Hidden among the crowded street and tall skyscrapers of busy Bangkok is this serene and tranquil spa. Calm areas for relaxing are set among the beautiful lotus ponds and soothing waterfalls to provide you with perfect places to escape the hectic city. Them outdoor showers, soaking baths and private treatment rooms are only a few of the luxurious amenities available. You may never want to leave the Oasis.

Transportation from the BTS Sukhumvit line "Phrom Phong" Station is Free should you choose to walk, it's about 20 minutes.

Bangkok Oasis Spa Sukhumvit 31

Beautiful receptionist to welcome.

Living room by the pool lotus.

Riving room and Relexing room

Guest room.


Corners for cosmetics

The most renowned Oasis Spa locations in Thailand provided the inspiration for this three product collections - Celebration, inspired by the throbbing heartbeat of the great metropolitan city of Bangkok majestic mountain peaks and the cultural heritage of Chiangmai influenced the Secret Charms products crystal clear ocean and sandy beaches invoked the product called Ocean Breeze.


Your journey to renewal begins with the sweet scent of celebration and festivity where people meet to find pleasure and fun with those they love. Yet in metro areas, the pollutants of modern life are and ever-present cause of premature aging. The Celebration collection acts to detoxify and clean contaminants from body and soul.

The unique formulations of this collection fight the results of skins pollution by purifying the skin with anti-oxidant and anti ageing ingredients that cleanse, improve skin texture, and smooth and wrinkles.


This product captures the essence of the ocean as a place to find love, romance, and renewed sense of being . The Ocean Breeze collection utilizes extracts from plankton and algae with the refreshing scent of blended essential oils to energize, refresh, bring balance and relaxation. This scent is perfect for starting your day or recovery from a long exhausting one.

The product refreshes, protects, repairs and moisturizes the body while energizing the senses.


A wise man once said that the joy of a journey is not in reaching its end but found along the way. To maximize the joy of the journey of life and minimized it obstructions we must relearn the wisdom of an ancient culture rooted in nature that emphasized wellness, beauty, and peace of mind. The Secret Charms collection utilizes the best of the Golden Age of the Lanna Kingdom of northern Siam to enhance you life.

The Secret Charms collection nourishes the skin and is especially suitable for dry to very dry skin.

Originally created exclusively for use in Thailand's most renowned day spas - Oasis Spas - KIN is now available for those who want spa-like results at home. There is a spa treatment in every drop of our fresh and natural products. We named our spa beauty products K-I-N because:

K - Suggests a Kiss, giving your body the love it deserves.

I - Coveys Inspiration, refreshing and restoring of body, mind, and soul.

N - Expresses Nature,rejuvenating the body through the power of all-natural compounds.

For today we come here to come to massage. Oasis Spa Sukhumvit 31 has two interesting new programs is King of Oasis 2 hours and Queen of Oasis 2 hours too.

About King of Oasis 2 hours This kind of massage is the one signature of The Oasis Spa. Designed especially for men (but perfect for women, too) It begins with Thai Herbal Hot Compress along the strong muscle lines, Used Traditional Thai massage technique combination with deep tissue oil massage together. That can concentrate on your back,lower back and shoulder.

Welcome drink & service.

This kind of massage can work good for release your tension and increases vitality and flexibility. Employ pressure and deep tissue on your muscles. And some is stretching technique which is strong that on the muscles while reopening the body’s energy pathways. This will wake up the king of your jungle.

And Queen of Oasis 2 hours This kind of Massage is the one signature of The Oasis Spa.The massage is relaxation and healing by using Swedish massage techniques with Hot Oil massage, the pressure tends to be lighter and longer strokes soothing and gentle massage. It can be a bit strong with the Therapist works deep into the thin tissue. Especially this kind of massage can concentrate on the specific nerve location on the back. Tension is released and energy flows, the benefits is immediately pleasant and relaxing.

Treatment room

This synergistic treatment promotes serenity, beauty and a sense of well being. It has been compared to doing yoga without the effort while receiving acupressure treatments.

Massage bed.

Bright full flower.

Outdoor bathroom.

After massage They have fruit and tea service.

In addition, They also offer attractive services. A variety of services for you such as Oasis 4-Hand Massage (1 hours), Golden Lanna Massage (1.5 hours) and Oasis Pampering (2 .5 hours)

The route to Oasis Spa is easy to conveniently. Transportation from the BTS Sukhumvit line "Phrom Phong" Station is Free should you choose to walk, it's about 20 minutes or Or use a motorcycle service for come to Oasis spa.

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