Anyang Art Park (안양예술공원) - Cool Hipster Garden Near Seoul, South Korea

Anyoung haseyo Hello everyone! This time, I went on a trip to South Korea with my mom. We specifically planned📍 to go to "Anyang Art Park". But there is very little information about nice spots to take hipster photos at this place on the internet that my mom asked me: "Is it worth it to visiting?" . Anyway, we decided to go and we found that it is totally worth it! I definitely recommend visiting this place because it's not far from Seoul and you can see amazing places that you can't find anywhere else! There are many spots to take great photos. Also, you should spend at least half a day here.

🚙 How to get there :
1.Gwanak Station Exit 2, then take the bus number 5624, 5625, 5626, 5530 or 5713
2.Anyang Station, then take the bus number 2

We chose the Gwanak Station route then took a taxi so my mom doesn't have to walk too much. The taxi fee was around 4,000 won.

💵You don't have to pay the entrance fee! This proves that nice free stuff really exists!

📷The photos in this album were taken using : Fujifilm XT-20 with 16-55 lens and Geekster 12 mm

PS. You have to walk a lot and sometimes you have to climb up steep hills; but it's not too difficult, even my mom could make it and the photos of me were all taken by her. I really recommend that you visit because you will get pretty photos.

Location 1 : Linear building on the tree

It's right at the farthest end of the garden but we took a taxi to the other end then walked here. This place is a tunnel hanging above the ground next to a tree like its name "Linear building on the tree". The tunnel is longer than I thought. Taking photos here is a lot of fun. There is also a large brown courtyard hanging connected to the tunnel.

Tips : I used wide lens to take the amazing tunnel photos but normal lens is also good; I used them to take all the photos of the courtyard.

เดินมาจากอุโมงค์เมื่อกี้ก็จะเจอศาลาสุชาวดี แอบตกใจมีภาษาไทยด้วย

The leaves start to change color...

Location 2 : Artificial Fall

It's a very beautiful artificial waterfall. At night, the lights are turned on too. If you reach this place, prepare to look to the opposite side; you can see the bridge that is used to cross to other locations.

Location 3 : Grass on Vacation

After crossing the beautiful white bridge, you have to climb up to take photos of other location; but it's not difficult. If you visit during the summer season, you can see Korean visitors swimming and playing in the water too.

Location 4 : Paper Snake

This place is a weird structure in the middle of the woods. They say that it resembles a snake, but I can't see it. Maybe it's because I'm not artistic enough :D However, I really like it and it's kind of chic. If you visit with your date, be sure to ask them to take a cool photo!

พิกัด 5 : Dimension Mirror Labyrinth
คืออันนี้ดีงามมากกกก เป็นกระจกที่จะสะท้อนเราอยู่ในกระจกทุกบาน สวยเวอร์!! เหมือนเป็นเขาวงกตกลางป่าใหญ่ มันมีสเน่ห์มาก จะุถ่ายเรากับกระจก หรือกระจกกับป่า กับก้อนเมฆยังไงก็ดีงาม แต่ๆ มีคนไปขีดเขียนกระจกเป็นรอยบ้างนะ (ถ่ายรูปมาไม่เห็นจ้า)

Location 6 : Anyang Crate House
It's a structure created by connecting drink crates together. When you stand inside, you can see the light that shines through them. It's so beautiful! But if you take a photo inside, it's a little dark so don't forget to set the ISO up high.

Location 7 : The Tail of Dragon

Ancient Korean styled roofs are put in the ground to look like a dragon's tail. WOW! So artistic!

Location 8: Anyang Peak

For this location, my mom waited below because she is a little scared of heights. However, the way up starts to lean into each other, making it narrow. It's a great viewpoint.

Location 9: Re. Vol. Ver

A metal house in the middle of the woods where there are many nice spots to take photos. Actually, the furniture inside the house can be moved, but I was too lazy too move them and I was afraid that my mom would complain about moving around their furniture. XD No, actually, they were heavy. If I moved them, my mom would have to help me. Anyway, if you like, you can move the furniture around to your liking.

Trip Conclusion ::

1.I really really love this place. After one visit, I missed so many spots. I really recommend this place. For those who thinking if there are many photo corners, there are a lot. So don't worry :)

2.You have to walk quite a lot, but the stone, wooden paths and bridges are easy to walk on. My mom who is around 60 years old could get around with no problems. Dear teenagers, don't worry!

3.The most important thing is, there are no people at all. What I mean is, during my visit, there weren't any people who came to take photos. Only those who came to swim in the water near the bridge to cool down and some women who came to have a picnic. You can as many photos as you want like it's your own studio!

4.It's very easy to reach this location! The train and taxi fee is 4,000 won and you don't have to pay the entrance fee. WOW! I spent so much money on makeup. It's near Seoul so you can spend the whole day here.

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