Hello everyone, today I will review Russia which is the third part and the last part for our 30 days 3 countries travel: Georgia, Turkey and Russia. For those who have just seen our journey here, you can look up our previous part of journey at the following links.

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Our very long journey is about to come to an end after exploring both countries at Turkey and Georgia for the past 20 days. We have met and experienced many things both different beautiful places and excitement along the way. Now, we are almost arrived at our last destination, Russia. This is one of the dream countries that I must go before I die!!! The famous thing about this country is history and architecture. Whoever like these, I think you will not be disappointed a bit.

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Enough for talking, now let's start our journey. After we finish our trip in Turkey, now it's time to continue our journey. Our flight departs at about 2 a.m. On the day of travelling, we are not hurry at all, just wandering around our hostel, eating, and shopping around. And at around 10 p.m. we start to take the train to the Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST).

When it's time to check in, we get in queue and load our luggage. My first time flying with the Aeroflot airline along my journey is quite impressive. The aircraft is in good condition. The food is delicious. The flight is safe and on time. For whoever is still reluctant with this airline, you can be at ease.

The Russian airport is very big. We board at gate 217. Since we arrive earlier so we don't need to hurry to the gate. We can chill out at Duty Free zone or exchange money.

It's time to take off. The flight is full for this 2 a.m. flight from Istanbul Turkey to Russia. Soon, the food is served on board. It is the curry fried rice with chicken and some vegetable and Tuna salad. It is very delicious. After that, we get ready to take a rest. It is a 3 hour and 25 minutes flight. We wanted to take some rest since we will arrive Russia early morning and we want to put our stuff back to the hostel and then go out to tour all day.

After we arrive at Sheremetyevo International Airport (SVO) on time, we go through immigration easily with no problem. Then we go pick up our luggage and get ready to go to the Moscow downtown. While we are standing puzzle of how to get to downtown, by taxi or train, one driver suddenly approaches us and proposes the price for taking us to the hostel. We think that we have quite a lot of luggage and it would be inconvenient to take the train. Finally, he proposes a price and I don't remember how much but I remember it's quite expensive. We try to negotiate as much as we can and the driver seems upset and said this is the most he can reduce and we can't negotiate any further although we try really hard. But we finally agree anyway since we didn't want to waste any more time. We want to reach hostel the fastest so that we can start travel. He's quite happy now and takes us to his car which is park in front of the airport. At first, he said he has a big car but when we reach there it's a small old car and not a taxi. We look at each other and realize that we got it now. But today is the first day so let it be. We put our luggage on the car and go to downtown to find our hostel. We print the address of our booking hotel in Russian so that it'd be easy for Russian to read because most of them do not speak English much. It takes about 45 minutes drive to our hotel. We like this location a lot since it's very close to several attractions like the Kremlin Palace and the Red Square. The staff helps us a lot both how to travel in Russia and how to book the train to different cities. Or when we ask any questions, they answer sincerely. I really recommend this place, the Hostel Kremlin Lights. We are 4 people, we get the 2 story beds. It is a personal room and quite convenient.

After putting the luggage back to the hostel, it's time to travel Moscow. This morning, the weather is very nice, the sky is blue and clear. We can walk and relax near the river. This river leads to the Red Square. To the left of the river is the Kremlin Palace which is outstandingly located with a very beautiful architecture.

The atmosphere around is very good. After walking for a while, we meet the painter who is painting the Kremlin Palace. It is very beautiful. We stand there to watch for a while before continue walking.....

Then, we arrive at the Red Square, the center of Russian architecture. In addition of being the center of this beautiful architecture, this place is also the place for important activities. In the past, the Red Square is an important stage for historical event, both for the religious celebration or political one. So now, this place becomes the important place for tourist attraction and attracts many tourists to enjoy the beauty of this historical place.

This is the Saint Basil's Cathedral, ages 500 years. It was built by the Ivan The Terrible. It is the victory sign of Kazan Khanate war. The highlight is the 8 onion domes that has uniquely designed. According to the history, when it's completed, the Tzar asked the designer if he can design any more beautiful place than this, he said yes. So he was taken to take his eyes out as the Tzar didn't want to see any more beautiful building. Such a pity for him.

The weather in October is very nice, the sky is open all the time with no rain. I get very upset if it rains when I travel because I don't want to miss the chance to capture the beautiful shots for memory. The atmosphere at the sunset time is very romantic. What a relax evening!

