Peggy’s Cove Resort is an inspired resort with Western Fishermen Village touch, located on the famous scenic route of Kungwiman, Chanthaburi.

Peggy’s Cove Resort proudly takes Chanthaburi to the next level of travel and world class accommodation along with genuine quality in every aspect; service, rooms, dining experience as well as the attention to details in selecting amenities and team members.

Visit Peggy’s Cove Resort and be taken to the new-fangled experience of authentic Fishermen’s lifestyle that has yet to be discovered in Thailand.

A truly colorful stay is waiting for you.

Symptoms of a greedy lobby designed in a fishing village in Canada

For those discerning travelers looking for a heightened sense of luxury and refinement in the beach side resort they stay at, but don’t want the hassle of traveling far from Bangkok, look no further than Peggy’s Cove Resort, one of the premier beachfront resorts in in Chanthaburi. With the aesthetics and charm of an Atlantic coastal town, the resort offers magnificence in the form of cottage-style bungalows, spectacular facilities, and exquisite amenities.

Within the resort lobby building

Located just 200 kilometers southeast of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital and biggest city, and accessed by the picturesque Chalerm Burapha Chonlathit highway, Peggy’s Cove has 38 of the cleanest, most comfortable, and luxurious cottages and pool villas in Thailand each with its own dynamic color scheme.

Lighthouse Restaurant Bar and Gill

The stylish yet convenient all day dining restaurant serves both delicious western and Thai cuisine and there is a coffee shop serving up all the morning pick-me-ups you need located right on site. All this combined with a roomy event space, lush green spaces, and bubbling brooks flowing throughout the premise with wooden bridges arching above and Peggy’s Cove has both the ambience and the comfort of the best beachfront resorts in Thailand.

The image of the goodness decorated in the dining room and coffee shop

Wood walkway into the room part If you don't want to walk,
there is a golf cart available to the front of the room.

For the best Chanthaburi resort and hotel experiences, Peggy’s Cove Resort gives its guest the very best in beachside hospitality with the serene Gulf of Thailand just steps away.

The walkways use large crab sleepers along the way.

Inside the accommodation

It Takes a Village … To Know the Many Charms of Chanthaburi, Thailand

Peggy’s Cove Resort elevates Chanthaburi to topmast status among Thailand holiday destinations with a concept unlike any other in the country. Combining the captivating ambience of a Western fishing village – indeed taking inspiration from famous Peggy’s Cove on the Atlantic coastline of Nova Scotia – the resort offers luxury cottage-style accommodation, extraordinary facilities as well as out-of-the-ordinary amenities and activities.

There is a pool around the accommodation. In addition to being beautiful It is also a swimming pool and helps reduce the temperature inside the resort.

Just 200 kilometers south of Bangkok and reached via scenic Chalerm Burapha Chonlathit coastal road, Peggy’s Cove features 38 vibrantly hued cottages, elegant all- day-dining restaurant, stylish coffee shop and highly flexible event space, all set amid lovely greenery and gently flowing streams with wooden walkways foot bridges winding throughout the grounds.

Peggy’s Cove Resort – Living Colors of Fishermen Village

The accommodation is a small house suitable for seniors who do not have to walk up the stairs.

Accommodation that is a combined building

This side has a beautiful picture of the resort.

The country’s only Fishing village in a Western style merges the best of Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard with North America’s enchanting Atlantic Ocean coastline.

Room below With a private pool On the private balcony

The spacious grounds of Peggy’s Cove Resort comprise vibrantly colored cottage-style accommodation, each free-standing structure blending rustic charm with decidedly modern functions and conveniences. All rooms contain superior features and amenities, including private balcony and garden.

The resort’s 38 rooms are divided into four categories: Deluxe, Deluxe Pool Access, Deluxe Jacuzzi Villa and Grand Deluxe Pool Villa. All accommodation, moreover, is placed in the heart of the property’s fishermen’s village component yet with full privacy for staying guests.

