Sounds of waves....moving, see it from afar.
The horizon has sea....all the time.

Hello all, today Bank's Journey
and Doister Gang will take you guys for a good sunbathe,
watch the sunrise and surf.
This destination is my highlight in Mae Hong Son trip.
Here....Phu Pha Mok, Ban Jabo, Mae Hong Son province.
The sea of clouds that looks like giant waves,
and a light sunshine rising from mountains in front of us,
her beauty is truly beyond any words can describe.

I really want everyone to have a chance to see it with your own eyes.
So that you can understand how breathtaking it is and I will stop talking here.
Instead, let's go and have 'photos' explain itself.

Ban Jabo, Pang Mapha district, Mae Hong Son province

Location :

▪️ Below is Ban Jabo, it looks just like giant waves moving towards us.🌊🌊🌊

▪️Let's go for a cool pose near the sea, haha.

▪️Ok, let's get it started!!!

▪️We, Doister Gang, stay at Dekdoi Coffee at Jabo when we reach Ban Jabo in the evening.

There're 22 ecotourism homestays in Ban Jabo.
Please contact P'Nago Phraiphetcharathip at 099-8946654.
- The room is 200 THB/person/night.
- Food is 100 THB/person/meal.
- Phu Pha Mok entrance fee is 100 THB.
- Community activities fee is 200 THB/person (including 3 activities: sewing, making musical instrument, weaving).

▪️Local people here are so kind and very lovely. ☺️

▪️This is the first view we see after coming up onto the house, just this, I feel so good already.

▪️ 6.00 a.m. on the way to Phu Pha Mok, just the view along the way is so super beautiful already.

▪️It takes about 10 minutes to walk up to Phu Pha Mok. The road is quite steep but we won't feel too tired.
This is the first view I see, loving it so much. ♥️

▪️When reaching here, everybody is doing the same thing, that is taking photo, including me. 📸

▪️There's some space for us to stand on top, please kindly share this space together .

▪️Now, let's enjoy photos from our Doister Gang!!!!

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▪️Let's start the journey now, Thailand has so many more beautiful places waiting for us to see.

▪️Like I said earlier, coming to the sea, we must enjoy the "sunbathe". ☀️

▪️Here comes a Tsunami.

▪️Let me have a cool pose which is even cooler than James Bond, haha 🤔

Thanks everyone so much for reading until this line.
Thanks the gang for inviting me to such a fun trip, I do enjoy it a lot.
A big thank to TAT Mae Hong Son for taking such a good care of us.
And a huge thank to an uncle and aunt, a very kind owner of the homestay.

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 Wednesday, November 14, 2018 11:40 PM