From the Saint Basil's Cathedral, if we turn around, we will see this red building, looking like a toy building. It is a State Historical Museum. It is like a Russian national museum; it collects all the things since the prehistorical era to the king period (Tzar and other emperors) until the Soviet Union time. If anyone want to learn about Russian history, this is the perfect place for you.

Nearby the State Historical Museum is the Kazan Cathedral which is beautifully located. It really looks like a toy town.

And the place that I want to recommend the most for shopping lover is the Gum shopping mall which ages more than 100 years old. Inside is beautifully decorated with tons of brand name stores. It also situates the big supermarket which I don't remember the name. It sells many things and very suitable to buy some home for souvenir.

In the middle of the glasshouse atop is colorfully decorated with lights at night. It is also designed to keep its ancient beauty. I think this is very good, looking so fine.

We walk to see the supermarket inside the Gum which has many things available, like food, beverages and souvenir. This is also my first try of authentic Russian caviar, the expensive food in Russia. When I actually get to try, it's very delicious, a bit salty and a bit cool. It would be more delicious if we get to eat with something else. I recommend the easy food to eat with like crackers, sour cream and caviar. I think just this is already ok and seems like we are already arrived at Russia. You can find time to try it too.

Photo credit : http://www.onthegotours.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Facade-72.jpg

After wandering around enough, it's time for night shots that we all have been waiting for at the most special angle of the trip. Today we are going to take photo at the rooftop bar of Ritz Carlton hotel in which we use the service of O2 Lounge which is located at the top floor of this hotel.

The view from atop here, you can see many important tourist attractions.

When you get up here, you will see this beautiful view of the Red Square. While we are astonished by this magnificent view, the beautiful female staff welcomes us and takes us to the outdoor table. After seated, we each order one drink like usual.

That I already arrive here, I order Moscow Mule, the signature drink here. It is a traditional Russian vodka mixed with gin and lime. Such a great taste! There's a lot of drinks to choose from as well as food. But the price is also very expensive, so we decided to skip the food, haha.

And finally the most impressive moment has arrived. The sun is now completely set while the lights of Moscow and the Red Square lit up the whole city again. It is so worth the drink we pay. Whoever wants to see this beautiful night view, you are more than welcome to try it out too. To pay for a drink is so worth this uniquely beautiful angle view. I really recommend. And tonight has beautifully ended.


Today we wake up at 4 a.m. as we are going to take the morning light shots. Last night before we went to bed, we talked with the hostel staff to help us arrange the taxi to take us from the hostel to the photography spot which is quite far from our hotel. At 4 a.m., the taxi picks us up on time. After talking with the driver, we go straight to that place.

Moscow International Business Center

When we talk about tourist attractions in Russia, many people would think of the Red Square area right? Because at Red Square, you can most feel the Russian architecture, like the palaces or churches that you can feel the splendor of this place back then. But this time, I want to propose another angle of Moscow that many people are yet familiar, that place is the Moscow International Business Center. It is the big economic center area of Moscow which is located in Presnensky District. This area is the first zone for all the business in Russia. This business zone is also expected to have the tallest building in Europe, Oko Tower which has 352 floors!!! Around this area is also situated many different buildings, I think they were designed in Russian style, let it be the Evolution Tower, City of Capitals or the Mercury City Tower in which I like very much and many more. If anyone is fond of contemporary architecture and the Russian identity, I think the Moscow International Business Center will astonish you with these magnificent buildings.

After watching the first light, we take the metro to the station of Park Podeby. This picture is the Moscow Triumphal Arch.

When we walk to the Victory Park, we will see several monuments in which to remind later generations of how much people in the past has fought for their country.

Poklonnaya Hill

This great architecture monument is full of history of the WWII.

Temple of St. George the Victorious

This is another very interesting place. Have you ever thought that why we see a lot of monuments when we visit Russia. Personally, I think the people who started to build these monuments might try to remind the later generations to think about what the previous generations have done for the country so people get a sense of patriotism.

Temple of St. George is located in Victory Park, close to the Poklonnaya Hill. It is easy to find. We come here in September which is autumn in Russia. Leaves start to change color into orange and red, looking very beautiful and colorful. The architect, the owner of the project is Anatoly Trofimovich. The place is completed after he died. It has officially open in the 50th Anniversary of the victor of the Great Patriotic War, May 6, 1995.

After enjoying the Victory Park, we go back to the hostel to take some rest and charge up some energy as tonight we have the plan to tour the metro of Moscow which will take the whole night time until the metro is closed.

