Hello Everyone!!!

This is my first travel review as a travel addict like me J

Since I usually go on a trip, thus, my friends always encourage me to write the review. However, I don't think I am a very good writer at all as I don't even know how to tell story!! How could I write? Lol.

How does this trip begin? It just starts from my friend asks me to transfer 2000 ฺBaht to him and says that he will take me to go and watch the star together. Huh!!!! First thing comes into my mind is that “Why does the ticket fee of visiting the Bangkok Planetarium is such expensive now?".

Well!!!! I am wrong as actually we will go to Nan.

This trip we will travel to watch the star at Doi Samer Dao. The ticket (check), baggage (check), tripod (check) and we all are super ready; nevertheless, my camera is not ready!!!! My camera battery is gone. Where is my battery? As we have an early flight tomorrow morning so this trip I will travel without my favorite camera and I will just take only my mobile phone, my Gopro together with my old NIKON J1 camera with me instead. Let's consider that this is the trip for admiring the nature then.

“Hello everyone, this is your Captain, and the plane will land smoothly in the next 20 minutes at Nan Airport." As I have heard the announcement, my eye glances at outside and see the scenery which looks more like the landscape of Surat Thani Province instead of Nan Province and until now I still don't have any idea where is this place located in Nan actually.

Before we start our trip, we will stop by to worship the Pagoda of Birthday at Wat Phra That Chae Haeng first.

After that the guide would take us to worship another sacred place of Nan which is Wat Phra That Khao Noi.

Then, after we pray respect at the temple already, we will have a long trip up to the hill. Both sides of the road begin to shift from the view of the buildings to the view of forest instead.

The weather starts to drop down and gets cooler; the small and large trees are swaying along as well. We are pretty excited with the natural view around us. As the guide notices that, he decides to take us to watch the spectacular scenery at Pha Chu.

Ah well, everything that surrounds us look chill, tranquil and awesome. I am indulged in the natural environment here, it is awesome.

Our guide lets us walk for a while and then it is time to head to Doi Samer Dao to watch the twilight time. We are rushing up the hill to see the sunset and we are just in time to say goodbye to the sun.

I like to watch the moon chases the sun and I find that they could not meet each other; the moon could only see the light of the sun in the far distance.

Too bad! It's just like my love life, never seeing the light too. Hey! Don't be such a drama queen.

After our mission is completed, we then carry the mat uphill to go watching the stars. Too bad, I don't bring camera with me so I just admire the stars quietly with my own eyes. However, it is somehow good as I do not have to set any camera device.

Cool! The atmosphere is splendid with clear Milky Way, lots of stars and meteor shower here, but then again I cry softly inside as I do miss my favorite camera very much right now. Besides, I do actually miss my ex more…..Hoooo not again, just forget it as it is not the time for that.

However, I borrow my friend's camera that went on a trip with us to show you all that the surrounding is really spectacular; I wouldn't lie to you all. I am indulging in this beautiful view that I forget it is time to sleep and go back to the tent.

Toot…Toot….The sound of the people opening the tent, so it is time to wake up guys. Now it is 5 o'clock in the morning, time to see the sunrise.

I think in my mind when I see the first light “Oh Wow. Gosh!! How come I have been in the north many times and I have never been to this place before"

It is just so pretty and you do not have any good definition to describe for the simply beauty of this place. I am in love with Nan right now!!!

The trees are in pairs, people are sitting in pairs and….what about me!!!

Haven't shower, haven't brush my teeth, haven't do any make up, very simply natural.

Thus, let's take silhouette photos.

Then, it is our free time to take lots of photos and after that we are heading down the hill. Bye Bye Doi Samer Dao, we will definitely meet again for sure.

On the way back, our guide takes us to go to visit the Sao Din Na Noi, which is like the Grand Canyon. However, the weather is exceedingly hot.

Then, we stop by for some coffee at Ruan Mai Resort. I would say that the taste of the coffee here is unquestionably great, it is so much better than my favorite one in Chiang Mai.

I would have to say that the price of coffee costs 35 baht but the quality of the coffee and the atmosphere is double that by a million.

Gosh, sipping a coffee in the middle of the field, very worth it, nothing could compare this.

Let's take a bath and arrange the baggage before going on a bike ride together.

The hotel we are staying tonight is called “K1 Modern Art", it is a lovely small hotel next to the airport.

And it is time to go cycling together in the city of the romantic legendary of Man grandfather and grandmother. The first place is Wat Phumin.

Not far from Wat Phumin, there is a tree tunnel which is one of the landmarks here in Nan province. It is located in the area of the National Museum of Nan.

Opposite side is Wat Chang Kham.

I am so exhausted that I have to take some rest at one of the famous dessert shop called Bua Loi Aunty Nim. Unfortunately, Bua Loy (Rice Ball in Sweetened Coconut Milk) is not yet sold so we order something else first.

I swear that it is just appetizer for us. But then again, it is our 5 to 9 orders already. I didn't take a picture of 1 to 4 orders as we finished it in a really short time. Lol.

They say that Bua loi would start to sell again around 6pm, therefore, we decide to go to Wat Sri Phan Ton first.

Then we will go for a dinner at a local restaurant called Huen Hom Cuisine.
We order Beef Khao Soi (Beef Curry Noodles), Hors d'oeuvre Mueang (Grilled Spicy Sausage, Chili Paste, Boiled Vegetables and Crispy Pork Skin), Kaeng Khae Moo Yang (Roasted Pork with Mixed Vegetable Curry), Stir Fried Chayote Shoots, Vegetable Fern Spicy Salad with Shrimp
. Seem like we are not hungry. Lol

After our dinner, we head back to the dessert place for Bua Loi. How can we miss it, it's the popular dessert here. At first, we agree that we will order just only 3 orders of Bua Loi, however, when we reach at the shop, we couldn't resist the delicious of Bua Loi, thus, we order the dish for each of us.

Hello there, it is our last day in Nan. Thus, we wake up a little bit late today. We would like today to be one chilling day and having a bit of a slow life before heading back home.

Let's go and have a breakfast at a very chic coffee shop called “Sudrit Arts Gallery & Café".

This is a breakfast set served with fresh organic salad. It is like an idea of farm to table dishes.

Here comes the Americano Drip for me….smell delicious.

And this glass is Green Tea Drip.

The decoration of the shop is cool, chic and simple concept like you are at home. Is it usual to hang your bike on the window!!? Lol.

It's time to say goodbye and promise that we will meet again soon ... Nan City.

Amiez CKiat

 Monday, May 23, 2016 11:40 AM