At the height of 1800 meters above sea level in the DKBA state, Myanmar, we parked our car after the long journey on the barren trail on the hills filled with holes and steep valleys. Alone the way, we could hear the prayers in a Burmese accent coming with the wind from the peak 2020 meters above sea level. This creates a very sacred atmosphere.

Mulayit, the peak of faith.

We began our journey by travelling from Thailand to DKBA state, Miaodi Province, Myanmar at Daan Baan Valai, Amphoe Pob Pra, Tak Province.

Then we took a villager's truck on a barren trail, passing through villages and climbing dangerous steep mountains (40 KM). In every dangerous area we passed, there is a shrine for the driver to pray to for a safe journey.

We rode the truck for more than 4 hours. The whole journey was filled with interesting stories and experiences of the people and houses which were all very new to us. We gave some snacks and toys that we brought with us to the children we meet along the way. They were very happy and excited with the presents we gave them.

2000 meters above sea level is our destination.

There are 2 pagodas here. One is on the peak at 2078 meters above sea level - only men can enter this pagoda. Another is 20-30 meters under the first one and women can enter it.

Molai pagoda is a very sacred place filled with belief and faith of the Burmese so there are many regulations that you have to follow when you visit such as; you have eat only vegetarian food, you can't drink alcohol, men and women can't hold hands, and they have to sleep separately etc.

Vegetarian alms canteen

After paying respects to the 2 pagodas, we went to the camping site which is 1.6 kilometers away.

We put up our tent and went to see the beauty of the mountains in the scenery and the golden light of the sun before leaving the horizon. It was a very magical and lovely time in this foreign sacred land.

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