DAY 2: 10 P.M.

Before coming to Russia, we have researched some interesting attractions in Moscow. We found that in addition to the Kremlin Palace, the Red Square, the St. Basil's Cathedral that most people come for Moscow, there's one more interesting attraction like the metro. The Moscow metro is very beautiful. Now, it has 12 lines and 194 stations. Each station has different beauty but I will only talk about 8 stations from 12 stations that I have visited that I think most beautiful in my eyes. If you like arts and architecture, it is so worth to take a day to appreciate the beauty in the metro. The hidden beauty in this review will let you know about the meaning and history of each station in details including how to get on the train, how to buy the ticket, and how to go to these beautiful stations as well as what to know and what to be aware in case somebody wants to follow me to travel inside the metro.

Metro Map in Moscow

Now the Moscow metro has 12 lines and 194 stations. Looking like this is quite confused. But for those who used to go to Japan in the big cities like Tokyo or Osaka which has similar complicated metro lines and have traveled by train, you would find it not that difficult, at Moscow.

" Metropolitan "

Before anything, I want to introduce the application that I use when travel by metro in Moscow. This application is very easy to use. It is designed to understand every menu easily and quite convenient. We can bookmark the stations that we want to go, this is the good news for people who have planed in advance because when we want to go anywhere, we don't have to go back and look at the name again. With one click, we will get the station that we have bookmarked and we also will know what station we are at. This application also give us the location, with a blue circle to remind us about our station again so we won't forget or afraid of getting lost.

Tickets and Smart Cards

There are many types of metro cards to choose. We can calculate how many times we need to travel and buy the appropriate type of card. More importantly, when we 4 people travel together, we can buy just one card and use it together. We just need to swipe card 4 times. It's quite saving. And the card has no expiry time.

*We can use this card at Moscow only, when we go to St. Petersburg, we need to buy it again.

For more information: ( http://troika.mos.ru/en/ )

Ok, after explaining roughly about the map and card of the metro stations. Now, let's go back to the Soviet Union era again. Let's go back to see the most prosperous time of the Communist rule of Russia by exploring the Moscow metro stations!!!

When we get into the station, we will see the ticket booth opening in each row.. Some station has automatic ticket machine. Even before we get down to the station, the entrance is already so beautiful, so excited!

After we get the train ticket from the booth, now it's time to take the escalator down there to see what is there to see.

This is a great place where one can learn about the history of Russia because this station is being built to use in war and not for public use at first. The starting point is that the President Stalin wanted to build this train for soldiers and food transportation to the main cities during the war in the Soviet Union time, especially the winter time. This train station is only used for people to hide since it has drilled down so deep. If you come to use it once, you will know how deep it drilled. It is very deep, several times to ours. Probably it is deep about 4th to 5th floor of the building. We can feel completely safe no matter how hard the explosive might be.

For how to build up this station is also extraordinary. They didn't use the regular builder. President Stalin put about 13,000 soldiers and young soldiers to build it. The emphasis of the building is on the special durability and the architectural style is monumental art. That is to say, he wanted to build it as to commemorate the virtues of the previous generations so that when the later generations see it, it will arouse their patriotism, nationalism, and socialism. These ideology has been portrayed via sculpture, casting, reliefs, painting and different types of mosaic works. Let say whatever arts there to offer, he put it all here. Even I'm not a Russian, I also feel so in with this art. If whoever gets a chance to travel to Moscow, Russia, I highly recommend you to spare a day for the metro arts in order to see the beauty of this ancientness and her history. I have selected the 8 great stations. It's really fun and enjoyable.

Now, it's time to see the 8 metro stations that I think are the most beautiful in my eyes from what I have visited.

1. Komsomolskaya Station (Комсомольская) Brown Line

It is 37 meters deep. It connects to the station that has the same name but is a red line. It was designed by Aleksey Shchusev and won the award at New York World's Fair. At the center of the hall, it is decorated with a giant chandelier. On the ceiling is beautifully decorated the story with different stones. It is the station where most tours will visit. This station also connects with 3 other stations which are Leningradsky Rail Terminal, Yaroslavsky Rail Terminal and Kazansky Rail Terminal, making this station one of the most crowded stations. The architect А.Shchusev and P.Korin also won the award of State Prize of the USSR in 1951 too.

