Hello, this is my first review that I would like to share a little from my travel to the city of Dresden in Germany.

I hope this will be helpful and if you plan to travel to the Germany, please keep in mind the city of Dresden because it is really beautiful.

If there are errors, I apologise and please feel free to give me suggestions.

Let's get started from from the downtown first. Most attractions are clustered together in the old town where you can walk and chill around. However, all of attractions are not in here.

1. Dresdner Frauenkirche, this church is the heart and soul of the city. Inside is beautifully decorated and you can visit for free.

You can go up to the top of the church to see the city from the top. However, there is a nominal charge to do so.

In front of the church is an open courtyard. There is a market here during a festive season. If you are on weekday neither Saturday nor Sunday, you will find the place empty or with not many people like the atmosphere in this photo.

2. Neues Grünes Gewölbe, this museum is recommended because it is precious and beautiful. The admission fee is about 12 Euro. Taking photo is banned inside. The headphone is given so we can choose to listen the history in different languages. I really recommend this place.

This museum is not hard to find and here in this photo is the walk way to get to this museum.

3. Kunsthofpassage, buildings in this area are uniquely designed. A house that is outstanding is the one attached with drains and funnels on the outside and when it rains the entire building becomes an instrument. This place is a little difficult to find because it is hidden inside the alley.

These buildings are in new zone of the city. You walk from the old town to here about 30 minutes. If you don't want to walk, you can take a city tram. For example, if you take off at Bischofsweg station, you can follow direction in Google Map as follow.

This building is inside an alley, when we arrive in front of an alley, we will find this sign.

PHOTO : http://www.dresden-tourismus.de/kunsthofpassage.html

If you want to ride the train or tram in the city of Dresden or to plan your time, cost and to find out about tram lines. You can check this website https://www.dvb.de/de-de/. Information is also available in English.

And if you feel like shopping, you can go for a walk in the old city. There will be a street full of department stores such as Primark, which sells at clothes at cheap prices. However, the quality is also according to the price you pay. During the changing season, there is a big sale such as a pair of shoes at 1 Euro lol.

4. Sophienkeller, when getting hungry is a must to eat hahaha. This is a famous restaurant in the city. The decor gives atmosphere of the old days. The foods are ok but the prices are expensive. Here is a photo of the duck for nearly 20 Euro, but the taste is okay. I feel like having MK duck that is why I am here. The resturant has also website where you can find more photos and and see the menu. http://www.sophienkeller-dresden.de/?p=speisekarte

The atmosphere inside the restaurant.

And here is it our friend huh?

5. Don't miss the Elbe River, it is very glamorously beautiful at night and you can also go for jogging here. It's chill, isn't it?

I am about to capture the river scene but turn to see this building. It reminds me of an ancient building at home lol.

6. The Fürstenzug, the walls that have been decorated with tiles and considered the longest in the world. The image describes describing the procession of His Majesty the King of Saxony.

All of these photos are just some part of Dresden. There are many attractions. If you visit this city, try to go and see. If you do not want to walk, you can go with a city tour bus. Ticket kiosks are located around the Altstadt <Old City> and this is how the tour bus looks like.

And I like to end the review about downtown Dresden with this photo.

I will be back to review other nearby attractions. Now I like to public with this photo first hahaha.

Please let me be under the care of you.

Angkhana Paotraesang

 Friday, February 26, 2016 11:29 AM