“Abudaya” in Lahu language means “Hello”

  • Baan Ja Bo is the name of a small community in Amphoe Bang Ma Pa in Mae Hong Son. Most villagers here belong to the Lahu tribe that moved here from Huay Yao, led by Mr. Ja Bo Prainetitham; whose name has become the name of this community!

  • Traveling : From Bangkok by Sombat tour bus (788 baht). The departure is at 17.20, but in reality, the bus left at around half past six. Maybe it's because of the traffic on Friday evening. The bus stopped for dinner at a restaurant near midnight. After dinner, we used the toilet and continued our journey. I have heard before that the roads to Mae Hong Son were full of turns, but I didn't expect this many. I almost didn't get any sleep on the bus.
  • The bus reached Mae Hong Son at around 9, then I rented a motorcycle (300 baht per day with 1500 baht deposit). I rode to Baan Ja Bo; the weather during the ride was quite cold, so you should wear a jacket. After 2 hours, I finally reached Baan Ja Bo. Then, I called P'Sorachai who contacted the villagers to take me to the homestay. It depends on which house is available, and it costs 300 baht per person including dinner. I also heard that some of this money goes into the development of the village. So if you visit this place, you also get to help the village out!

  • Dinner is simple as you can see in the photo. While the host was preparing dinner, he picked a chili right from the chili plant so it's very fresh. This meal consists of omelet, fried local vegetables and some kind of delicious chili paste.

  • The main activity that I wanted to do here is to stay in the villager's homestay and follow their lifestyle. In the morning, you can wake up to see a sea of fog, or if you want a different view from others, you can go up to the viewpoint to see "Phu Pa Mok" (100 baht for a guide, who is a villager).

  • Ja Bo Noodle shop (Kuay Tiao Hoi Ka Ja Bo) is a famous noodle shop in the village with a good view (35 baht/bowl; but the view is worth 3 million!)

  • Dek Doi Coffee shop is another recommended shop, but I don't drink coffee so I ordered hot green tea instead.

  • I took a walk around the village to see their lifestyle.

  • From night till morning, the weather was very cold. Since my homestay is on the edge of the mountain and open-air, the cold wind was freezing. Showering in the cold weather was terrible, but it was okay (better than the weather in Bangkok).

  • At 5 AM, I woke up, washed my face and brushed my teeth to get ready to climb up "Phu Pa Mok", my guide was already waiting in front of the mouse. Climbing up isn't too difficult, so sneakers should be fine.

  • For those who want to experience the cold, you can visit this place (you won't be disappointed). Try staying at a homestay and having a simple life. If you don't want to stay in a homestay, you can go camping at the campsite; the sea fog here is amazing. I recommend coming by tour bus.

Total expenses for 2 days/1 night สำหรับ 2 วัน 1 คืน :

  • Sombat tour bus 788 per person
  • Motorcycle rent 300 baht per day (1500 baht deposit)
  • Gas 200 baht (bottle pump 40 baht per litre)
  • Homestay 300 baht per person
  • Noodles, snacks and drinks approx. 300 baht
  • Guide to Phu Pa Mok 100 baht per person
  • Prempracha bus to Chiangmai 250 baht person

Contact for homestay : P' Sorachai 0806775794 or FB : CBT BAAN JA BO

Motorcycle Rental Shop : FB : KTY Motorbike 0882526778, 0899998521

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 Sunday, November 18, 2018 1:25 PM