Koh Wai is located in Trat province. When speaking about this province, many people may think about Koh Chang, Koh Kud and Koh Mak, and few people know about Koh Wai. It is a quiet island with white sand and clear sea. The beaches are all beautiful, and there are few resorts where you can stay and walk to the beach. Prepare your bikinis because a 3 day vacation on this island is more than enough for you to relax and recharge your battery.

For this trip, I chose to stay at Koh Wai Paradise, which only accepts reservations of at least 2 nights). Other accommodations I recommend are Good Feeling, Kratom Yai Ma, Koh Wai Pakarang and Koh Wai Beach Resort.

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There are many ways you can travel to Koh Wai:

(For my trip, I went by tour bus from Ekamai)

1. By private car (using GPS) to Pramong Laem Ngop Harbor in Chumphon. You can park your car there for 50 baht a day.

2. By bus to the Transport Company Limited in Trat

- From Mo Chit = vans and minibuses (200 baht)

- From Ekamai = there are many departure times to choose from as the buses leave every hour. There are tour buses (230 baht), vans (270 baht) and minibuses.

It takes around 4-6 hours to reach Trat.

3. By plane to Trat = there is only one choice for this option, and the price is quite high. It is recommended for those who don't have much time.

When you reach Trat, take a blue pick-up truck taxi to Trad-Laem Ngob (approximately 20 minutes). The fee is 60-80 baht depending on the number of passengers. On the day I took the bus, the price was 80 baht per person.

Then, go to Koh Wai by boat. If you reserve a room at one of the accommodations on Koh Wai, the hotel or resort will reserve a boat from Seatale company for you. However, I recommend making a reservation before going to Koh Wai and contacting your hotel to make a reservation. Boats to Koh Wai are speedboats. Departure is at 14.30 and return at 09.00. The price for each trip is 450 baht (approximately 30 minutes).

After we arrived at the resort and checked in to get our keys, we had to walk quite a long way to reach our guesthouse. This is because we made our reservation late so we could only reserve a house that is on the far end of the beach. Our house number is 31, and it costs 600 baht per night. It is right next to the beach, facing the sea. Even though it is quite far away, it is quiet and very private. The resort becomes fully booked quickly so if you want a house that is in a good location I recommend making a reservation as soon as possible.

In the house, there is one plug, a bed with pillows and a blanket, a mosquito net, but there is no fan or other appliances; so it gave the feeling of being completely cut out from the outside and comfortable modern world, or being stranded on an island. It was quite hot during the evening - I opened all the windows including the ones above the bed and even the door. I also didn't open the mosquito net XD. There weren't many mosquitos though.

*For those who gets hot easily I recommend taking a portable fan with you as it will help a lot. The resort has its own electric generator and turns on the lights at 18,00-22.00.The view from houses number 30-32 looks something like this.

I arrived almost in the evening, so there weren't many activities to do. I went to Pakarang beach (coral beach) near my house to take photos. It was very quiet and no one was there at all.

There were beautiful rocks by the beach and we couldn't help but take many photos with them.

In the evening, we went to see the sunset. The trail is located at house number 22 and it was about 1 kilometer long (5-10 minutes to reach the viewpoint). The trail was a little steep but it wasn't difficult to walk on. I recommend taking a flashlight with you because it was dark on the way back but you can also use your phone's flashlight.

On the day I went to see the sunset, there were less than 10 people. The view was amazing, there was a nice breeze and the reflection of the sun on the water and on the grass was calming.

There were many beautiful photogenic spots, and the light was very good too.

Watching the sunset and taking photos of the view. Being with the person next to me was very nice.

The atmosphere was wonderful.

After the sun disappeared from the horizon, we walked back XD

The legendary guesthouse P1 is the most beautiful house and the most difficult to reserve. It is the house that people want to stay at the most including myself. I didn't stay at this house so I just took a photo.

Regarding the structure, this house is the most beautiful. In the afternoon, tourists from Ko Chang come to snorkel at the beach so its not very private, but the view is really good and the beach is wonderful. The price is 700 per night.

