Hi everyone, today I would like to introduce you to Baan Jabo and transitional way of life of Lahu people.

On our first day:

We travel by train to Chiang Mai and then take Red bus from Chiang Mai to Pai and rent and ride motorcycle to Baan Jabo...

Hua Lamphong

Rainy day :]

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Second day:

#Baan Jabo# Good viewpoint and delicious noodle

At around midnight on the train, outside was so dark and the train climbed to the mountain. I should be a nice view if we come during the daytime.

After the 16 hours journey...

Arrival to Chiang Mai and continue with van to Pai instead of bus due to it is already full. So I booked the van for round trip at 300 Baht. It takes about 4 hours to get there.

The atmosphere both side of the road...

The van will stop only once during the way....

Once I arrive, I call my friend "Sing", he has a bicycle shop "Chang Bicycle for Rent / Sale" which is located at walking street. If any one comes to his shop and tell him that you have seen this review, you will get 15% discount and cute sticker for collection.

After that I continue my journey by motor cycle that I rent 200 Baht/Day :]

50 KM. of beautiful view; many local villages, Doi Kiw Lom and Bureau of rice research and development, Mae Hong Son.

In order to go to Baan Jabo, we take road no. 1095 and turn right to road no. 1226 we will see the village entrance.

..Finally, we are here ... Baan Jabo...

The entrance...

View from the noodle restaurant

I have sat there for a while, try to absorb the atmosphere as much as possible...feeling so relax.

Today I will stay at the homestay of the village.

Village atmosphere and my room tonight

Below is Baan Mae Lana

Enjoy local food and friendly host (Very delicious)

We have talked about how life and family.

The group of students had activity with villagers.

Villagers invited me to the traditional event of another village. This event is a cheerful ceremony for sick people and prays to the holy of the forest.

I have talked to CBT Baan Jabo group the conservative tourism of Baan Jabo, we would like to keep this beautiful village and culture as long as possible. So we need to make sure that tourists do understand the way of travelling here.

I would like to find more places like this and try to tell everyone to keep it that mean I might have to go far away places.

Third day of the journey

Good morning Jabo...

Fog covers all over the place.

Riding motor cycle to Baan Mae Lana once again

Enjoying another local meal by the host

Then let get everything pack and go back to real life.

For home stay, I pay 400 Baht

Bye Bye Baan Jabo ...

It is such a good place for recharging our energy....

1 day with motorcycle, I pay for gasoline 90 Baht.

There are annual fair at Pai so I have gotten another good moment.

Then heading to train station for showering and recording a good memory during this journey on a book

Last day of the journey "The miracle journey"

Find something to eat and wait for the ticket.

The train departs from Chiang Mai 6.30 hrs. and will arrive to Bangkok 21.10hrs.

View from the last car

The beautiful forest and mountains on both side of the railway

Before passing Khun Tan Tunnel

A wish from stranger who get off at Mae Mo Station.

"Good luck and take care, have a safe trip"

I only stay still with full of happiness in my heart^^

Good memory

New generation new vision....

This boy is Luk Jieb, he is siting opposite me. He travels with friends, go to many places together.

Sometime good, sometime bad but it is such a good memory that can make them smile when they think back.

This girl is going to Lampang

(If anyone knows her please tell her to contact me back)

It is good that we have time to talk to ourselves, learn more about things around us and meet new people.

Here we are, Bang Sue Junction Station

MRT at 80th hour...The end of my journey

"Conservative tourism is not just travelling to countryside to see different cultures or find happiness for yourself only. If you see it deeply, you have learned how to live as an ordinary, do not have to be rush all the time, how nature and people can be together in the country but have none in urban. Moreover, your spend every single baht to expand to the community and people in the area, create sustainable development in the area while all nature and traditional culture still be conserved. Believe me that this learning would create a valuable happiness that you will never get from any other journey " by Ajar Por CBT Baan Jabo

Cr. Jittasak Putjorn, Oct 2015

As above message, if we do not help to conserve those tourist attraction places, we might have to go even more far away or might not find nature, forest and traditional culture like this anymore.

" Baan Jabo is my destination but everything that I have passed during the way there is such a good melody of the journey... "

Expense of the trip is about 1,100 Baht

- Home stay 400 Baht

- Chiang Mai - Pai round trip 300

- Motor cycle and gasoline 290 Baht

Thank you every one helping me during the trip, my companions memory on the train and also everyone who follow my page.

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...Thank you very much.....

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