaves.

I do enjoy this breathtaking view very much and it is kind of late now, we have to rush out to the buffet for the breakfast.

There are salad, rice, seaweed, ham and bread for you.

Today, we will go to Nami Island first.

Nami Island is located in Chuncheon city which is 63 kilometers away from Seoul on the east side.

The island has an area of 460,000 square meters and is located at the middle of Cheongpyeong Lake.


As I have mentioned that our tour guide is awesome and a good planner as she took us to stay near to Nami Island in order to wake us up from the hotel since 7 o'clock in the morning!! I have never travelled to any places this early before. Oh my gosh!… I walk kind like a crab right now.

However, when we reach the pier, we have just realized that why on earth the tour guide had to wake us up that early.

Look at the picture and it would say it all. No need an explanation.

Here we are!!!!

I am pretty overwhelming with all the surrounding right now. This is heaven on earth, isn't it?

When we arrive at Nami Island and see all of the leaves changing color, life is just wonderful right now.

The tour guide takes us to the landmark first and then leaves us to have some free time to take a walk and take some pictures by ourselves. Then we will meet up later on at the pier.

We just enjoy walking around taking pictures.

Squirrels here are quite friendly with humans.

There is a Happy New Year sign in Thai language as well.

Nami Island is an island that is renowned for its beautiful natural scenery; moreover, this place becomes more and more popular f rom a succession of a famous series show named "Winter Sonata" which had used this island as a filming location.

Let's continue walking.

There are souvenir shops here.

The atmosphere is so romantic.

There is a store selling something to eat, however, we won't buy anything here as we intend to try just the Red Bean Bun that has been baked in a large furnace which is a renowned delicacy of Nami Island.

I am standing in the line waiting…..waiting and waiting.

At last, I did not try it; maybe I came too early and the bun is still not ready. Anyway, it is almost the appointed time and we need to head back now, I feel quiet disappointed.

The scenery on the way back.

There are beautiful red-leafed trees.

Here comes the boat. Do you see the Thai flag?

Inside the boat will be like this.

From the island, it takes us quiet a long time travel to the city.

Our next destination is the Changdeokgung Palace.

This is the figure that our tour guide tells us to rub it for good luck.

Our tour guide also tells us that in the ancient time, the royals or King could walk into the middle door here.

They do take care of the place very well as I have seen that there are net along the roof in order to avoid the bird to nest here, moreover, the place is very clean.

There are lots of girls who were Hanbok dress and come to take pictures here and this is what I feel very impressed with this place. It just feels like you really here in Korea somehow.

For the architecture of the place, I could not describe about it that much. But after all, all the buildings are still in the beautiful and good condition.

This makes me learn that Korean people do protect and take care of their archaeological site very well.


After travelling around the palace, our tour guide takes us to eat Eomuk, the fish cake skewers. Our tour guide says that the fishcake here is the most delicious one and the shop opens just in front of the palace.

I think it's delicious, but not that much as I do prefer strong sharp taste more.

Anyway, the food is kind of fresh so I think it is just alright for me.

After we went to the palace, we would have lunch afterwards. Today, we will have a Rice Salad.

Actually, what I really have in mind is more superb than reality. However, this one is alright. They have a Shabu pan provided for us on the table.

In my opinion, the pork we have here is the most delicious dish of all four days. The pepper taste in the pork is pretty strong as we do not have to get more sauce from our tour guide.

Next the tour guide takes us to do some shopping at the outlet.

Do not expect to get any cheap brand-name product out here. Everything is expensive. We only could buy the cosmetic.

In the evening, we went to watch the show of Nanta Show, “Cookin".

We kind of enjoy it very much, there are no dialogues at all, and thus, we can still understand and enjoy it. It's brilliant.

Many people may have watched this show before as it has been show at Thailand many times.

After that, we are heading to the 3D museum and Kitty house.

I am not so interested in both places; therefore, I do not take any photo. Well, I am a person with a very little imagination.

Consequently, I think I would rather promenade around and see some good looking guys.

(The pictures are not very clear as the people here do walk pretty fast.)

As we are walking along the street, we notice that the skin of people here is really nice that we are quite jealous though.

We are lucky that today is coinciding with Halloween Day. Many people fully dress up.

The next day, w e are heading to Lotte world today.

Other people in the tour group are taking photos but me and my friends have to find something to eat first as we miss our breakfast. T-T

When we are hungry, everything we eat is just delicious. Lol.

