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"Baan ๒๔๕๙" (Baan 2459) is a boutique hotel located on center of chinatown. This hotel renovated from the old house since 1916 in the reign of King Rama VI of Thailand.

At first sight when you stepped in, the beautiful architecture - Thai Colonial style home which popular and represent the upper class status back then.

This two-story house has only 4 rooms and the symbol for each room is thai numbers ๒, ๔, ๕ and ๙. (No.2, 4,5 and 9)

Welcome drink while we're checked in was great. We have to choose our kind of food and time to have breakfast in the morning. There's no buffet line or restaurant but breakfast will serve in the hall of second floor.

The concept here is to keep guest feel warm and free like you're invited to the upper class house in 1916.

So the renovated of this house wasn't easy. Furniture had to get along with the house. The system of pipeline and the bathroom was the most difficult because in the old time they didn't have bathroom in the house.

Thai numbers - symbol of each room.

Keep area privacy from the outsider.

The main hall on the second floor where breakfast will serve tomorrow morning.

House stairs made from wood. The old structure that have been renovated.

Our room was number ๙. (No.9)

High ceiling with grayish blue wall. Bed was more higher than nowadays, mattress is a bit harder.

Wondering why? Because the owner willing to take you back in the old time and let you know that this is the best you can afford at that time.

The desk can open to keep accessory and mirror inside can transform the normal desk to dressing table.

The bathroom of no.๙ (no.9) has no bathtub like other rooms but when you took a shower it felt like you're in a fairy tale - the decoration, mirror, wash basin stand, etc...

By security reason this spiral staircase was not allow to use. You can get to the rooftop at stair nearby.

Good morninggg~~~ Breakfast served on time.

All of the food here will not have combination of pork.

Moreover there's a cafe name "CHATA" (Thai's word) mean Destiny that served coffee, drinks, bakery and a few food.

Oh my gosh! I want all of them. lol

This wall is original. The owner kept this wall like a signature and it was proved by the photograph.

Thai style high stool.

Glasshouse cafe

Fresh brewed coffee served by "CHATA"

First one call "Colapresso" (140 Baht) - Espresso shot with cola and lemon.

Coffee was more delicious with bakery. Don't forget to try "Banana in coconut milk cake" (145 Baht).

Not only coffee - "Baby Chic" (120 Baht) Cocoa mixed strawberry milk top with chocolate flakes.

Before we leave - this boutique hotel is totally worth to stay. Good point is location in the middle of chinatown. Enjoy the night life of "Yaowarat" a lot of foods 24/7. Learn lifestyle of people around here like a true local. Don't forget to add it on your list.


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