2. Elektrozavodskaya Station (Электрозаводская)

Elektrozavodskaya Station (Электрозаводская) was open to public use on 15th May 1944. It is 31.5 meters deep. The name comes from the fact that there's a light bulb factory nearby which inspired the architect to design the ceiling by putting the circle light bulb in 6 row each (altogether is 318 light bulbs). There's also marble on the square pillars. The platform outside is golden bars decorated with hammer and sickle.

3. Arbatskaya Station (Арба́тская)

Arbatskaya Station (Арба́тская) was built as a bunker. It was open to public use on 5th April 1953. It is the second largest station in Moscow. The platform is 250 meters long and 41 meters deep. It is outstanding with the reliefs and lamps. It is all time crowded station because it connects to the other 4 metro lines. One month after the death of Stalin, this station was honored to be the station that has the perfect unique Stalinist Baroque style design.

4. Ploschad Revolyutsii Station (Пло́щадь Револю́ции) Line 3- Dark Blue

Ploschad Revolyutsii Station (Пло́щадь Револю́ции) Line 3- Dark Blue was open to public use on 13th March 1938. It was designed by Dushkin. The walkway at the platform is decorated with 76 pieces of Armenia marble. For some pieces, people will touch it as they believe that this will bring them good luck.

5. Park Pobedy Station (Парк Победы)

It was open to public use on 6th May 2003. It is the deepest station of all, with 73.6 meters deep. It also has the longest escalator in the Moscow metro, which is 126 meters long. This station is decorated with Mosaic arts about the history of Patriotic War. At the hall, the pillars and the wall is decorated with white and brown marble.

6. Novoslobodskaya Station (Новослободская)

It was open to public use on 30th January 1952. It is 40 meters deep. It is outstanding with 32 pieces of beautiful stain glass work of Latvia artist. Each stain glass is framed with brass. At the end of the platform has an Ural pink marble and trim brass statue. These mosaic were made by Pavel Korin under the name "Peace Throughout the World". There's huge renovation and major cleaning of these stain glasses, mosaic and chandelier in 2003.

7. Mayakovskaya Station (Russian: Маяко́вская)

This is one of the most beautiful stations in the world. It was awarded "the Grand Prize" winner at the 1938 World's Fair in New York. The ceiling is decorated with mosaic picture to signify the bright future of the Soviet Union. This is the work of Alexander Deyneka.

8. Slavyansky Bulvar Station (1 of 15 The Most Beautiful Metro Stations in The World)

This is one of my favorite stations as it was designed like the future world. The station is very spacious. It was designed by the architect S.Volovich. Inside the wall is the green stone, which is the marble from Cuba "World Guatemala" and also the marble that shine when reflecting with the light. It is very beautiful.

Thank you for some information from this website: ( http://www.oknation.net/blog/mena/2014/10/21/entry-1) What need to know and the cautions of using the metro.

This is the real incident that I want to share to you guys so that you can travel with more cautions and consciousness and won't get tricked by theft.

This incident happened in the metro. It might have started since the entrance to the station in which the theft followed us very closely. They waited and got in the same train with us and right before the train was about to depart when the warning sound rang, they quickly walked out and pushed the target hard. They also grabed you at the shoulder and let the other person took your purse from your pocket and all walked out. We were so confused because at that time, there's not much people that they needed to stay so close to us. It seemed like they come in a gang of 3 people. If you travel here, you must be very careful. What to do now if we got pick-pocketed?

" Warning in St.Peterburg !! "

In this post, I will share the experience and how to handle when we got pick-pocketed at St. Petersburg where the victim got purse stolen among crowd. They used people holding a tour service sign and came to talk to travelers as a lure. We rejected and kept walking to the station but they insisted and followed us. They kept talking and did everything to attract our attention until one of our friends didn't know that his purse was about to get pick-pocketed by the one who held the tour sign. Then we walked and stoped at the zebra crosswalk. I think this is where they took things from our pocket. Finally, before we knew it, our purses were already gone. At that time, we were so frightened and running around to find the police. Then, we found a police station and told them our story as well as took them to the place where this happened with photos and CCTV which might have recorded the incident. But finally the police told us to talk to the police station that is located in the area. Well, here, we think this is getting difficult since after all, here is Russia!!! People speak little English. If they were not people working in services or tourism, it would be extremely difficult to communicate English with. The police also tried but it also looked difficult for them. Finally, we decided to find the police station. Luckily, just a few click with the word Polis (this is the word for police) in Google Maps, we found that the police station is not far.