Our Room

Immediately upon entering the room Must say that like heaven Open air urgently Because the outside is quite hot Because we arrived too quickly But wait for the air conditioner to cool for a long time The air conditioner is cool all over the room. There are many amenities in the room. Whether it is a bathrobe, slippers, walking shoes inside the room Adorned with cute artificial flower pots, refrigerators, mini-bars, safes, parasols called complete.

In the room

Dressing table, work desk and TV

Bedroom, bed and sofa seating

Decorate the walls with beautiful and beautiful paddles.

Various corners of the bedroom

Corridor between bedroom and bathroom

Inside the bathroom

Private balcony behind the room

After sleeping in the air Turn on the TV for a while. Time to come out to join the activities of the resort, that is, doing indigo dyeing activities. Try to open the link or Click to see from the clip.

After completing the activity, indigo dyeing shirts We will get a beautiful indigo dyeing shirt. The only person in the world came home to be in possession. But that must be after the resort is washing And rolled Which will be sent to the room the next day.

Peggy's Cove Resort

Due to the hot weather that makes us tired easily And exhausted, agreed that he would come out to find something for dinner near the accommodation, but until then Finally, he returned to use the Lighthouse Bar and Gill of Peggy's Cove Resort until he didn't want to risk the taste of other restaurants. Had already eaten the symptoms of lighthouse This bar and gill Considered delicious and very original flavor Do not do so at all. Book now.

At the end of the big pool in the resort

Sunrise At Kung Wiman Beach

Lighthouse Bar & Grill, All-day beachfront venue Lighthouse Bar & Grill serves innovative Asian and Western creations including , famous Local Food in Chanthaburi, not surprisingly, exceptional seafood including spectacular iced seafood platters. Moreover, the seats can be chosen at indoor and outdoor areas.

Open Time: 7:00 : 21:00 everyday

At the time of the appointment We arrived at the Light House restaurant. Because we booked a table by the beach In front of the restaurant Food ordered Most of them are local food such as Chamuang pork, boiled chicken, cardamom and for children Add dinner by Kung Wiman Beach

Lighthouse Restaurant Bar and Gill And dinner atmosphere

Big pool at night

After eating, we walked around to exercise the rice in a large pool. Before returning to the room to sleep comfortably in the room with our soft beds.

The entrance to the rest of the room There is a beautiful light tunnel to walk around.

In front of the room and the illuminated walkway

This morning at Kung Wiman Beach It is a time when the sea level is high and beautiful, so we came out to see a bit of scenery before going to eat breakfast at the Lighthouse restaurant as before.

Morning of the Lighthouse Restaurant

And with the fact that the breakfast is quite varied And the restaurant is very beautiful We therefore want to make a clip attached to see. But can tell here that all delicious food Especially boiled chicken, cardamom shoots that refresh the water Quite excited Pad Thai, Chan Pu Crab Was equally struck by the tongue This one still does not participate in many other Western dishes. Which the chef made to serve

After eating, of course. Walking to see the resort is a good choice for us. Because now the resort is more beautiful than we had been before With decorations with a picture of a garish Beautiful, many points. Children like it so much that they have taken pictures of sympathizers. The grandmother's walk looked dormant and went to sleep in the room.

We still have several hours before checking out, so everyone dispersed to do activities that they like. Who wants to go to walk the beach Walk to the hill of Phraya Noon. Who wants to take pictures in the resort Then went to take a picture of a beautiful picture, tired, stopped by the coffee at the Coffee Cove, in addition to the delicious coffee Other spinning sticks.

The aunt and grandmother didn't have to worry about it. Walking around the hostel is pretty. Then came back to sleep Tak air, watching TV in the room Wait a moment, when the grandchildren come together, they will be able to take a shower and prepare to go home. For those who are interested in going to bed and resting in the city, Chan is able to book accommodation. Or see accommodation from this website

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