"Mulayit Taung" is a part of Dawna Hills mountain range, which is the mountain of faith of Myanmar located in DKBA state. It is almost 2,100 meters above sea level. There are two pagodas located there, and men can climb up to pay respects to both of them. Women are allowed to only visit the pagoda that is 30 meters above sea level.

How to get there:

We begin by traveling across the border from Thailand to DKBA, Miaodi province, Myanmar, which is near Baan Meun Lue Chai, Tambon Pobpra, Tak province by a 4-wheel pick up truck. Along the way, the road is filled with dust and stones, so it is recommended that you wear a mask and a turban because it is very dusty. The distance is around 40 kilometers and takes around 4 hours.

The truck will stop at a village where you can have lunch and drink before traveling again.

Before going entering the temple, there is a place to clean yourself. When in the temple area, the first thing to do is to pay respects to Pue Leu Ba, who guards this sacred place, and pray for a safe journey.

Then we go to the camping spot (which is around 1.6 kilometers away from the temple). We put up our tents and prepared some food. In our free time, we took photos around the area. There is a view point from which you can see a 360 degree view. Also, you can see the sunset and sunrise from the camping spot.

We got up in the morning, packed our things, then we walked up to the pagoda on Mulayit peak.

We had to travel calmly and not make too much noise so that the monks will not be disturbed.

The weather here is cool all year. In the afternoon, the it is very sunny but also windy. The temperature during the day rests around 18-19 degrees Celsius, and around 13-14 degrees. If you visit during winter, the temperature may go down to only one digit, and you may find frost as well (around late January - December depending on that year's weather).

::Things to do here

1. Mulayit Taung is a religious site and an animal sanctuary, so eating meat is prohibited. Visitors should eat vegetarian meals and strictly follow the five precepts.

2. When arriving at the camping site, wash your body and face, and change into modest clothing. After this point, be careful with your words: do not swear, shout or act inappropriately.

3. In the temple area, the first thing to do when arriving is to pay respects to Pue Leu Ba who is the guardian, to ask for protection.

4. In the temple area, men and women are not allowed to walk closely to each other. There must be a distance. When camping, husband and wife must sleep separately, and women are not allowed to fetch the holy water - only men are allowed to.

5. Do not touch the property that is not yours, unless the owner allows you to.

6. Women are not allowed to walk up to the southern direction from the female pagoda to the male pagoda.

7. Please keep the area clean.

8. If you want to take some holy water home, pray to Pue Leu Ba first to ask for permission. Only males are allowed to fetch the water.

9. Men are allowed to use the monks' bathing area, but they cannot hang their clothes at the same place as the monks.

::Things to prepare for your trip

1. Nice and modest clothes to take photos and pay respects to the pagoda.

2. A flashlight

3. Tent

4. Sleeping bags

5. Personal medicine

6. Vegan food

7. Snacks and personal belongings

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