On the top is chicken, and below is Coka- Cola

This one is a sweet Churros.

This one is like what we sell at hometown.

After that we queue up for the rides. This place is divided into 2 zones which are Indoor zone (very cute and imaginary zone) that has totally four floors and another zone is Outdoor zone (savage zone).

We will start with the first zone.

The first ride we come to queue up, could see the top view of all the amusement park here. From here we could watch and plan which rides we will go next.

Though, we do not get to play all the rides as it's about time we have to head back. I am extremely sad as there are still so many rides to try out.

The next destination we will go is the school for Kimchi making.

There will be a Korean teacher teaches us how to make Kimchi and the guide will translate for us.

It is kind of fun. However, we could not bring any back.

They will donate the food to the homeless children instead.

After finished, the school would lend us a Hanbok dress to take some pictures.

Inside, there will be a small studio and different scenes to choose from for taking our pictures here. The dress might be a little old but it's not so bad.

Then finally, we have come to a place we have waited for the whole trip.

We are at Myeong-dong, our guide gives us about two and a half hours here. Nevertheless who wants to go back a little later, they are fine as well.

I enjoy spending my time here, everywhere is beautiful and I want to buy all the things.

Especially, the cosmetics are so cheap. Some we get a very good deal, some kind like you get it for free. For example the face mask costs only 10 baht per piece, so I did buy a lot of them. As the result of that, it happens that my baggage is overweight load; luckily all the tour members would share the weight load for baggage together. Then again, I am still pretty stressed as the custom might think that I buy it for selling. Noooo, I buy it for myself.

Next, we go to Seoul Tower which is located on Namsan Mountain. It's the scenic spot that you could see th e view across the Seoul city.

Moreover, on the mountain, there is a bridge where lover will put on the key chain together. Nevertheless, the way up to the mountain is pretty tired, thus, I think I will skip that, seeing the view here is good enough. Besides, I do not want to put the key chain as my boyfriend did not come along with me anyway.

Next, the guide takes us to the shopping place.

Here, they sell a lot of things from dessert to Korean's appliances (jars, pots, pans which we see in the Korean series). The shop does not only take cash, but they do accept credit card as well; moreover, they also accept Thai baht too.

Therefore, we will rename this store to bankrupt store. LoL

After finish our shopping, then we are heading back to the airport.

We reach the airport and collect our bills to do the tax refund back at the counter.

For those who would like to continue shopping, there are a lot of shops at the airport

and the credit card is also accepted here.

If anyone would like to take more pictures with the Hanbok dress, the service is also available for free at the airport. The place is at the opposite side of the counter that you pick the stuff from outlet.

Walking around the airport, there is a parade show, I don't know what is the show called, I am a little confused but I continue watching it.

In summary, there are some tricks from our tour guide which are:

1. It is nice to visit Nami Island in the morning time; taking the boat first round would be the best as you could see the best view at that time. There would be a mist above the water surface and there are fewer tourists out there, you could take better pictures. (p.s. I used to visit the place in the late morning time, there won't be any mist and the place will be very crowded)

2. When you buy cosmetics in Myeong-dong, do find shops where there are Thai tours around as you could tell the cashier that you are along with them and you would get more free samples.

3. If any stores are out of stock, you could go to other alley s as there are many same cosmetics everywhere in Myeong -dong. (You could even get the refund from some shops)

Ps. In this review, I would not mention any of the government's places as I am not interested at all. When they take me to those government's places, I did not participate in the group and went out to take photos of the scenery outside instead. I just don't believe in this kind of thing so I just listen inattentively, our tour guide explains to us that the Korean government does support the tourism so we pay a little less for the trip. However, the mandatory is that the tour needs to take tourists to five government's shops which some of the tours might not inform their tour group in advance and that might somehow upset some people in the group.

But for me, it is understandable; I think it is a common thing when travelling with tour group. Maybe I have studied in this field before so it is easier to understand.

#There are a lot of Korea Tour which is very cheap in Thailand, therefore, please use some judgment in choosing them wisely. Besides for those who would like to have a contact of the tour agency in my review, you could ask me later on*

Thank you to all who read this review to the end and view the entire pictures as well.

We hope that my short review might be useful to you all.

Now we have made a new page for those who like to travel as well to share information with each other in this small community.

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