After arriving in Lyon for just one one day, I happen to visit Annecy and have previously made my review about it in episode 4. In order to review Lyon purely without any place to interrupt. Thus, let get started.

On December 26, 2015 I rake the TGV Lyria train from Geneva Cornavin Station to Station de Lyon-Part-Dieu. I book the ticket before via the website of SNCF and it costs 38 Euro per person. Since I plan to stay here quite long, to slow down my life and chill, I decide to make a visit to Annecy in between as I previously mentioned. I take the train from Geneva at 12:42hrs and arrive in Lyon at 14:26hrs and go straight to check-in at Hotel Campanile Lyon Centre.

I often have a lot of problems in finding places, train stations and others for the first time in each city. Not only do I have to carry the heavy backpack but also to pull the baggage. My girlfriend also has to take one of the small backpack. I sweat a lot although the temperature is as low as 0-4 degrees. As I said, it is always better to spare enough time or to do the survey a day in advance so that you don't have to be worry of anything. This helps you to know where and how to go. After the checkin is completed, there is nothing to do so we decide to take a rest. We then go to explore the shopping area to see how far it is. We start by walking from the hotel crossing the Lyon-Part-Dieu station the other side where Carrefour mall is located. We then walk pass Gallery Lafayette mall.

I walk to the end of the road until the bridge crossing over the Rhone river. Here I find the shopping street in the town where you can really enjoy shopping and buying things. I have to say it is pretty far by walking but if if you are not in hurry and like to take a troll, enjoy the surroundings then it's not that bad. However, on my way back, it is some sort of tiring.

On December 27, 2015 almost 80% of the store whether shopping malls or restaurants are closed. All of famous ones such as Printemps, H&M, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp and other supermarkets are completely closed though you still can find the lights on to allow tourists to make window shopping. I feel like I am on tour to see animals in the zoo. We can only see what we want to buy and aim to do for the next day. I see only one store is open which is Lyon Part-Dieu. I plan to make a complete tour today by purchasing a day pass ticket for unlimited use in Lyon at 5.5 Euro.

The ticket can be used for metro, bus, tram and even cable car to go up to Fourviere. This is really worth the money. I start by taking the metro to Bellecour to soak up the atmosphere at the monument of someone I can't remember and a huge Ferris wheel. I guess it is King Louis XX (I'm not really sure about history as I only focus on seeing the world hahaha).

After indulging with the King Louis and a giant Ferris wheel which is landmark of here, I walk up to the traffic light. At the Rhone river on the right, there is a market selling fresh vegetables, grilled chicken and sweets on Sunday or every day which I'm not sure. (I am here on a Sunday). You can give a try if you are here once.

Then I cross the bridge over the Rhone river and walk until a junction. Here is Vieux Lyon station, a starting point to up to the old town.

When arriving at Vieux Lyon Station, there are 2 lines of cable car. The left line goes to Saint-Just, where we can take off at Minimes station to the yard of Amphitheather (odean). The right line goes to Basilique Notre-dame de Fourviere to see scenic city of Lyon and the old church.

I choose to go with the right line first to go to the Basilique Notre-dame de Fourviere. We visit the city of Lyon and the beautiful old church first. Right after we get out of cable car, this photo is what we see.

Looking to the left, I thought it is Eiffel Tower hahaha. It seems to be an antenna signal tower.

I walk further into the scenic viewpoint of Lyon. The old orange roof, the bright and cloudy this point I would like to have a bottle of cold beer. So craving!

Another photo of city view on the left.

The view in the middle of the city where you can see the tallest building which could possibly be the Lyon Part Dieu or a hotel which I do not remember the name.

After Indulging with the city, we go to the church. Personally, I am a Buddhist, but I don't stop myself from learning new things in the church. There is a board describing the history of the church in French and English. It's really interesting, but very long. With my English skill, I'd better skip to another thing hahaha.

Another corner inside the church.

After completing the mission in visiting the Basilique Notre-dame de Fourviere church. I take the cable car down to change to the left line direction Saint-Just to visit Amphitheatre (odean). We take off at Minimes station and once we arrive, we walk backwards about 30 meter till we arrive at the main entrance.

I like it here. I can smell the Romance and feel like being in the Gladiator movie.

Are you becoming energetic?

We come down from Fourviere, and it is almost evening. At 16:00hrs is already dark here. I head to the Place des Terreaux by taking a train to Hotel de ville station which is the location of an opera house.

Next to the the opera house, on the left is a remarkable architecture show. Since we are tried from walking, we get back to sleep so we can go through again tomorrow. Oh, I forget that tomorrow I have to move to another hotel. Please help me to pack and move to another hotel tomorrow.

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 Monday, February 8, 2016 11:44 AM