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Chamonix is a romantic city, which is located in between the borders of Switzerland and France. As I mentioned in the last 2 episodes that I thought it is going to be very difficult to come to this city. I have gathered much information from the Internet and adapt to my travel. Then, it appears that it is very easy to come here. The only fear we usually have is when we don't know thing. If we learn thing and be knowledgeable about it, there is no reason to be afraid of. Am I right?..... Let's get started about how to get there. I book a bus ticket from Geneva Airport to Chamonix with easy bus service. The round-trip ticket costs about 30 euro per person, which is the cheapest available. I book tickets online from It is very easy and not complicated at all.

Getting to the airport by train from downtown Geneva is not difficult at all<-> It is just one stop or about 6 minutes. When you are at the Geneve Cornavin main station, you just have to look at the departure board. The train schedule gives you all information regarding departure times and destinations. For this trip, we only focus on the Geneve Aeroport as we are going there. At the airport, take off the train and go straight into another building on the left next to the parking. There are many counters from 5-6 travel agents except the easy bus counter service ( I don't know why and I thought I might again get lost.) I go to ask another counter service and it appears that easy bus has no counter. Actually, I came to survey here one day before my departure date. You should spare enough time or make a survey one day before departure date to make sure you don't miss the bus.

From travel agency counters, we go straight out using door no.3. The easy bus is parked at bus lane in front of you. It may be the same side or opposite to you, which you will have to see carefully again. However, on the return trip the bus stops at coach lane which we must turn to the right.

Buses from every agency are parked at the 2 places I mentioned. On departure, my bus driver wears a vest written Chamexpress but driving easy bus, this makes me kind of confusing. I present my booking confirmation and he allows me to get in the bus. I am unable to find out because my English is not very good hahaha. Right after getting into the bus, I take a nap. However, the bus driver wears a vest written easy bus on my return trip. The bus leaves on time and you can always see the bus waiting15 minutes before departure time. The seat may be a bit cramped for tall people with long legs. You have to sit behind the driver or on the side next to the main door to be a bit more comfortable. However, this is not a problem at all for small size people.

It takes us about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Geneva to arrive at Chamonix in France, which is a small town surrounded by mountains full of snow fallen just 2 week ago. It is a very lovely tourist destination. The whole town seems to be occupied by tourists. There are places for shopping lined up on street, which you can really enjoy. On the top of mountain covered by white snow looking very beautiful. Do not worry about food, there are restaurants located on streets in town. If you want to save your budget, you can easily buy foodstuffs at supermarket such as Casino, Super U and Sherpet. Casino seems to have more branches than the other.

We can walk through small alley in Chamonix which all are connected to each other. The Easy bus stops at Chamonix bus station in Avenue de Courmayeur. We then have to walk back crossing over the bridge the stream turn right into the shopping center. Here, I stay at Hotel le Facigny.

If you go straight from the entrance of shopping center, you will find a large clock tower. Turn left and walk straight approximately 50 metres.

The accommodation is located on the right in grey building and on the left is the church and tourist information center. I get the attic room.

I book the hotel via Agoda at 7000 baht per night for 2 nights. Hotel staffs are friendly and lovely. Check-in time is 15:00hrs. I am surprised that a box of chocolate from a well know brand such Christian Lacroix also come together with a 7000 bath room. It is most delicious. Due to the Christmas season the hotel is more expensive especially tonight is Christmas Eve on the night of December 24th. Bells are ringing in the city with the happy sounds of people celebrating in the cold night. This is really my first time coming across this kind of experience and it excites me really a lot.

One thing I really like about visiting Europe is dogs. They were trained well and able to wait outside the shop without feeling cold like this one here. It is waiting outside for very long because it is a restaurant. The owner is not here for just a short time unlike doing grocery shopping. I appreciate the patience this dog has.

Taking a stroll in this city and do not be surprised because the city full of Santa Claus during this time.

I have set the time to spend in this city for 2 days so I don't have to be that tired. Actually, if I remember correctly on December 25th, I am not allowed to book my ticket with Easy Bus. I guess it is public holiday and that the bus stops running. As a result, I can easily take a stroll and chill around the city while filling the lungs with fresh air.

This town seems bigger if you look on Google but in tourist area you can easily walk around thoroughly.

Another corner before going to taste the desserts in this town, it has a great reputation and I have to give the thumbs up.

I stop again to take photos.

As mentioned earlier, Chamonix is a town of snow and sweets. I can't avoid having to walk around and taste these sweets in town. If you also like to do this, please follow me.

Not only do they have Macaron but also cake and chocolate.

Please ask me if they are delicious, I have to admit that I am not a big fan of Macaron because it is very sweet ... I used to have it in Thailand and I never give a try again. But after trying the Macaron here, I fell that it is less sweet that the one in Thailand and it texture is soft in a perfect mixture though it is still not my favorite. I opt for cake because personally it is really my thing, and I can confidently say here that it is super super yummy.

Let's see the evening atmosphere together. There are many beer bars, wine bars, pizzerias and burger corners everywhere.

And there is a parade in town tonight.

This night all the children are really happy. Many of them meet with the Santa Claus.

And I like to end the night with this Beef Burger. If I am not wrong it costs about 7-8 Euro, which is the cheapest in town.

This morning we have a mission to visit a high and beautiful mountain in Chamonix. We are going to be in in the peak of Aiguille du Midi.

Most people like to reach this level and it costs 58.5 Euro. It seems to be quite expensive, but it is very beautiful. Let's better see all photos together.

If you prefer to save your budget, you can go up to just the first stop. It's beautiful enough and costs 17 euro. The stop called de I'Aiguille. However, I do recommend reaching till the peak when you are already here. The level I am in, there is a walkways to spots that I can take photos comfortably together with written guideline. It is so beautiful and it can't be described into words. You really have to come and see in real if you have a chance to visit this town.

Another spot, I have to post images without description because it is way too beautiful to be able to describe into words. If you look below, you can see the town and that is the Chamonix City.

On my way down, I am lucky to stand next to the window. It is really packed inside the cable car and you really have to use your capabilities to be able to stay up.

I am not sure if this photo is Plan de l'Aiguille. I can't confirm. There are small houses as props to take photo and snow is so beautiful.

The walkways are made nicely and safely up in the mountain. You can rely on the safety.

Actually, it is a pity that I can't make it up to the rectangular clear box where is made for tourist to take photo with Chamonix Mont-Blanc. We have to take lift to another level. There are a lot of people waiting and my girlfriend has ear pain because she does not like cold weather. Therefore, I decide not to get there thus here is a sample photo from another website for you to see.


The final photo before ending my review.

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