This trip is a sudden trip where we book the ticket unexpectedly. I have time to prepare about 2 weeks before I move to work in the new place. For this gap of about 10 days, I talk with P'Mee that let's go travel somewhere. South Korea is one of the first choices that we want to go due to the several promotion air tickets and food (highlighted in bold and underlined), oppa (Korean guys), three twins fans, changing color leaves and snow.

We try to invite our friends but no one is free, so it becomes a two people trip again, like usual (Oh well!!! who's gonna have that much free time like you guys!). Haha, in fact, that's quite true...

We travel from 24-28 November 2015 (5 days). The weather forecast said the weather is quite cold-very cold, it might goes negative in some days. Going from tropical country like Thailand, we are excited to experience some coldness. Before departure, I firstly choose the duck feather jacket for P'Mee which is quite soft but not to the extent that it looks like a tire. We focus on wearing the heat tech in side. The price is about 2-5,000 THB (Uniqlo). For me, I have some already so I didn't buy anything new for this trip.

Overall Expenses

Airasia Flight Ticket : 6,580 THB (We book while it has promotion and use 25,000 point of BIG points.)

Loaded baggage: 700 THB/Each for the returning trip ( Like usual, we didn't load anything on the way there but just take the 20 inches bag on board.)

Travel Insurance: 510 THB (We got a portable weight as a complimentary too, so nice >< )

KTX 3 Days Pass: 2,780 THB/Each, we use this train pass for Seoul - Busan travel, for more information, please visit )

Hotel : 1,800+2,400 = 4,200 THB/4 nights

T-money 10,000W x 2 (We got it free when the South Korea Tourist Authority gave out free coupons, there will be constantly free coupons giving out, please visit their Facebook page or )

Exchange Money: 10,885 THB = 350,000 KRW (the exchange rate is 0.0311) at the green Super Rich

Personal Expenses= 5 days 12,316 THB +10,885 THB (pocket money), together is about 23,200 THB

*This trip gets expensive with the KTX ticket since there's only a one day and jump to 3 days pass. In fact, we just want to spend a night at Busan. But since the railway ticket didn't go like that, we stay 3 days 2 nights instead. That we are already at South Korea, not going to Busan would be a miss! so, let's go!

What we should bring along?

1. A great winter jacket (I think the duck feather is the best.)

2. 1-2 heat tech clothes, I think if you are not too serious, one of them should be enough (it's cold so it won't smell, really?)

3. Thick scarf, the longer the better too

4. Thick gloves, thick socks and thick yarn hat, underline, THICK! It is so cold that we need to wear gloves eating on the road, think about it.

5. Fit your body to get ready for the trip. Running shoes are recommended for the trip.

If you are ready, let's go!!!

What we thought,,,,

What actually happens...

Day 1 Busan

The flight takes off around 2 a.m.. As soon as it takes off, I'm out too. I can sleep so easily like turning the plug off (I'm not sure if this is a good thing!?) And we land at Inchon Airport around 10 a.m. The first thing to do is go straight to the convenience store here. I haven't had food in my stomach for more than 6 hours now, someone please throw me some food, Oh no, I'm not a rabbit!

The Bibimbap rice cake and Kimchi is the key and what I love the most. I wish the 7-11 in Thailand can have them too. For the tomato juice, I bought it due to the packaging. For the taste....let's not talk about it.

While we are waiting for the train, we are walking around to see the cute little things.

After check in with KTX ticket, we could take the train to Busan from the airport but it has less trains than getting on from the Seoul Station. The earliest train to Busan is 12.07 p.m. and will arrive there at 15.56 p.m. I think that's alright, we are chill and relax type of people anyway. I guess the KTX should be similar to Japan's Shinkansen? But I don't know whether it's too far or we have gotten on the wrong train. After many naps, we still yet arrive....big sigh...

Atmosphere inside the train...

Along the way...

Busan Station.....

Once we arrive Busan Station, it is raining and cold (about 5 degree Celsius). We need to change the train in order to go to Haeundae Station. In my mind, I was thinking it would be so romantic to spend a night near the beach. But, wait wait wait...the weather like this....the beach like walk while sipping beer....How!!!?

This is our place for tonight, the guesthouse. With its location and price, it's good like 4.5 stars. But we got to stay at the third floor with no elevator. It rains and we carry our baggage up while stomach is crying, what a day!!!

We've got the room at the 3rd floor!!! # I can just look up and a big sigh!

Opening the door!!! It is a small sleeping on the floor room with a table and a TV. The heating blanket also gets hot to cold from time to time. I must say this is a perfect place for someone who likes to travel locally and adventurous.

P.S. The photo in the web is so good fact, it's not that bad...reallyyy not that bad? Well, thinking on another side, it's like the poor Korean female protagonist asks to stay at the male main character's house and then she got a place on the deck. Are you with me? (Well, in fact, it's not that bad when you have someone to hug...<3)

I give it 3/5, good location, clean room despite a bit old, and good price.

