Today, there are delicious restaurants. Let's introduce again. Anyone who likes to eat Thai-Chinese food is definitely like this shop..

Like visiting a relative's house.

Dining table at the patio.

Inner view

Inner view

The room with walls is a Thai painting.

Thai Romantic feeling

Can come with family Can come with friends.

Decorative painting photos.

Banquet table.

Dining table decorated with flowers.

Decorative items imitate the ancient and the ancient image.

The Red Typhoon shop is a Thai-Chinese restaurant in cm. Sukhumvit 32, the forbidden menu is.

Grilled shrimp

Use a large shrimp of 700 grams.

Grilled until it has a lot of fat in the head. This is the most delicious.

Typhoon-Fried Crab (Spicy Crab)

Typhoon-Fried Crab (Spicy Crab) is a fried crab-fried crab menu. Typhoon Shelter, HK. Use extra size. Big size. Size 7 up. Stir-fried with condiment. Let's get it

Big size. Size 7 up

Fried zucchini, eggs, salted fish.

Deep Fried Snapper with Mango Salad.

Fried fish with vegetable wrap / Run juan Beef Soup.

Run juan Beef Soup

Fried beef with herbs.

Crispy fish with noodles

Friedling pork fried rice.

Pickled Egg Crab.

Pickled Egg Crab, Dan, menu, pampering Korean crab, eating with seafood sauce. Super Spicy.

Not all of them. There are also many interesting food menus. Whether it's a cuddle-Year-old curry, spicy fish soup, cauliflower, fish sauce, etc.

Red Councils

Red Councils, sweet desserts made from squishy tofu, some flour, fried and crispy. Bring it up with mashed beans, sand sugar, sesame and salt.

Ice cream custard apple.

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A Typhoon shop
Location: Soi Sukhumvit 32
Tel: 095-716-4712

Opening time - close: 11.00-23.30 pm

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 Friday, March 15, 2019 10:48 AM