We decided to split in group by letting our female friend taking care of this as her language skills is much better than us and we just accompany her. We open the map and walk to the police station. We think that we are just going to go there and complain things to them and they might help us somehow. But, it turns out that no one here can speak English!!! Someone seems can talk a bit and try to help but finally give up. They told us to take the translator and it has to be the certified translator!!! Otherwise, they won't talk with. Oh my, are you serious? Is there any country that require the certified translator for this matter? When we got out of the station, we didn't believe that. We thought that we can just take Russian who can speak English and that should be enough, what's different than the certified translator? Our female friend said, the staff at the hotel can speak English quite well. So we decided to ask him for help. This kind staff is also willing to help us. Then we all go back to the police station again. We are quite confident that everything would be alright when he goes in to talk to police. Soon he walked out and we knew we are in trouble now. He told us that we really need the certified translator, otherwise, the police won't talk to us nor help us about this case. We thanked him for his help. Finally he also takes us to the translation agency. At first we were quite curious of what type of agency is it? When we got there, it's like the printing shop in Thailand where they offer document translation or tourist attractions translation services. But here, they offer all kinds of English services like documents, works, tourism, letters since most Russians can't speak English. They have staff sitting at different table listening and typing our story from Russian to English and print out for the customers to do whatever they needed afterwards. I think this is such a great business in this country. When it's our turn, we tell them our story and ask them to be our translator at the police station (total expenses is 3,500 RUB). Then, we take the certified translator to meet the police and they take care everything for us.

Later we understand that this is their rule that we must accept and strictly follow. They also need someone to seriously coordinate and testify. Soon, we got the insurance bill but to arrest the theft, they said it'd be difficult (and it's likely that they won't have them arrested). This is because in each day many tourists got pick-pocketed and it'd be difficult to arrest them all. One thing that every tourist country teaches us is that we need to be careful and self-responsive. We need to be conscious and not trust other people easily. We need to question all the time since it really helps. No matter how much we careful, I think they might be better than us as they are professional theft.

So the best thing to do is to always have conscious. If going in group, we need to look after one another, otherwise we might fall under their theft. Also, we need to study about the important places of where they are located as well as the rules so we won't waste so much time.

And this is the end of 8 most beautiful metro stations in Moscow, Russia. In fact, there's many more stations that are beautiful but due to the limited time, I can only give 8 reviews here. Please accept my apology if anything is missing or wrong. And thank you everyone for reading until this line.


After taking photos at the metro stations until 1 a.m., we sleep so well even without taking shower. Tomorrow early morning we have planed to take some more photos at the Red Square. Coming to Russia, we can't miss to take the most possible photos.

We walk through the cold wind at 5.30 a.m. to capture the morning shots at the Red Square. For those who love architecture and want to take photos with the important place, you can come here at 6 or 7 a.m. as there will be very few people with on one in the frame. We can walk so chill and enjoy the morning comfy wind.

After this chill morning walk, now we are going to our last destination in Moscow, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior was built to honor the King Alexandra 1 who won over Napoleon and French army in 1812. This is my favorite church in Moscow. Its style and color is really magnificent.

In front of this church lies a long bridge crossing over Moskva River. If you were standing here, you can see the Kremlin Palace right from the bridge.

After going to every places as planned in Moscow, we go back to our hostel to take some rest as we will take the train to St. Petersburg at 11 p.m. tonight. We walk around in our hotel, to the common use area. It is the kitchen with dinning table and big screen TV for the guests to sit and enjoy together.

These two friends are Russian. They work in hostel that we are staying. At first, we were talking to a Mongolian friend. She travels from Germany to stay at Moscow one night and will return to Mongolia the next day. We were just talking in general. I asked why there's a lot of Mongolians working in Moscow. She said many Mongolians study and work here because they are neighboring country. Since education and job here are much better than Mongolia, so it is normal for Mongolian to seek for job opportunity in Russia. Then, we talked until it's quite late, so she went to bed. I forgot to take photo with her. She's very nice and friendly. After that, these two Russians walk in and turn on the TV randomly in front of us. We then play our phone. They both laugh and look at us and talk something. It seems like they want to ask us something and give us strange hand gesture. We are confused too. Then, we talk by hands but didn't understand each other. We then thought that we can use language application of Google to talk. This time we talk by sound by setting it from Russian to English. Then, we give the phone to them to talk and we read the translation as "Do you like Obama??" And we look at the TV, it's the Syria war news. Russia also declares this war, that's why they ask us. We said no and use hand gesture to show a sign of crossing hands as we see that they both are so masculine, haha. After that, we just kept talking, about work, names, whether we are friends and many more. It's quite strange but they both look so enjoy. And we exchange many laughter, haha. It's so great, we both speak different languages but we understand each other due to this language program. I just see its advantage here. Finally, before we both go to bed, I take this photo as memory and hope to meet with them again