Elly GuesthouseBusan : 1,800 THB/2 nights (Agoda) Breakfast included

Haeundae Station is close to market, Haeundae Beach and Busan Aquarium.

The first meal, it's got to be the best one. Even though the weather is not so good but we won't give up. The oyster shop is our destination (I also got the location from Pantip friends). Once we get a taxi, immediately, we give him the restaurant name card as I know so much Korean "Anyon, Kamsa Samida, Dae", basically only these 3 words. The road is steep like you are going up to Phu Tub Berk. It's about 10 minutes drive and the chauffeur stops the car and told us to get down. It's dark and raining, we are not sure if he takes us to the right place? But if it's wrong, we would be lost. Well, so it has to be right, right? I see someone's coming to get us and there's people inside the shop. So, let's say it's ok for now. And for the returning trip, let's just think about it later.

Taxi is 4,000 KRW (124 THB).

Oh wow!!! It is a very local restaurant that no one speaks English. So, hand gestures, Thai, English, photos anything will do for this communication. Good thing that I read the review beforehand, so we can point to the right menu and get the set of oyster like what we wanted.

Once it arrives, we look at each other, how to eat now? The auntie might look at us for a long time so she comes help. She's very cute, she's explaining to us while grilling. P'Mee is just exclaiming 'Wow, wow" while I'm taking a photo on one hand and the video clip on the other. So, no one is grilling but just waiting to eat, haha.

The procedure of eating is grilling until the oyster breaks out from its shell. Then, we cut the meat into the foil bowl where onion, needle mushroom, butter and oyster juice has already been there. After that, continue to grill for a while and it's done.

Oyster on the right: The auntie tries to present that it's some Carubo something. After the first bite, that's right, it is Carbonara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What kind of oysters they are? They are amazingly turning into Carbonara, OMG, this is extremely delicious, the oyster lover confirm!!!!

Oyster on the left: It is the Kimchi. It uses similar grilling procedure but there's a lot of Kimchi in here, loving it.

It looks ordinary but the taste is just extraordinary! peak!

P.S. Although P'Mee usually doesn't like oyster, he eats it all and on my part too! Ummm, I take him here so that I can enjoy eating a lot but now he also enjoys so much, hehe.

So now, only oyster will not full us. I then order instant noodle by shouting "Ramyon, one one" I'm quite confident for this, actually.

But....the auntie seems confused. May be I have too good ascent, so I try again with eating noodle gesture.

The auntie: Ah! noodle, noodle.

Yesssssss, love you, the auntie.

In the cold weather, we are eating hot Korean noodle, zipping Soju and enjoying oyster, could it be any better!!!!!!!!

Oyster Restaurant Location

This meal is so delicious. I'm so impressed and love this restaurant that I want to post it for further advertisement. I also want to give a big hug to the auntie. It's really delicious, you cannot miss if coming to Busan.

Do not miss out!!! 1000/10 this meal is 36,000 KRW (1,120 THB).

The restaurant also calls the taxi for you on the way back, so no need to worry. It is all safe.

I follow this from the topic of Khun Nu Tang (Credit).

We told the taxi to go to Haeundae Beach. Once we reach the night light area, he lets us down. I look at P'Mee and smile, where are we now???

He's very good with directions. He can walk in Mega Bangna and not lost (so who gets lost! Of course, it's me, I get lost every time I go, haha). So every time, he helps me with the directional lost.

Walking not so far from our guesthouse, we found this Haeundae market. Why wait, let's go!

The shops and food stands are everywhere. It is also a recommended place for eating if you wish.

We walk straight to the other side of the road.

And we found the famous bakery of Busan. Regardless of how full you are, you can't resist it.....So, what was the previous oysters accounted for!?

Do you think I can finish? Of course, it is so delicious.

Today we got quite exhausted with the journey, so we go back to the guesthouse since 20.00 p.m. and take shower, so cold....

Day 2

On the second day, we are still at Busan. Today we will visit the Little Prince village where there's colorful houses on the mountain. What it call again? Oh yeah, it's called Gamcheon Village.

The easiest way to go there is by taking the train to Toseong Station and get out at Exit 6. Then walking along the hospital to the right and you will see the bus station. You can either get on the bus no.1-1 or 2-2 and get off at Gamcheon Village Station. It looks easy right? Because I already went. In fact, when we first got there, we read the guidebook and they told us to go on shortcut. And we love shortcut. But it turned out that we just kept walking in loops, down here and up there with the village in the distance. Finally, we needed to ask for direction. We asked about three people before we met this kind old man who tried to explain the way to us in Korean and finally took us to almost at the bus station. I'm so impressed and thankful to him TT

The bus here is driving with exceptional skills. I would really love to give them all the trophies for driving.Their skills are beyond our bus no.8 in Thailand. The road is so steep and it's the 90 degree curve but they drive so fast like they are in hurry. For every brake, my muscle almost cannot handle. I was spinning around and felt shy to the auntie nearby. If I were to know before, I perhaps lifted some weigh ahead. Then, I asked about Gamcheon Village and she told us to get down. So we hurried and got off in quite a bad shape. But once we got down, OMG, such a speechless view we see.

