Hello all Readme.me folks!...Today, I would like to introduce you to a very interesting theme hotel. It is located right in the middle of bustling Bangkok, Thonglor. The area is famous for its variety fashionable restaurants and nighttime entertainment attracting both locals and foreigners every day and night. Thonglor is also a place where some amazing unique hotels are hidden such "PlayHaus Thonglor Hotel" as an example. I have got a chance to be invited for a trail stay here. So let's go and see why this right-in-town hotel has been talked about a lot lately and what is so special about it! Let's go!...

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PlayHaus Thonglor is very easy to find. It is located in a small alley of Thonglor Pet Hospital. The alley is in between Soi Thonglor 9 and Soi Thonglor 11 on Thonglor Road (Sukhumvit 55). If you travel by BTS sky train, get off at Thonglor Station and use motorcycle service from there which costs for only 15 THB.

There are five floors altogether in the hotel. Guest rooms are built according to four famous musical plays from different countries on four different floor as follows.

  • 2nd Floor : Romeo & Juliet
  • 3rd Floor : Marry Poppins
  • 4th Floor : Aladdin
  • 5th Floor : The Four Reigns

Let's have a look at Behind The Scene Bar before going up to the room first! This bar will be crowded at night, full with both guests' in-house and external guests (since Thonglor is known for a nightlife). It is also a place where in-house guests can get a complementary Welcome Drink. Well, this bar is just way to cool. I don't hesitate to dress my friend up in Chicago Broadway theme to take photos with this enchanting atmosphere with all the lights on.

It is time to go and check out the room! The staff is escorting us to our room on 4th floor which is in Aladdin theme. Another well-designed concept is here again where the room key is hidden inside a box looking just like an Aladdin book. This box also contains the history of the hotel.

Wow! I shout out loud after opening the room's door. The hotel has worked so well on every single detail on this Aladdin theme. The room tells so much about Aladdin. The curtain, the lamp, the pillowcase, the bed sheet, the telephone, and all bathroom amenities are about Aladdin. I really feel like I am one character in the story right now.

The bathroom is separated from the bedroom through the translucent glass wall. In other words, you can be seen what are you doing inside the bathroom from the bedroom. The highlight of the bathroom is that everything is in golden color. It keeps me thinking of the magic lamp of Aladdin. I would say the hotel cares so much on the concept and all the details.

Well, we are already here in this theme hotel so we better ask the staff if we could see one other room. And yes! They are so kind, one of the staff is going to show us the room on the 5th Floor. This room is in Thai theme, "The Four Reigns". Once we have entered the room, one main different is that this room is much brighter than our room (is this being done on purpose that we are supposed to be in the magic lamp of Aladdin, that is why our room is not that bright?). This room is decorated fully in traditional Thai theme in white color tone. The wall is painted about the history of Bangkok. And this type of room is the most popular among foreigners.

Playhaus Thonglor in conclusion : The room is 1,600 THB per night for Queen-sized bed room and 1,750 THB for King-sized bed room. All the rooms are very new without any odor since numbers of rooms are limited. The guestroom is pretty well equipped with all furniture although there is no refrigerator. The elevator is also available so no need to be worried that you need to walk up in case of staying on the high floor. Moreover, the hotel is either almost full or full every day because of its quality and price. This is of course very favorable by foreigners. It is also very convenient to get to the hotel. And there are enough staff including housekeeping to take care of you.

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 Friday, February 12, 2016 5:22 PM