After meeting with new friends, it's time to go to the railway station. We pack and go to Leningradsky Railway Station. We book the sleeping late train that will arrive St. Petersburg at about 5 a.m.. The advice for traveling across the city is to book the train ticket in advance from Russia railway website. After booking, you will get the E-Ticket to show to the train staff.

After getting on the train, this train is bound for Moskovsky Station as final destination station. Since we slept too much earlier, we are quite awake even now it has already passed midnight. Then, we walk to the restaurant to find something to eat. We each drink beer in a hope to get sleepy. The price of food and drinks on the train is quite expensive than normal price. If you want to just get the feeling, you can have some drink as the price is quite reasonable. We also sit there to enjoy the atmosphere for a while before going back to sleep. Tomorrow we will arrive St. Petersburg early morning and after unpack our luggage at the hostel, we will go out to explore the city the whole day.

At 5 a.m. ish, the light is turned on to wake us up as we now arrive at Moskovsky Station of St. Petersburg. People are slowing pack things up until the train is coming to a complete stop at the platform. We all leave the train. The first feeling upon our feet stepping out of the train is the cold wind slamming hard on our faces that our whole body can feel it. When we left Moscow, the temperature was about 14 degree but now the temperature has dropped to only 4 degree. We all hurry to the building to find the warmth, get changed and ready for this cold.

After getting all packed with the warm clothes, we walk out of the terminal to find the taxi going to the city. We 4 people is perfect for one car. It's not far and we already arrive at the place. We contact to the owner and he comes down to open the door for us. Now, it's only 7 a.m.. We pack our stuff at home and soon go out to travel to the next destinations.

Our first meal in St. Petersburg is a delicious chicken kebab. It is big and cheap. Our first destination is Peterhof Palace.

Peterhof Palace is also known as Petrodvorets. This palace is another important tourist attraction in St. Petersburg. This palace of Russia is very charming, outstanding, and different. It is an interesting place that is so worth a visit.

The atmosphere around the palace has changing leaves along the walkway, it is so beautiful and romantic.

The must visit point is the pool at the central fountain. There's a masterpiece brass statue of Samson named Samson Wrestling the Jaws of a Lion for us to see and enjoy.

If anyone like to travel to palace, this is a very worth place for a visit.

After touring the summer palace, we are going to another highlight of St. Petersburg that one must visit, which is the Savior On Blood Cathedral.

This important tourist attraction in St. Petersbug was built to commemorate the Alexandra 2, the beloved king of Russians. It is located on Nevsky Road, the historical road. This is the dream destination that one must visit when coming to this town. We can't resist to take photos for this grand and magnificent architecture.

We wander around and see two musicians playing melody music, making the atmosphere around is not a bit lonely.

Kazan Cathedral is located near the Savior On Blood Cathedral. Just walking 3 minutes across the street and you will find it. The Kazan Cathedral is located on the Nevsky Road, the main road of this city. Kazan Cathedral was built in the reign of Peter the Great, or in 1708. Previously, it was just a small church. Inside has the picture of an icon and the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Kazan) which was drawn during the 16th century.

When the sky is about to get dark, we continue the walk to the Palace Square which has one of the most magnificent architecture and complete beauty. It is similar to the Red Square in Moscow in which important events and history has usually taken place here.

St. Isaac's Cathedral.

Like I said earlier, if you love architecture, Russia is all yours. Russia has tons of beautiful architecture. No matter where you walk, you will find it. The more we know story about each place, the more we feel in with it. This is the last night of our journey in Russia. Tomorrow morning we will travel back to Thailand. This is such a real worthy trip.

This is the end of our 30 days 3 countries in Georgia, Turkey and Russia. Everyday is important to us because we all have good experiences where many of them have taught us and even the obstacles also taught us to learn to solve and finally smoothly pass it. When the journey is part of our passion and beloved work, we will make it the best. And we will surely continue on this road. Thank you so much everyone for following, helping and giving the information when we needed, thank you very much.

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