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Firstly, let I remind you to the time that I depart from Chamonix to Lyon by taking the Easy Bus at 07:00hrs to Geneva to continue with the train which I already book to Lyon. Since we plan to stay in Lyon for quite long, thus we want to visit another city in between but we are a bit lazy to stay overnight, carry our baggage, move around and we want to save our budget for accommodation. Therefore, I have an idea to visit Annecy. Once we arrive in Lyon, we take a nap first because w have been heavily travelling for many days. We need to rest and get fresh before going to see the town of Lyon in the evening and visit the town, which I think it is the best in this trip tomorrow.

Annecy is another cute little town and you should not miss it if you come around this area. The main attraction in this city is an old prison, a harbour, shopping area and foods. I travel from the main train station in de Lyon-Part-Dieu to Annecy by TER train. Tickets can be purchased from the TER machine in blue using credit card. A round trip ticket costs 54 Euro per person. Don't for get to validate the ticket before getting into the train by inserting the ticket into the yellow machine standing in most of train stations.


After arriving at the Annecy train station, we follow a group of people facing out the train station.

The left is the shopping area, we go straight and turn left then turn right till we find the bridge with clear water. From here we just have to go along the canal.

By walking along the canal leads us to see the old prison, which is the well-known place for everyone to take photos. Inside or outside in this area has turned into restaurants and souvenir shops.

The opposite side of the old prison, it is a spectacular harbour. Unfortunately, I am really lazy to carry my baggage. Otherwise I would have stayed here overnight for about 2 nights.

Heading straight to the lake by crossing the street just a little then you will see this view.

I choose to go on the left first. It is a park where everyone is out for jogging. Some also come to run with a dog. Well, I would say that is really Europe's way of living hahaha.

The water here is so crystal clear.

I swear that from now on the photos I have posted are not paintings. They are photos taken by me not paintings at all.

As here is well know for tourist thus foods are pretty expensive. From the lake if you face to the lake and continue walking walk to the left, you will find the shopping area and restaurants. The cheapest food is definitely burger at 6 Euro (a piece of this is enough for 3 small girls because it is huge about 20cm.)

The next review in Lyon is my last trip in Europe for this time. Please stay tune and follow me.

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 Monday, February 8, 2016 11:41 AM