Kim Mick here is the checkpoint. If you can collect all the stamps, you will get a free postcard. In fact, the guru already warned that buying one is easier as walking around is very exhausting. But at this point, I'm so in with the Kim Mick. So we decided to walk, walk, and walk and then we truly realize the guru's words.

Oh, what is that?

It is 1,000 KRW, delicious.

We walk with hope. After these stairs, we think we would get there. But after turning, we find another stairs. Oh my, my legs are broken soon. Once we find the street, P'Mee gets the taxi right away (Taxi again, P'Mee who has no tolerance for walking far and cold).

Another highlighted destination of Busan is the fish market. There's so many fish markets that we don't know where to start. From what we studied, Jagalchi market is the most convenient one that we can keep walking to other attractions.

P.S. My Korean is so bad and so does the ascent #nomama (or no instant noodle).

While walking, we see the auntie and uncle waving us to go inside and speaking Thai. Oh my! I almost just walk in.

Be strong, be strong, let's keep walking. Now we see the inside market.

After choosing the restaurant, now let's take a seat. The seafood is fresh and big with a good price.

Then we stop at the third shop from the entrance of inside market because she speaks Japanese to me. Ok, well, I could negotiate the price even in the Japanese too! After a while, we got 2 kg. of Zuwai crab in a price of 80,000 KRW in the initial price of 50,000 KRW a kg. In addition, we also got Sunnakji (the alive moving squid) and 3-4 of clams and blood clams. This is very satisfying. Then, we just wait about 10 minutes.

Sunnakji comes first.

The feeling is slippery. We have to suck it in, crispy and stingy. Well, difficult to tell how I feel. But the meat is fresh and sweet. It would be delicious for those who love it but it's not my dish.

Then, it follows by clams.

Now comes our hero!!!

Oh my, please help me.... This is so much crab meat....Oh, this is just like my heaven..

We have the best preparation by bringing the seafood sauce with us for the highest level of happiness.

How can we enjoy crab without seafood sauce?

Another must not miss dish is Crab Fat Fried Rice. I hand on the crab shell with the full fat to the auntie and said pub pub bub bub and she understands, love her.

This is sooo delicious (million of delicious). The crab fat smells so good with some sweet. They also add on seaweed and sesame, increasing its deliciousness. Now we achieve all of our mission to Busan, 100000000/10.

This meal is 80,000+3,000 KRW (for fried rice), it is approximately 2,580 THB.

P.S. 1: Perhaps, they can provide you fried rice free of charge depending on the initial price negotiation.

P.S. 2: This price is impossible in Japan.

After having such a happy time with crab, now we walk from the market to BIFF road which is not so far. Since it rains today, it's not as lively.

This shop sells so well. We must have it if we come here.

1,000 KRW (31 THB)

After that, we go to Busan Tower.

Before going there, we take a rest by having some coffee (in fact, it's too cold that we can't continue walking). Then, we connect to WiFi and looks for maps and shops. The coffee shop WiFi helps us survive without having to rent the pocket WiFi.

But... the reality is a bit cruel. P'Mee searches the Google Maps and it tells us to go left. Even I'm not good at direction, I do remember that we should turn right? We discuss it for a while in front of the shop before deciding to follow Google Maps as suggested by P'Mee. After walking for 10 minutes, we feel like why we keep getting away from the place? So we asked people nearby and they point towards where we just came. Oh! finally, we walk back quietly T^T

Along the way...

The Ice-cream is looking so appetizing.......

The good thing of Google Maps is that though it always takes us to the wrong direction but it also takes us to find this.....See, this is called positive thinking.....

Busan Tower

Going down to the other side, it is the escalator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T^T

Shopping Street. Everything would be so perfect without the rain.

Oh, what are the crowd over there doing?

I don't know how to order so just take what the person before me get. And this is what we've got.

Left: It's like vegetable salad. It is spicy and sour, quite delicious.

Right: I think it's Korean pizza, the fried dough with tons of vegetable, quite delicious also.

Before going back to the guesthouse, we stop for a lighting bridge at Gwanghali Beach. From the station, it takes only 10 minutes. It's an easy walk as it's a downhill road.

I think this area is close to our guesthouse so we take the taxi. (We take the taxi quite often on this trip as the weather is too cold to walk.) On the way, I see the Bay 101 that the guru said we must have a beer time here. So we make a quick stop.

The atmosphere is very chill but also very cold. It's good that we have the barrier from the wind but also we can't see the view.

Ok,now, let's enjoy a beer zipping relaxed time.

It is 21,000 KRW (653 THB).

After warming our body, it's time to exercise a bit. I force P'Mee to walk as we spent quite a lot for the Taxi today.

Today, we walk a lot, eat a lot, and travel a lot, really a lot.

I'd like to end my Busan part here, please stay in tuned for my other part review.

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