Finland is a dreamland for many people

It is also mine, and a place I want to visit again...

The reason why I visited Finland this time

was to see the Northern lights for at least once in my life

and temporarily escape from the hot weather in Thailand.

It is also one of the most interesting attractions in the Arctic Circle.

We stayed in Finland for 8 days and 6 nights

The time here is 5 hours behind Thailand

And it is so cold, reaching minus!

Let's begin at the first attraction in Helsinki, which is the " Senate Square",

which is where the statue of Emperor Alexander II and the Lutheran Helsinki Cathedral are located.

Let's continue with the beauty of the architecture of
"Uspenski Church" a cathedral of Orthodox Christianity

The cathedral was designed by Alexsei Gornostajev, and it is the symbol of the relationship between Finland and Russia, which ruled Finland for more than 108 years.

"Sibelius Monument"
is another place you shouldn't miss.

This monument is located in Sibelius Park. It was built to pay respects to renowned classical music composer of the world, Jean Sibelius who wrote Finlandia - a song that inspired Finnish people to rise up against Russia for liberty.

If you walk through the front of the square, you will reach "Market Square", which is another tourist attraction. The outdoor market has many stalls.

There are many products on sale, including a variety of dishes, fruits and vegetables and even salmon. Even reindeer are sold here. There are also beautiful handmade items and souvenirs on sale here.

Inside Helsinki

Next, we went to the train station to board a train to Rovaniemi to Santa Claus Village.

We arrived at the station in Rovaniemi , the land of Santa Claus of the Northern lights.

We are traveling to a husky farm.

Then we went to Husky Sledding, where the workers there tell us about the history and the breeds of Husky.

The dogs here are Siberian huskies which are a strong and fast breed.

The dogs here are well taken care of: they go running for one day and rest every two days. They all work as a team and their roles depend on their physical features.

Tonight we are staying at Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle

Finally, the thing we were waiting for finally appeared. Compared to photos, it looks way better in reality. You will be both happy and freezing.

In the morning, we took a walk around.

Inside the room at Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle

Santa Claus Village

It is the working place of Santa Claus, or you can call it the Uncle Santa's main office because it is a post office where children will send their letters asking for presents or to communicate with Santa Claus will be sent here. Tourists can also write their letters here and send it to themselves or others around the world.

Take a look at the reindeer, Santa Claus's trusty friends to deliver presents!

You can touch the reindeer or go on a sleigh, since the reindeer farm is in the area of Santa's post office, you can visit both on the same day.

Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos

One of the places we stayed at near the Arctic Circle, each house has underfloor heating and a heating glass roof so you can see the view of the sky without getting cold.

Inside the house

Next, we went to Kemi, where one of the strangest and beautiful tourist attractions is located.

Which is the Kemi Snow Castle

The Kemi Snow Castle was built by drilling and carving the ice out to make it one of the most beautiful man-made ice cities in the world.

The last city we visited was Porvoo.

This is a small city filled with happiness and beauty.

This area used to be under Sweden's rule, and the multi-colored wooden house and is one of the town's charms.

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