ท้องทะเลยามค่ำคืน ดูเงียบสงบ จากหน้าห้องพักได้ยินแต่เพียงเสียงคลื่นกระทบฝั่ง

Good morning! It's a new day. There were so many clouds that we couldn't see the sun. Or maybe we just got up late XD

The morning weather was very nice.

The beach in front of the house in the morning

On this day, we took a walk to explore the island. The goal is to walk to Romantic beach.

Main activities on Ko Wai:
- Snorkeling near the beach to see the coral reefs
- Kayaking
- Catching squid and fishing
- Taking a walk around the island
- Watch the sunrise/sunset
-Take photos with the beaches

"Guesthouse number 23" - of all the houses of Ko Wai Paradise, many people want to reserve room P1 which is the most difficult house to reserve as it has the best view. Reservation has to be made months in advance. However, after staying there I enjoyed this house this most because it felt the most private. The beach was beautiful, there were coconut trees lining up in a straight line. In less than 10 steps, you can go in to the sea.

The view from guest house number 23 - there weren't any guests on the day that I went to stay, so I went up to take a photo. The beach was really like this - very private. The beach was very large and near the toilet. This house costs 600 baht a night.

บริเวณจุดเช็คอิน ครัวของ kohwai paradise ที่นี่จะเป็นการสั่งแบบจ่ายตังทีหลัง คือไม่ว่าเราจะไปซื้อน้ำ หรือกินข้าวเค้าจะลงบิลไว้แล้วเช็คบิลก่อนเช็นเอ้าท์กลับ อย่ากินเยอะล่ะเดี๋ยวตอนกลับไม่มีตังจ่าย 555 ค่าอาหารคร่าวๆ น้ำขวดเล็ก 20 บาท ใหญ่ 30 บาท ข้าวราคาเริ่มต้นจานล่ะ 100 บาทแพงหน่อยแต่อร่อยแน่ ให้เยอะอยู่ สำหรับอุปกรณ์ดำน้ำ เสื้อชูชีพทางที่พักมีให้เช่านะ

In the area of the check-in counter, there is a small kitchen called Kohwai Paradise. You can order and pay later - no matter if we order drinks or food they will put it on your bill and you can pay before checking out. Don't eat too much or you won't have enough money to pay later XD. Small bottled water is 20 baht (30 baht for big size), and the food starts at 100 baht a dish. It is a bit expensive but very delicious and they give a large portion. Snorkels and life vests are available for rent at the resort.

In front of Koh wai Paradise near the check-in area, there are chairs ideal for relaxation, reading or listening to music

After breakfast, it was time to go to Romantic beach by by walking alone the beach from our resort.

Koh wai paradise sign is the symbol of the resort. They say they whoever visits this place have take a photo with it. I don't know why this sign is important but I still took a photo with it anyway. Looking at it, it's quite cool.

For those who like cats, you can play with them. There are many and all round and fat. They belong to Good Feeling resort and the resort said that there were around 30 of them in the past, but there are only around 10 left now. They are so cute!

But it seemed like they were afraid of me because I couldn't get close to them for a photo. So these are the only photos that I took of them.

เดินมาเรื่อยๆจะถึงที่พัก Good feeling

There are only a few guesthouses that face the beach as well, but they are located right next to the beach without fans (but there is a toilet inside). They cost 600-700 baht, and the drawback is that they are quite far away from the kitchen.

The view was beautiful and very private without any people, so you can wear a bikini without anyone seeing.

If I had to choose which beach I liked most, it would be Good Feeling's beach with the blue sea.

It is right next to the beach and the sea is very clear.

Next to Good Feeling's beach is Pakarang resort's beach.

The water there is also clear, and the beach has an orange color.

In Koh Wai Pakarang resort, there are mostly only foreign guests and not many Thais. The rooms have air conditioning and the price starts at around 1,000. Electricity is available the whole day and the houses also face the beach.

