Atami was one of my good memory in Japan trip. After I had visited Hakone and Kawaguchiko lake,I thought that would be nice to see Atami before heading to Ito.

Atami (熱海) lies at the northeastern base of the Izu Peninsula , less than an hour west of Tokyo by Shinkansen Due to its proximity to Tokyo, Atami has long been a popular seaside resort town with plenty of Hot springs and ryokan in addition to museums and other cultural heritage sites.

If you'll make a trip from Tokyo, take a look at the train website below.

This is inside Atami train station.

Ito station looks modern.

In front of the Ito station, there is a free foot onsen. I loved it.

I walked up from Ito train station to the parking lot where I need to take the public bus to Atami Castle.

Finally, I found the bus stop "0" which could bring me there.

The yellow local public bus (Yuyu Sightseeing loop bus) would take me there. 250 Y / 30-40 Mins 700 yen for a 1-day pass

At least,I arrived to the Atami castle which located in the top of mountain. The view point was nice.

Atami Castle (熱海城, Atamijō) was built as a tourist attraction in 1959 on a mountaintop overlooking Atami despite the fact that the city historically never had such a castle. The touristy concrete complex houses an exhibition about the different Castles of Japan. Visitors can also dress up in Edo period costumes and try solving Japanese riddles. A game center and erotic Ukiyo-e exhibition is located in the building's basement.

Atami Castle stands 100 meters above sea level, and its top floor offers panoramic views over Atami and Sagami Bay. The castle grounds are a popular spot to see Cherry blossoms typically around late March and early April, and fireworks which are held on about a dozen days spread across the year, particularly during the summer holidays. A trick art museum stands next to the castle.

Working Hours : 9:00 to 17:00 (entry until 16:30)

Open everyday :

Admission Fee:Adults 1000 Y, Children 350 Y

Trick Museum right next to Atami castle

view point of the parking lots.

The view of cafe shop area.

It was nice to see it.

I took the bus back to Atami station and walked down to Atami Nakamise street opposite of Atami station.

Nice cafe

Nice restaurant.

It looked yummy.

I wanted some ice-cream.

Back to foot onsen

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