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Welcome to my first review, I have a chance to go to Koh Samed which I am very impressed. This is my first time in Koh Samed, I decide to stay at Wongduen Beach which is not too busy and not too quiet.

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We fly from Chiang Rai to Bangkok

Then take taxi to BTS Chatuchak Park Station and continue with BTS to Victory Monument. Then buy the ticket to Ban Phae Rayong with Rayong Tour. One way ticket is 200 Baht and round trip ticket 380 Baht.

We arrive there in the late afternoon and then heading to the resort by speed boat for about 20 minutes (300 Baht per person)

My companions>>>

Here we are, Wongduen Resort : https://vongdeuanresort.wordpress.com/

We choose the Cottage Room Type which we book through Agoda for 2000Baht/Night including Breakfast.

The resort atmosphere....so nice^^

There is a viewpoint for Sunset opposite the resort which we have to walk 300 meters by crossing the road behind the resort. It is another beautiful point of Koh Samed.

The way to go up there is quite desolated so if you are a girl you should have friend going with you as after sunset it is quite dark.

Beautiful Sunset Point

There are not so many people at the viewpoint...

Fishing man

Such a nice corner...

After sunset, we are looking for something to eat but everything is quite expensive here.

This is our first meal on Koh Samed, fried seafood with basil at 100 Baht which is quite tasty.

Our first night at Wongduen Bay

Second day on Koh Samed, I wake up early to see sunrise but today is quite cloudy...

Breakfast at the resort

Diving program today at 4 islands, Koh Talu, Koh Ku Dee, Koh Plateen, and Koh Kam including Lunch for 600 Baht.

Waiting for speed boat in from of the resort.

Still Water Boat for Koh Samed because there have no water on the island.

Let's go>>>

Koh Talu

First diving point and Lunch at Koh Talu

Exclusive Lunch... Fried Rice, BBQ, and Fruits....

After lunch, let go to the second point>>>

After that we go to Koh Ku Dee to hiking through natural route around the island.

Tum Rue Si Cape

The way to go up to the mountain is quite scary.

But there is signage along the way.

Another viewpoint...

Lastly, Koh Plateen and Koh Kam then go back to the resort.

Arriving to the resort, we rent motorcycle to ride around the island. It is quite expensive 500 baht per day. (It is about 200-300 baht at the other bay).

Lung Dam Bay...a very peaceful bay -_-zZ

Sunset at Lung Dam Bay

Our dinner today is at the restaurant near by the resort and we see fire show.

Our last dinner on the island: Beer 55 Baht, Oyster with garlic 150 Baht, Grilled octopus 240 Baht.

Sunrise at Lung Dam Bay.. it is nice and beautiful sky before go back home.

Say hi to Ms. Giant

It is time to go home, by taking a free shuttle boat of the resort to the big boat, there are twice a day at 8.30am. and 11.30 am.


 Friday, February 26, 2016 11:37 AM