Koh Wai Pakarang's beach is another symbol of Ko Wai. A square wooden structure is located in front of the beach. In the past, there was a bridge that connects the structure to the beach, but it collapsed so only the structure remains. But we can swim up to the house and take photos there.

Actually, all of Koh Wai's beaches are beautiful and quiet. On the day I went walking along the beach, there weren't many people.

The water was very clear. Can you see someone in the distance?

Every resort has a swing for us to sit on and take photos.

Yai Ma Bay

I'm not sure if this house belongs to Kratom Yai Ma or not, but it was very beautiful and looked very comfortable. The view of the sea was also nice.

Kratom Yai Ma's guesthouses cost 300 baht a night. It's the cheapest price but the nice beach is worth it!

In front of Kratom Yai Ma

The beach is curved and very quiet. The water is clear too!

Next to Kratom Yai Ma is a small beach. Look at the sea! It's a lovely color of blue. The photos that I took on this trip were barely edited to keep the original natural color.

We are finally at Romantic Beach! I don't know where the name comes from but it's a very beautiful beach. When the sunlight shines down on the water, the reflection is very beautiful and sparkly.

It's time for our model to change into her bikini to take a photo with the blue sea. I recommend bringing bright colored swimsuits because they go well together with the sea XD

Any pose looks great since the sea is so clear.

Now let's take a cool couple photo. Actually there are many beaches that are very private. There are only my girlfriend and I on this beach; no one else.

She got changed again. The sea is very beautiful so let's make the most of it and wear all the outfits! The photographer is always ready! XD

Don't miss taking photos with the swing!

For lunch, we tried food at the Good Feeling kitchen. It was very delicious and spicy. So we went to eat there again! :D

We came back to our resort in the late afternoon. It's the time when tour groups from Ko Chang and Ko Kud come to snorkel at Ko Wai Paradise's beach. So it gets busy around this time, but when the tours leave it gets quiet again.

In the evening we went to Pakarang beach. The view is still nice in the evening, but I regret a little that we didn't go snorkeling. They say that the coral there is very beautiful. Let's do it next time!

Throwing sand - I saw people doing this at the beach before so I told our model to try doing it. It not bad! XD

In the evening we went back to the viewpoint to see the sunset. We liked it because of the nice view and the good light for taking photos.

There are nice spots to take photos on the rocks.

We waited for the sun to set and walked back. Time flies so fast.. we have to go home tomorrow.

We woke up just in time to see the sun rise. The view is from the beach in front of our house. So breathtaking!

At 9.00, the boat arrived and it's time to say good bye to Koh Wai. It was a nice 3 days 2 nights trip. It's a great choice for those looking for a clear beautiful sea with privacy. (But there are no appliances)

Bye bye Ko Wai! On the way back, we took the pick-up truck back to the station and then returned to Bangkok by bus. End of the trip..

Tips and things I recommend taking with you:

For those who like a comfortable trip this place might not be for you. It is perfect for those who like adventure and peace.

- Camera or phone for taking photos

-Props for photos, bikini

-Personal items, towels, toiletries

-Mosquito repellent (spray or cream)

-Flashlight for when going to the toilet


-Portable fan (it gets ho in the evening)

Approximate expenses (per person)
Tour bus 230 baht per trip (round trip = 460 บาท)
Pick-up truck to the station (round trip) 80+70 = 150 baht
Accommodation 600 baht per night --> 2 nights = 1200
Boat fee 450 baht (round trip = 900 baht)
Total 2110 baht

The rest is the money we spent on food, it was around 3000 baht in total.

Accommodation Contact Information:
1. Koh Wai Paradise
Page: https://www.facebook.com/KohWaiiParadise/
Tel.061-4241556 P'Lor
2.Good Feeling
Line 081-8503410 P'Gob
3.Kratom Yai MA
4.Koh Wai Pakarang Resort
-You can book through Agoda
5. Koh Wai Beach Resort (on the other side)
-You can book through Agoda